Artists News January 30,2015

Where is your favorite get away and meet with God place? Kutless member James Mead said his is in the Mary S. Young State Recreational area. James tweeted: Time alone in the forest is special to me. The woods are very beautiful in Oregon, especially when it’s foggy. He added: Please pray for The Lord to speak to me, and fill me with His Holy Spirit while I’m taking time to walk around and pray.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips had a unique experience this week. He’s on vacation in his native country of Australia and, during a walk on the beach, saw rescued turtles being released back into the ocean. Duncan says it was a lot of fun to watch and even beat out his scenery photos for his photo of the day.

Tiffany Lee may have a problem you can relate to. The artist who goes by the stage name Plumb tweeted this week that her new comforter is so difficult to not to want to crawl back under. In fact, Tiffany said: I may have done myself a disservice.

Matt Maher may be a major Christian artist but when he’s at home with his kids he’s just another dad, doing all of those things the rest of us dads learned to do when the kids were young. Matt Maher tweeted a picture as he fed his young daughter. The text below said: You do what you have to do to keep it interesting – for their sake and yours.

Jenny Simmons says she’s found the perfect way to turn a morning around. She said she grabbed a cup of coffee, watched a few birds, and listened to the Amy Grant song Doubly Good To You 50 times on repeat. Jenny said: it’s a perfect prescription for deep joy and fortitude.

The Christian music website New Release Tuesday wraps up voting for the We Love Christian Music Awards today. Time is running out for you to cast your ballot and help ensure that your favorite artist takes home an award. Vote today by clicking on the link at

A suggestion from Tenth Avenue North: Hug somebody today and when they go to pull away, hug em a little bit longer. Not too much longer but just enough to make it awkwardly nice.

Jamie Grace was a prolific writer when she was young and now she is going to share some of her thoughts and ideas with you via her social media accounts. Jamie shared a picture of the stack of journals she had found recently in her parents house. She says she wrote scripts, stories, songs, poems, dreams, fears, plans, and prayers and adds that all of that writing is probably why she is a songwriter today. Over the next few weeks Jamie says she’s going to share some of the embarrassing and random stories from her crazy childhood, some of which started when she was as young as five. Follow Jamie on Facebook or Twitter and be ready for some interesting stories

The reality of his upcoming move to New York City seems to be sinking in for Paul Baloche The long time worship leader and resident of the community tweeted a picture of a recent East Texas sunset with the text: One of MANY things we’ll miss about Texas.

Natalie Grant says she struggles to embody many of the fruits of the Spirit on a daily basis. That’s why she designed a necklace as a wearable reminder. Her first piece of silver jewelry includes nine small silver toned tags, each hand stamped with a fruit of the Spirit.

The band Disciple is asking for your help as they prepare to head out on tour. According to a New Release Tuesday report, Disciple is turning to fans after getting word that their bus needs some emergency attention in order to keep everyone safe. Besides normal maintenance, stuff like new belts and batteries, Disciple’s bus is also in dire need of new tires and brakes. Band members say the repairs will cost at least $6,000. To help cover the cost, Disciple is going to their fans and asking for help covering the unexpected the cost. Find our more by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns has another Platinum album. The band just received word of the designation of Until The Whole World Hears as their latest platinum album. It’s their fifth studio recording to sell more than 1-million copies. In addition, their latest release, THRIVE, was named the best-selling record of 2014 according the Christian and Gospel Nielsen SoundScan chart.

Josh Wilson’s face is now on three million cans of Diet Pepsi. Josh is the latest artist to be featured on one of the companies soda products. Each specially marked can also offers a free download of Josh’s song Carry Me. The Diet Pepsi cans featuring Josh are only available in the Mid West.

Andrew Peterson went for a hike on Lookout Mountain this week. He said solitude was good for his soul until a pitbull bull tried to attack him. No joke.

The band Cloverton is celebrating their anniversary this week. It was 6 years ago that they stepped on the state stage for the first time. Members of the band tweeted: thankful for every bruise and blessing.

