Artist News January 15, 2015

Another voice update from Jimmy Needham this week and the news continues to be good. He tweeted: God in His kindness is healing my voice. Jimmy says he has no more pain and his voice is feeling stronger every day.

Kerrie Roberts is looking for validation. She tweeted: I’m pretty sure I took my Christmas tree down last year around Valentines Day. I have no clue when it will come down this year. Make me feel better. What’s the longest you’ve left up your tree?

The members of Tenth Avenue North continue to use the platform God has given them to speak out against sex trafficking. Earlier this week they introduced their music video for the song For Those Who Can’t Speak. Now they are introducing their fans to a former slave named Kumar who was rescued by the International Justice Mission. You can hear Kumar’s story by clicking on the link at

The Rhett Walker Band was featured this week in the Washington Post. The band is playing a concert in Washington DC and was featured in the Post’s Going Out Guide.

Phillips, Craig and Dean member Shawn Craig says praying for your enemies is an important part of true healing. Shawn shared his thoughts as part of his churches 21 days of prayer, January 4th through the 25th. He said: Praying for your enemies may or may not heal the relationship, but it will heal your heart.

Jeremy Camp this week posted a special devotional for the new year on the GMA Dove Award web site. The former Dove Award Winner was talking about the price paid for us and then gift that we have been given. Jeremy added: The hope we have in Jesus is not only that our sins are forgiven but that we can be firmly established in Him. We need to renew our hearts and minds by spending time with Him. The Scripture tells us that His mercies are new every morning.

Danny Gokey is asking for your help. His non-profit organization Sophia’s Heart could win 5-thousand dollars through a Moonshare grant. But Danny needs your help to make that happen. He needs you to vote for Sophia’s Heart on the Sugarlands web site. Danny started the non-profit in memory of his first wife, Sophia. He says you could help them help a lot of families by voting. Find out more by clicking on the link at

The Kansas based band Cloverton is looking for a new guitarist. Last summer their drummer stepped down to attend cooking school. This week they announced that Josh, their guitarist, would also be returning to school to study for the ministry. So the remaining members of Cloverton says they are now launching a national search for their next guitarist.

Mark Schultz is back in the studio. But this time he isn’t recording music for his own project. He said he was working on one new song for a special project. Mark says more details on what that project is will be announced soon.

Hear It First is giving away free music from Kerrie Roberts. The latest free music is the song My Heart’s Lifted, the titled cut from her latest CD. Download your copy of the free song by clicking on the link at

The members of the Sidewalk Prophets are gearing up to be back in the studio. They tweeted this week: 6 days until we go back into the studio. Look for more music from the Sidewalk Prophets soon.

Jeremy Camp’s new CD I Will Follow will be available in less then three weeks. Jeremy tweeted this week I’m praying God will use it to help people see and love Jesus more deeply.

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Artist News January 14, 2015

Louie Giglio and Kristian Stanfill say they might be able to take at least a little bit of the credit for Ohio State’s football national championship this week. Following the Ohio State victory the Passion pastor posted: well, we did rock the Ohio State University campus on the Passion Take It All tour this fall. Just sayin.

Who inspires worship leader Darlene Zschech? Darlene tweeted this week that it’s her Nana. At 100 years of age she is still full of faith and bursting to minister to people. Darlene says she is such an inspiration.

A challenge from Michael W. Smith: Say something encouraging to the next person you see, whether you know them or not!

Do you have someone in your life who inspires you to be greater? Mercyme wants you to snap a picture with them and post it on your Instagram or twitter account with the hashtag Greater. The members of Mercyme say they will share a few of the photos over the next few weeks.

Ben Calhoun recently sat down to talk about Citizenway’s new song Evidence. And Ben says it is a song straight from his own experience. He told New Release Tuesday that none of my wife’s family knew the Lord. That left him trying to literally have the member’s of his wife’s family see Jesus without having him preach about it. Ben says that’s what Evidence is all about: an opportunity to be genuine and point them to Christ.

This week marks the fifth year anniversary of the earthquake that shook Haiti to the brink of destruction. Former Audio Adrenaline front man Mark Stuart was in Haiti and experienced the earthquake first-hand. And Mark says some good came out of the disaster. He says that, within days of the quake, revival swept the island nation. Mark adds that so much has been accomplished over the past five years. One of the many ways the Hands & Feet Project has helped is through the the development of the business initiative, Haiti Made. The program creates jobs for young adults transitioning out of orphan care.

