School Closings and Delays 11/15/18



Edinburgh Community School Corporation
Flatrock Hawcreek School Corporation
Nineveh Hensley Jackson United School Corporation
Southwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby Co.


ABC Stewart
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation
Brown County Community Schools
Brownstown Community Schools
Columbus Christian School (eLearning Day)
Decatur County Schools
Faith Lutheran Preschool
Greensburg Community Schools
Jennings County (eLearning Day)
Learning Tree Preschool
Medora Community Schools
Seymour Community Schools
St. Bartholomew Catholic School
St. Mary’s School–Greensburg
St. Peter’s Lutheran School–Columbus
Whitecreek Lutheran School

Question of the Day for 05/16/2018

If you could replay the greatest moment in your life, what would that moment be?

Question of the Day for 05/14/2018

If you could eat as much as you wanted of something, what would it be?

Question of the Day for 05/11/2018

What was the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you?

Question of the Day for 05/10/2018

If you were the first child did you get punished more than your younger brothers and sisters? Ever get punished for something that your younger brother or sister did?

2018 Primary Election Results for Bartholomew County

Who won in last night’s Primary Election? For Bartholomew County, click HERE.
For Jackson County, click HERE

Question of the Day for 05/08/2018

What did your folks throw away that you wish you still had?

Question of the Day for 05/07/2018

What kind of odd things did you do as a kid?

Question of the Day for 05/04/2018

Today is “Respect for Chickens Day.” How do you think we could celebrate?

Question of the Day for 05/03/2018

How do you wake up in the morning? You know, do you put the alarm clock across the room so you have to get out of bed to shut it off? Do you set two alarms? What crazy things have you tried in order to make sure you get out of bed in the morning? (Or to wake yourself up once you’re out of bed.)