Danny Gokey was excited about the idea behind a recent gift to Sophia’s heart, the non-profit he founded to help the homeless in the Nashville area. He said one of their donors asked friends to donate money to Sophia’s heart rather than getting her birthday presents. Danny says that, thanks to her idea and her friends generosity, they were able to purchase 70 pairs of shoes for the residents of Sophia’s Heart.

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Artist News January 29, 2015

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says 2014 was the most fun year ever for the band. But he isn’t done yet. Duncan added: I know the best is yet to come in 2015.

Jenny Simmons says there are a couple of things that she has learned so far in life. They include, number one, I am completely ill equipped to be a human and, number 2, Lucky Charms still make me feel better about that situation.

Casting Crowns bass player Chris Hoffman says the members of his family are dropping like flies. Earlier in the week he reported that he was feeling under the weather. Now Chris says both Bailey and Silas are sick as well. Chris says he’s looking for a do over button for this week.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard now has a new way to get around town. After about a month of living in North Hollywood, Jon tweeted that he just found out that the community has a subway. Jon tweeted I literally had no idea.

Mac Powell is still dealing with the stress of an event to took place several evenings ago. No, it wasn’t an especially tough concert or a crisis with the family; the Third Day front man said his wife Amy sent him to the grocery store for a few things but Mac says getting them took over an hour. He wrapped up his post by stating emphatically: I don’t want to go grocery shopping ever again!

Mike Grayson from the group MIKESCHAIR recently shared his No Turning Back moment. No Turning Back is the latest cut from Brandon Heath’s new CD and Brandon is asking those to follow him on social media to share their no turning back moment. MIKESCHAIR frontman Mike Grayson took up the challenge and you can watch the video as he shares. Click on the link at

The Robbie Seay Band and Compassion International are joining together to provide clean drinking water in Haiti. Right now new Robbie Seay Band hoodies or t-shirts are available online and from 6 to 9 dollars of every purchase will go to Compassion’s clean water effort in the country of Haiti. Find out more by clicking on the link at

All five of Tobymac’s studio albums have gone gold and he was honored this week with a special plaque celebrating the accomplishment. Included were his albums Momentum, Welcome to Diverse City, Portable Sounds, Tonight, and Eye on It. The Gold status means that all five of the CDs have sold at least a half million copies.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas album. MercyMe is Mike schiesser shared a picture of his guitars and other equipment as the band gears up for their first Christmas CD in one decade.

Brandon Heath might be suffering from writer’s cramp today. He tweeted that he was autographing 1,000 CD covers last night so that they can be sent out to those who purchased pre-release copies of his new album No Turning Back. Brandon says the album is now also up on iTunes.

Kevin Max has exceeded his fund raising goal as he prepares for the release of his new CD broken temples. Kevin announced yesterday (Wednesday) that he had exceeded the goal and there are still 11 days in the campaign. In fact Kevin tweeted: I’m speechless, which is good for a singer.

Jimmy Needham will release his new CD later this spring. This week Jimmy announced that the CD will be titled Vice and Virtue and will officially be available on May 5.

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall will be officially releasing his new acoustic solo project in late February. But according to twitter reports from the Christian artist, the album titled Faith and Family is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Britt Nicole this week released the cover and release date for her upcoming remix album. The latest program from Britt will be released on March 17. She says it will include several songs from each of her three albums Say It, The Lost get Found, and Gold. But she says the remixed songs have a brand new feel.

Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald said his mind is blown. He’s in the studio right now listening to frontman Dave Frey sing vocals for their new record. He said this is the record I have dreamed about making.

Point of Grace this week announced the title and release day for their new album. It will be called: Directions Home (Songs We Love, Songs You Know) and will release on April 7th.