Jamie Grace is speaking out in support of adoption. She recently tweeted: there are so many children in need of a home and so many loving adults looking to have kids; consider adoption…it’s absolutely beautiful. And Jamie is speaking from personal experience. She shared that, during her years growing up, different kids would join their family for 6 months to nearly 2 years at a time. Their parents were sometimes homeless…sometimes in rehabilitation facilities…sometimes incarcerated. Jamie said it was never easy. But she says she knows what it means to make sacrifices as a family because someone else’s needs were greater at that time.

Kate Schultz says she loves writing songs with her husband, Christian artist Mark Schultz. And by saying that she loves writing songs, Kate says she really means that she loves being the same room and watching Mark as the inspiration hits.

Looking for the deluxe edition of the Building 429 CD We Won’t Be Shaken? It’s only available at 2015 Winter Jam tour stops. Check it out at an event near you

The first song from Hawk Nelson’s new CD is now available. The song is titled Drops in the Ocean and it is available on iTunes.

Brandon Heath says every good story has a turning point and his latest record is about his. In a recent video Brandon told about his life changing, No Turning Back moment, when he accepted Christ as his savior. And now Brandon want to hear about yours. Just share your No Turning Back story on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hash tag No Turning Back and then follow Brandon to see if your story is used. Brandon’s new album, titled No Turning Back, is available for pre-order beginning this week.

Dr. James Dobson is giving away a booklet titled Building a Marriage That Lasts. Dr. Dobson says free special report includes tips, stories, and key advice that will help your marriage thrive. From uncovering the differences between love and infatuation to misconceptions about both marriage and divorce, you’ll learn how to avoid marriage killers and apply the important fundamentals of Christian marriage that will promote joy, satisfaction, and success in your sacred partnership. Access your free download from Dr. Dobson by clicking on the link at

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Artist News January 13, 2015

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey says joy is contagious. He was in a cab on his way to the airport in New York City when his driver from Nepal, started talking about his niece’s engagement. Mike says the driver was laughing and smiling and pretty soon mike was also smiling from ear to ear.

Mary Beth Chapman shared a picture over the weekend of a plaque her husband Steven had just received. But it wasn’t just any plaque. It contained metals for each of his 17 Grammy Awards, spanning four decades. In response, Mary Beth shared: I have seen every second of your journey, all the sweat, fret, fears, and tears. I’ve been on the mountain tops with you and in the valley. And you have never failed to honor the one you serve.

Music by The Afters continues to show up on TV. Their song Moments Like This was played in the background on commercials for Dancing with the Stars and American Idol during NBC’s Golden Globes broadcast on Sunday. Recently music by The Afters was also part of both the NHL playoffs and the Olympics. But even frontman Josh Havens was taken by surprise by the latest use of music from his band. He said he had no idea it was being used in the commercials. His first clue was when he heard the song while he was watching the Golden Globes.

Duncan Phillips and Chris Tomlin were both encouraging remembrance of an anniversary yesterday. It was five years ago, on January 12, 2010, that a 7.0 earthquake destroyed Haiti. Over 230,000 people were killed and 1.5 million people displaced.

Third Day’s Mac Powell says he just received one of his greatest gifts ever. It was a pound and a half of thick cut, apple wood smoked Oscar Meyer bacon. Mac tweeted: thanks for the goodness.

A good reminder from Danny Gokey: Thoughts create actions, actions create habits, habits create character and character creates destiny. So think about what you are thinking about.

Need some help on your farm? Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald would like to volunteer. He tweeted: Does anyone have a farm that I can work at for a few days or possibly more this summer? Just wanna do some manual labor. Ben says he did get a lot of response. 157 people replied to say he could mow their lawn.

Have you ever wanted to leave a message or send a text to Building 429 members Jason, Michael, Jesse or Aaron? Well now you can. The guys say you can shoot them a line or give them a ring and leave a message. The number is 323 686 B429

Tiffany Lee was open and honest about dealing with depression and taking medication this week. The artist who goes by the name of Plumb on stage was talking with RemedyLIVE about using medication when struggling with depression. Tiffany says she final came to the place when her depression was affecting her ability to be a wife and mom. She said medication has given her the ability to deal with life in the way God would want her to deal.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett is co-hosting a facebook page designed as a gathering place for women. The page is simply called Trust and Megan describes it as a place where women can grow in their trust of the Lord. She says: Join us as we trust Him – as we place our lives in His hands, to do His will in our lives and in our communities. Together, we will worship, love, learn, pray, laugh, cry, share and above all, trust. Check out more about Megan’s new site by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp took advantage of the recent Winter Jam tour stop in Florida. He tweeted that he was enjoying some winter time golf and warmer weather in Tampa.