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Artist News January 28, 2015

Passion will wrapping up their series of three conferences for thousands of college students this weekend. But Chris Tomlin is already looking ahead toward the organizations next major event. Passion artists like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Christy Nockels, and Kristian Stanfill will be in Houston this weekend after holding two conferences in Atlanta earlier this month. But Chris announced this week that registration is now open for their conference for Worship leaders. Lift: A Worship Leader Collective will be held in Atlanta in early May.

Mark Schultz and his wife Kate were dreaming up new projects this week.they tweeted some of their possibilities: a new book, new music, and new adventures. They say it’s going to be a fun year.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Let things take their natural course. God has a plan. God is patient.

Love and the Outcome: start each week ‘down on your knees before the master…it’s the only way to get up on your feet’

Joel and Luke were at a special event this week celebrating their Grammy nominations. The brothers from the band For King and Country are up for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for their new CD Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong. The song Messengers, which was released by Lecrae but also features For King and Country, has also been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance category. The Grammy winners will be announced on February 8.

Mercyme was walking the red carpet this week. They were among several artists at the Nashville Grammy Party. But guitarist Mike Scheuchzer wasn’t there with the rest of the band. He tweeted: I skipped to watch Back to the Future III with my 10yr old. Mercyme’s album has been nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and the first single off the album, Shake, was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

Jodi of Love and the Outcome says she is spoiled. She tweeted: yes the rumors are true, I have never done a load of laundry since I married Chris.

Matt Maher says his young daughter helps him to keep life in perspective. Matt is one of the writers on the song Come as You Are, recorded by the band Crowder. The song has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song Category and that meant Matt was invited to attend this weeks Nashville Grammy Party. But Matt said returning home to a daughter who is teething and staying up with her all night helps to keep him firmly grounded in reality.

Sheila Walsh has released a new book titled Loved Back to Life. The book released this week and Sheila says she prays it helps anyone struggling with depression.

John Steingard says he no longer needs an alarm clock. The front man for Hawk Nelson now lives in downtown LA and he says getting up is easier. Plus in six or seven months there will be a new building right outside his window.

Mac Powell is dying for a diet coke. The front man for Third Day tweeted: finished a 21 day diet yesterday and only drank water for the whole time. No word on how much weight he lost but we definitely know what he’s craving.

Aaron Shust’s sons took advantage of the snow that hit the East Coast this week. They spent their home school gym class sledding on a nearby hill using the snow boards they got for Christmas.

Jonny Diaz is asking for prayer. They have four more shows on this run of the Start a Fire Tour and Jonny says I’m sick as a dog.

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Artist News January 27, 2015

What happens in your house when Daddy falls asleep on the couch? Britt Nicole tweeted a picture of her husband with his face covered in stickers and said that’s what happens in her house. It looks like the kids had fun.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Continually ask the Holy Spirit to guide your life, your actions, and your attitude in all that you do!

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is enjoying his time back home in Australia. The native of Australia was celebrating Australia Day this week and tweeted pictures of the live fish and crabs he caught for breakfast.

Rush of Fools Kevin Hughley says only in America. He tweeted: church plus guns plus home equals a great day. Attached were several pictures of his target practice after church with both his new .380 and an AR-15.

Plumb would appreciate your prayers. Her son had been diagnosed with severe and very active Strep throat, also known as “a singers nightmare”. Plumb added: God protect the rest of us.

Mark Schultz may live in Nashville but he is still bringing his son up right. He tweeted the picture of he and his son doing a little reading before bed time in a Kansas State University tent. Kansas State is Mark’s alma mater.

John Steingard is getting into the LA experience. The frontman for Hawk Nelson moved to Los Angeles late last year. He tweeted this week that one of his favorite parts of the move has been having a legit street taco stand so close to their home. Jon’s recommendation: Go to Vineland and Victory in North Hollywood and order the Chorizo taco!

Another sighting of The Afters on a television commercial. This time one of their social media followers reported hearing their music on a commercial for the ABC show The Bachelor. The Afters music has already been featured as part of commercials during the Olympics, the NHL playoffs, and several other programs.