Brandon Heath will be answering your questions via Twitter this Thursday. Brandon will be online at 7:00pm CT on January 15th and he is inviting you to join him.

TobyMac is looking for volunteers. He says they need people to help with their March tour. You can sign up to help Tobymac by clicking on the link at On the same page you can also apply to help with tours featuring Mandisa, Matthew West, and Third Day.

Worship leader Christy Nockels has played in front of thousands of college students already this month. But she says she took things to a whole other level this week. She says she finally got to be the mystery reader for her daughters 2nd grade class. She said this is serious stuff…second graders rule.

Touring is serious business for Michael W Smith. He tweeted a picture from the gym this week and said training for the Sovereign World Tour has begun. The tour is scheduled to make stops in South Africa, South America, the Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, and many more countries in addition to America this year. Michael W Smith is making sure that he is ready.

Natalie Grant is excited to be part of this year’s Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. She says it’s the only Christian event sanctioned by the NFL. The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration will be held Friday night, January the 30th, in Arizona to help kick off the Super Bowl Week festivities. Now only one more thing is needed to make the weekend complete. Natalie tweeted: here’s hoping I’ll be cheering my Seahawks on that weekend.

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Artist News January 12, 2015

When Casting Crowns Mark Hall is on stage with the band he has others to play the instruments for him. But did you know that his musical abilities extend to more than singing? Recently Mark shared a short video featuring him solo on stage leading worship on a Wednesday night and he was also playing the piano.

Michael W Smith is a granddaddy for the 11th time. He announced this week that Eden Adeline Grace Smith has arrived. Michael says he is so grateful.

Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald says that. while everyone else is complaining about the cold weather, he is putting it to good use. He says its good Mountain training weather.

Andrew Peterson was prepping for college this week. He will serve as writer in residence this semester at Covenant College. Andrew says he is honored by the invitation, and also a little freaked out. Andrew recently completed the fourth and final book in his wingfeather saga series.

Mark Schultz will be celebrating his 10th anniversary this year. But even though it’s still 9 months away, his wife Kate said she is already planning. Sounds like it’s going to be quite a party.

Jonny Diaz says he and his wife did a photo shoot for a magazine spread at their gym, the fit factory Nashville, this past week. But Johnny says their two large dogs stole the show. Check out a picture of their facility with the dogs front and center by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust recently shared a picture of a child’s hand print on one of the windows in their house. He said it may be a problem now but it will all be missed in a few years. Aaron said: I don’t wanna sweat the small stuff. I want to ensure my kids visit often when they’re grown…if I let them leave. No matter where you are in life’s journey, don’t sweat the small stuff.

What do you do when you’re feeling down? Kerrie Roberts says: When I’m sad and feeling homesick, one of the things I do to physically comfort myself is bake bread.

What would you give up to spend an evening with your family? Worship leader Christy Nockels said her husband, music producer Nathan Nockels, spent the night enjoying time with his family. She says that meant it will probably be 4am before he gets too bed. Christy says that’s a trade-off he was willing to make, choosing to spend time with his family even though he had work that needed to be done.

Tiffany Lee received some good news and some bad news over the weekend. The artist who goes by the stage name Plumb says the bad news was that her laptop that recently had an unfortunate meeting with a cup of coffee is dead and gone. But the good news is that all her data was saved. Plumb added: thanks for all the advice and prayers and jokes about my clumsy self!

The members of Building 429 were celebrating over the weekend. They officially reached 100-thousand followers on twitter and recorded a short video to say thanks to all of those who are following along on the social media platform.

Last week Christian music pioneer Andrae Crouch passed away at the age of 72 after a battle with health issues. After hearing the news, Steven Curtis Chapman released a tribute video. In the video Steven called Andrae one of his biggest musical influences and shared how his music, and in particular, one of his concerts, had a profound impact on him when he was about 13 yrs old. Steven wrapped up the video with a tribute rendition of Andrae’s song My Tribute. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The latest Tenth Avenue North official music video is now available. The video features help from Derek Minor and KB and is for the bands song For Those Who Can’t Speak. The video released on Human Trafficking Awareness day, January the 11th. Front man Mike Donehey says the band is using every bit of the platform God has given them to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Watch the Tenth Avenue North video by clicking on the link at

Friday night Lecrae was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But in case you missed the performance you can now check it out online. Watch the video of his song America by clicking on the link at

Another video blog is now available from Jeremy Camp. Jeremy is currently on the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular and he has a lot of things coming up. In addition to more than 40 Winter Jam tour dates over the next several months, Jeremy’s new CD will release on February 3. Watch the complete video blog by clicking on the link at

Brandon Heath says he had an Amazing, Crazy, Legendary night over the weekend. Brandon was playing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry at The Ryman in his home town of Nashville.

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Artist News January 9, 2015

Jamie Grace is out with a new book called boys boys boys. The book is sub-titled Thoughts on dating from a single (since birth) girl. Jamie says the book will be sold exclusively at

The Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald says people have been asking him the same question for 3285 days: how did you end up with that girl? Ben says: I can’t explain it either but man is it awesome to be married to your best friend. Ben and Carie are celebrating their 9 year anniversary this week. Ben added: I’m that guy who married way out of his league.

The web site We Are Worship is gearing up for their Search for a Hymn contest. But before kicking off the contest, organizers say the needed to define what they mean when they talk about hymns. Here are some of the points they come up with:
1. Hymns often have the same tune and phrasing throughout.
2. Hymns often lack a bridge or chorus?
3. Hymns tend to have more profound theology than worship songs

Josh Wilson is asking for your help. He’s running a 5K to support Team Freedom this year and is trying to raise $500. The money will go to help Hope for Just in the fight against human trafficking. If you want to help find Josh’s effort, click on the link at

A prediction from Danny Gokey. He says his son, baby Danny, will be the next big thing in soccer. Danny says that his son has been kicking things ever since he learned to walk.

What one sentence would define 2015 so far for you? Third Day’s Mark Lee says, so far, 2015 seems to be defined as the year he doesn’t get any sleep.

Casting Crowns is going through each song from their album “Thrive” during the month of January. The latest focus is their song Dream For You and group members say the message is: before you plan your future, you should make sure you’re not following your dream instead of God’s dream. They say: God’s dream is a lot bigger than yours, and God doesn’t need you to pull off His dream for you. He can do it if you’ll just follow Him.

Natalie Grant was commenting this week on how cold it was at her home in Nashville. She pointed out that the temperature was 15 degrees above zero. One of her fans replied that in Minneapolis it was eight below. Natalie’s response, I would never leave my house.

Rush of Fools frontman Kevin Huguley says they live in the south to avoid cold temperatures. But this week it wasn’t working. He tweeted a picture of the current temperature, holding at 10 degrees above zero.

The members of NeedToBreathe say something strange was in the air this week. They tweeted: Soft, white, cold things are falling from the sky in Charleston, South Carolina. Anyone know what these things are?

New York Native Francesca Battistelli was commenting this week on the mind set of officials in current place of residence. She tweeted: You know you live in the south when they cancel school because it’s COLD.

Michael W Smith is back online after a little bit of R & R. The long time Christian artist tweeted that he just had a beautiful time in London. Michael says it was a time of reflection, quiet, soul searching, and rest. He adds that he looks forward to seeing many of his fans around the world in 2015.

Ellie Holcomb is struggling to make the transition into the new year. She said she keeps having to convert fours into fives. In fact, she just tweeted a note to herself stating Ellie, it’s not 2014 anymore.

Lecrae will be making another appearance this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. When Lecrae made is first appearance this past September, it was born out of a viral, fan-led hashtag campaign. And the broadcast simply featured Lecrae singing a few bars leading into a couple commercial breaks. This time it looks like Lecrae is finally getting the spot fans were hoping for. Christian music’s top hip hopper will be back on The Tonight Show this Friday night, Jan. 9, for a full guest performance set.

James Mead of Kutless is offering to be a model again. Several years ago the members of Kutless did some modeling for Ernest Alexander when they were in New York City. This week James tweeted: show on the 23rd. He asked the company if they needed him to model again. He says he would even do it for free. It was that fun.

The members of Mercyme are excited to be back on The Road Show. Band members were reminding their social media followers this week that the tour is just over a month away. Last year Mercyme took the year off from the Road Show to produce their latest record, Welcome to the New. But this year they’ll be back when the tour kicks off on February 18. Also included on the tour are Crowder, Jamie Grace, Matt Maher, and more.

Dan Bremness took advantage of a concert tour in New Zealand. He and his family made a stop for a little vacation time in Hawaii on the way. Dan tweeted a picture of their last sunset in Hawaii before heading on to New Zealand and said they would miss it.

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Artist News January 8, 2015

Words of wisdom from David Crowder: You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold.

Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall is well known for his interesting and unique office decorations. Several years ago he sold a designer star wars desk that had been in his office for more than a year. At the time he also shared a picture of all the other memorabilia located around his home away from home. But while the desk is gone, it sounds like his office is still a unique place. One visitor tweeted this week: It’s fascinating to see the amount of things you can use to injure/kill/or decapitate a man with in Mark Hall’s office.

Canadian-born Paul Baloche is a little embarrassed by his adopted country. The worship leader tweeted: sorry Canada. Embarrassing. He was commenting on President Obama’s threatened veto of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Paul posted: Our President would rather buy oil from terrorists, shipped ALL THE WAY across the ocean, instead of our friend.

A bit of trivia about Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald. He tweeted: I wake up at 530am every morning…without an alarm clock.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips describes himself as a fun loving, sun loving, beach boy from Australia. He adds that he isn’t down with the cold weather. Attached was a picture of the temperature in his hometown of Franklin Tennessee. It stood at 25 degrees. And Duncan said he’s freezing.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Believe in the infallibility of God’s Word…the Bible! It makes things a lot easier when you stop arguing with God.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard has a thing for pocket knifes. Bart says his son Charlie pointed out the obvious this week. Attached was a picture with nearly 20 of Bart’s pocket knives spread out on the table.

Mark Schultz spent a year in Europe while his wife was serving as an intern several years ago. So he was especially saddened by the tragedy in Paris this week. In response, Mark shared the instrumental version of a song he wrote while in France titled Snow in Paris. You can hear the song by clicking on the link at

Plumb is thanking everyone for the huge response to her book Need You Now: A Story of Hope. In fact, the number of requests for the book has pushed them to start making plans for a second printing. However, Plumb says there are still some copies left from the first round of printing. They are still available at most major online outlets

Kerrie Roberts says she is determined to eventually move back to Florida. And this week she tweeted a picture of just one of the reasons for her decision. Attached to her tweet was a picture of the projected low temperature for the night at her home in Tennessee. They are expecting a low of 4 degrees above 0

Song good news is being reported about Christian music pioneer Andrae Crouch. Earlier this week, Charisma News reported that Andraé Crouch had been taken to the hospital to address “some serious health complications that have arisen.” Now family members say Crouch, who has been hospitalized since Jan. 3, has had some positive response to the medical attention that has been given to him. A post on his facebook page from his sister Sandra reads “The medical team has given some encouraging news and we are so grateful for the many thousands of people who are praying on behalf of my brother.” “With the continued medical attention and your prayers, we are trusting the Lord for a full recovery.”

Jimmy Needham is offering a special deal. He announced this week that everyone who purchases his new record this year will receive a free Apple iWatch. But there is a catch. Jimmy says the CD will cost $350.

Want to hear an exclusive preview of Jeremy Camp’s new single I Will Follow? Simply visit Jeremy’s Instagram page to check it out. Click on the link at

CCM United is presenting a special online concert in celebration of 40 years of Contemporary Christian Music and serving those in need. On January 21 CCM will bring We Will Stand, a night of music featuring over 30CCM artists presenting more than 50 songs. Artists like Mercyme, The Newsboys, Laura Story, Mark Schultz, Steven Curtis Chapmen, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and many more will all be part of the evening. You can register for the free live stream by clicking on the link at

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Artist News January 7, 2015

Plumb is drying out her computer. She was in the middle of songwriting when her laptop had an unfortunate meeting with her cup of coffee. She tweeted a picture of her song notes and her computer surrounded by bath towels. Tiffany Lee, who goes by Plumb on stage, says she is combining a towel, breathable chair, and a fan and is hoping and praying that her laptop will come back once it dries out.

Third Day’s Tai Anderson says the holiday merriment is officially over and it’s time to go back to work. He said he’s back with his CrossFit coach Larry Keeton to kick off the new year. And this year’s theme is no excuses. Tai says he’s scheduled for CrossFit 5 to 6 days a week with extra cardio work also on the schedule.

MercyMe’s Robbie Shaffer says it must be time to go back to work. He said all of his airline mileage accounts are back to zero.

Rhett Walker’s go to when there’s nothing good on television?. He tweeted: time to watch wild boar hunting videos.

Worship Leader Jaime Jamgochian’s prayer for 2015 is found in Ruth 1:16: Where you go I will go….where you stay I will stay. Jaime says she is asking that Christ position her heart and life in every area.

Kutless member James Mead was sharing a little insight into band life this week. He tweeted: you know that moment where you are so tired that everything is insanely funny? James says: that happens to Kutless a lot.

Brandon Heath says there is one word that he is leaving behind in the year 2014. He says the word is never. Of course, it begs the question: is Brandon committing to Never Say Never?

Casting Crowns’ Josh Mix says a lot has changed over the past year. He and his wife celebrated their first anniversary this week and Josh says they have gone from being kids in Disneyland to being adults over the past year. He says it is hard to believe that they now are homeowners and parents to a little boy. Josh adds that every little part of the past year has been amazing and a blast.

A new documentary narrated by Natalie Grant will premier nationwide this month. “In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom” features six modern-day abolitionists as they fight sex trafficking across America. The goal of the film’s release this month is to bring the issue to the forefront and to promote Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11. Screenings are scheduled around the nation throughout the month of January.

On January the 6th, between making breakfast and packing for daughter’s lunch. Jenny Simmons did something that she never thought possible even in her wildest dreams. She signed a contract with Baker Publishing Group for not one book, but two. Jenny added that: if 2014 taught me anything, it taught me this: jump. Dream. Try. Last year Jenny self-published the book The Road to Becoming using funds from a Kickstarter project. According to the contract, Baker will be officially publishing the book and will also publish a second book to be decided later.

Citizenway drummer David Belasco this week tweeted a sneak peek of his little studio in progress. Right now it looks like a drum set on a square piece of carpet. But David said he is very excited about the progress being made.

Francesca Battistelli was having a fun day with her kids this week. She tweeted that the day included gymnastics, lunch, naps, cookies and milk, chores, playing school, and chasing their kitten all over the house.

The first song from TobyMac’s 2015 CD is now available. The song is titled Beyond Me. And its the first release from his upcoming project. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Mark Hall says work on the new Casting Crowns album is moving forward. The frontman for the band tweeted that they were in Franklin Tennessee today mixing together the songs for their upcoming hymns record.

Quite a bit of new music will be coming out in the first month of 2015. Included was the release already this week of the new Blanca EP. The former member of Group 1 Crew titled her solo project Who Am I. A live worship project from Love and the Outcome, a compilation of church songs from the Vertical Church band, including Meredith Andrews, and the Band I Am They’s self titled CD will also be available in January.

The Christian Music Website New Release Tuesday is out with a free 10 song sampler. The compilation project includes music by Unspoken, Lauren Daigle, and David Dunn. Download your free copy by clicking on the link at

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Artist News January 6, 2015

Randy Phillips, of Phillips, Craig and Dean, wants to pray for you. His church in Austin, Texas is fasting for 21 days. And Randy would like to know how they can pray for your needs. You can post your prayer needs on their website by clicking on the link at

Some thoughts from Jimmy Needham on music: “Fine” is the worst thing that could be said about art. I would rather you hate my music than think it’s “fine”. Good art takes risks.

The Afters Josh Havens has made it official. He says it is never too late to decorate gingerbread houses. Josh and his family were doing that this week.

Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald was taking a step back in time this week. He was a listening to music by the group Sixpence None the Richer and tweeted: 90s, you were awesome. What was your favorite group from the nineties?

Mandisa says sharing your personal testimony with someone is as simple as 1, 2, 3:
1. I was…
2. Jesus did…
3. Now I am…

Mark Schultz was encouraged in their child raising this week. He said his son Ryan’s new years resolution, in his own words, was to: “be Bob the Builder and listen to God”. Mark added: maybe we are doing something right.

Jonny Diaz made an interesting observation this week. He tweeted: “It’s 2015. We’re supposed to have cool stuff like hover boards!” Then it dawned on him that he was typing the message on a 4″ glowing device connected to all the worlds knowledge.

Casting Crown’s Mark Hall had his youth pastor hat on this week. He was recently asked: Can you talk to Billy? I just can’t get him to come to church. What should I do? Mark replied: Put him in the car

Third Day’s Mark Lee had a sobering thought – there isn’t a football game scheduled for tomorrow. In response, Mark tweeted: Surely somebody could’ve slapped another bowl together. He even has a few suggestions. Mark says we could have TCU and FSU line up and play to see who really deserved playoff spot.
Or we could have the 2 lowest ranked teams play each other, with the loser getting bumped down to FCS.

Want to keep up to date on Kevin Max and his new CD Broken Temples. He tweeted this week that his new facebook page is the only official ‘all news & information’ mainline of everything happening in the life of Kevin Max and his family. Kevin promises updates on Broken Temples, tours, fiefdom of angels and the soon to be updated merchandise store on the page. You can access it by clicking on the link at

Gospel legend Andrae’ Crouch needs your urgent prayers. Sandra Crouch, sister of legendary gospel singer Andrae’ Crouch, says that her brother was taken to the hospital this past Saturday to address “some serious health complications that have arisen.” According to the Charisma News report, the 72 year old has faced numerous health issues over the past few years including various forms of cancer and congestive heart failure.

The members of for King and Country were recently on stage in Charleston, West Virginia for the opening night of Winter Jam 2015. Band members say it was especially memorable because the Winter Jam tour was where they made their debut on the national stage three years ago.

Steven Curtis Chapman will host the second edition of Sam’s place at the Ryman Auditorium on January 11th. This time Steven will be joined by guests like Michael W Smith and Third Day. The first edition of Sam’s place was hosted by Steven in early December.

The band New World Son will be covering a lot of ground this month. They have several concerts scheduled in the Netherlands and will also make a stop in New Zealand.

20,000 young Christians gathered in Atlanta over the weekend for Passion Conference 2015. According to a Fox News, the goal of the weekend event is to bring young people together to worship Christ and to help the poor and needy. One young woman who attended said, “It’s a great way to start off the year, to get on fire for Christ again. It’s a call to action to reach out to other people. And it lasts throughout the year if you want it to.” A second Passion Conference will be held in Atlanta next weekend and a third later this month in Houston.

Mercyme drummer Robby Shaffer was watching a recent concert from a little different view point. Robby tweeted a picture of replacement drummer Matt Outlaw on stage with the rest of the members of Mercyme. Matt was filling in this past weekend while Robby was sidelined due to fractured foot. The injury occurred in late 2014 while the band was dancing during the recording of the their next music video.

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Artist News January 5, 2014

The group Selah is hoping to lose 260 pounds in the next 13 months. Group members say they have decided that some drastic changes are needed. So by the time they go on a cruise to the Caribbean with Sandi Patty in February of 2016 Amy and Allen want to each loose 100 pounds and Todd hopes to loose 60 pounds. They say your prayers would be appreciated.

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer spent some time in a deer stand over the holidays. He tweeted that it was his first deer hunting experience and it went well. Mike says he came away with a deer for his efforts.

Jaun DeVevo was showing off his Christmas present over the weekend. He said his new truck had arrived.

As the weekend wrapped up Kerrie Roberts was traveling from her family home in Florida to where she now lives in Tennessee. She tweeted: I wish I could have packed my whole family, the sunshine, and the 86 degrees in my suitcase.

It is a new year and Mark Schultz says new adventures and new music are on the way. He says he can’t wait to share it all with you.

Rhett Walker says his goal for the new year is to drop about 200 pounds. Attached was his post was a picture of a full grown buck that Rhett clearly had his eyes on.

Natalie Grant says Christmas cards were one of many things lost in a sea of good intentions over the holidays. She said on facebook that she was so busy before they left on their vacation that she forgot she had ordered ornament Christmas cards with pictures of her three daughters. When she came home yesterday she found the entire box. She never mailed out a single one.

Jamie Grace was in the sound room at her church on Sunday. She says bronchitis kept her from worshipping with the rest of the congregation. But although she hopes the bronchitis situation is over, she added that it was such a privilege to serve behind the scenes at her church.

How did you spend your Christmas break? At Darlene Zschech’s church they are gearing up for summer camp. Darlene is a worship leader in Australia and their church has summer camp January the 19th through the 22nd.

Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard is taking another step in his move to Los Angeles. This weekend he and his wife were moving into their apartment in LA. And he says apartment living in LA is no joke. Between stairs and hallways, Jon says I hope we like it here because I don’t think we can get out again.

David Crowder was having a tough time getting to Atlanta this weekend. He was in the Dallas airport and tweeted: been taxiing so long I think the plane may just be driving us there.

It took a lot of people to put on the first Passion Conference of 2015. It was held in Atlanta this past weekend and worship leader Kristian Stanfill says there were 12-hundred door holders ready and willing to serve students as part of the conference. He tweeted: I love being part of this team. A second conference in Atlanta and a conference in Houston are still to come this month.

Jimmy Needham will be seeing most of Norway this month. He kicks off a 16 city tour in the country this week.

The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular launched over the weekend with Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, Building 429, for KING & COUNTRY and more. But tour members say there is some sickness going around the tour. And they are asking for your prayers for healing and good health in the midst of a very busy time for all the groups.

Jeremy Camp’s kids are learning to improvise. His family is traveling with him for this leg of the Winter Jam tour and they were in Michigan to wrap up the weekend. Jeremy’s wife Adie said they forgot to pack gloves so they were making snowballs for their snowball fight using cups rather than their hands.

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Artist News January 2, 2015

Jonny Diaz says 2014 was a good year. During the year he and his wife found that they are having a baby, they opened a business called the Fit Factory Nashville, and he had a song on country radio.

Just in time for the new year, Natalie Grant has added a new necklace to her clothing line. It is stamped with the words All Things New, Natalie’s self proclaimed motto for the new year.

Darlene Zschech so she has finally ditched the wig. She says her hair is one inch long and unruly, but it is so liberating all the same. Darlene says: hats are my new best friend.

2015 is just a few days old and Mike Grayson, of MIKESCHAIR, says 2015 is already shaping up to be the best year yet. He says: thank you for joining us on the crazy ride.

From Francesca Battistelli: Snuggling my babies is my favorite way to ring in the new year! The steak, roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts with bacon wasn’t too bad either.

The members of Hillsong United says 2014 was huge. The year included work on a new album, filming the documentary Let Hope Rise, and some incredible nights of worship.

Danny Gokey says they used to ring in the new year hanging at a local club. But reality has changed in the Gokey household. Danny tweeted a picture of his young son doing laps around the couch along with the text: How the Gokey’s are bringing in the new year.

Colton Dixon’s new year’s resolution: More of You. Less of me.

Jimmy Needham says his 2015 resolutions are to: 1. Work hard & rest hard & don’t mingle the two. 2. Eat more Bible.

Natalie Grant kicked off the New Year by trying something new. She tweeted a picture at the front door of an ice skating rink with the words: here’s to new adventures in 2015, hopefully I don’t start in a body cast.

Brandon Heath says his goal for the new year is to go out and love the world better this year.

Jenny Simmons says she believes in getting any bad parts of 2015 behind her before she really even begins. With that in mind she says she’s starting the new year with the flu.

The Sidewalk Prophets have issued their first challenge of 2015. They say: Humble yourself before God and allow him to speak through your words and actions. Live unashamed with a compassionate understanding that the love you share might just save someone’s life. Not because of you..but because of Him.

Jeff Frankenstein wrapped up 2014 with his 144th and final show of a crazy 2014. Jeff and the rest of the Newsboys rang in the new year with a concert at Liberty University.

New Years Eve was a dream come true for Jamie Grace. She says she got to rap on the song Jesus Freak. Jamie was in concert with the Newsboys at Liberty University ringing in the New Year. But the news wasn’t all good for Jamie Grace on New Years Eve. She had to skip the meet and greet after the concert because she was diagnosed with bronchitis on the 30th. She says bronchitis and asthma is not a good combination.

Rush of Fools Kevin Huguley was hoping to spend New Years Eve with his wife via FaceTime. He and the rest of the band were in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a concert the night of New Years Eve. After the concert Kevin logged on to ring in the New Year with his wife but a busy cellular network brought an abrupt end to his plans. He said he couldn’t get through so instead rang in the New Year watching the fireworks by himself.

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