A word of advice from Jodi of Love and the Outcome: “Husbands do laundry and make coffee…you’re life will always be happy.

Andrew Peterson had to make one quick stop on his way to Covenant College to teach creative writing this week. The author of the Wingfeather Saga said he just needed to stop at Goodwill for a beret and a tweed jacket.

Laura Story and her team are hard at work finishing up edits on Laura’s new book “When God Doesn’t Fix It – Lessons you never wanted to learn, truths you can’t live without”. But with three children underfoot, including two twin boys less than six months old, the work involves more than finding grammatical errors. The team tweeted several pictures of members holding and feeding babies while taking a break from proof reading the book. Laura Story’s new book is scheduled for release this coming September.

Building 429s Jason Roy took to the Internet to encourage those that follow the band on social media. The band is part of the Winterjam concert series, certified as one of the biggest concert tours on the road today. As he walked off the stage in Kansas City over the weekend and walked through a parking lot full of band tour buses, Jason said he was hit by the fact that anything is possible. He said he was told over and over that he couldn’t make it in Christian music but here he is, on stage in front of thousands. Jason said he can’t help but be amazed at what God has done.

Your chance to vote in the We Love Christian Music Awards is nearly over. The awards show put on by the music web site New Release Tuesday features 68 Christian artists in 23 categories but voting will only be allowed through January 30. Winners will be announced during Mercyme’s Rock and Worship Roadshow next month. Watch all the nomination videos and cast your vote for your favorite Christian artists by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey is insuring that he’s able to chat with everyone. He’s moving his facebook chat to Thursday, January 29th, beginning at 7:00pm CT. Click on the link at for more information.

TobyMac is again gearing up for this years Junior Golf Camp. The camp will take place in North Carolina July 19 through 23 and will include plenty of golf, spiritual growth, fun, and, of course, music from Tobymac. The well known Christian artist is no stranger to the golf course. He played college golf at Liberty University and placed 27th while playing with PGA Tour Player Kevin Streelman in the 2011 Pebble Beach National Pro-AM.

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Artist News January 23, 2015

What does being a loving husband mean in your family? Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald says, in his house, being a loving husband means sometimes you bring home a bag of little Caesars crazy bread to your hard working wife

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: The world claims that all sorts of stuff is true but, if it contradicts God…it just isn’t. God IS truth.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is asking for your help in finishing the Thrive Medical Clinic in Kenya. Mark says work on a school at the facility run by the organization Echoes of Mercy has been completed and construction of the clinic is nearly finished. In fact, medical supplies have already arrived. But Mark tweeted this week that they still need to raise a little more money to complete the project, named after the latest Casting Crowns album. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Christy Nockels was looking back this week. It’s been 20 years since she, her husband Nathan, and Charlie Hall toured together as a band named Sons and Daughters. And this week she shared a picture of the three together again 20 years after touring together. Christy shared: Those were some good days of plowing. We didn’t know any better, we truly just wanted revival to come.

Danny Gokey was answering questions on twitter this week. Here are just a few of them:
Q: How’s your new home? A: It’s really nice!! We love having more land and a pool for the kids
Q: Who is your dream duet partner? A: I have many but one of them would be JLo
Q: SEAHAWKS -OR- PATRIOTS? A: I think I’m going for the patriots!!

The Worship Web site We Are Worship is giving away more music. Their free song this week is When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing And Honor) by Shane and Shane. You can download your free copy by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham is recording vocals for his next CD this week and the latest song he’s working on is called My All in All. Phil tweeted: after a tough year working through some voice issues I am thankful to even be able to sing. Your continued prayers for strength and healing are so appreciated.”

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Artist News January 22, 2015

The members of Mercyme are having a great time reading your stories. They recently asked their social media followers to post pictures of the person who inspired them to be greater and they say it has been great to see all the pictures and hear all the stories. Mercyme members this week thanked everyone who had already sent in their stories but added that, if you haven’t, there is still time. Use the hashtag Greater and tag Mercyme so they will see it.

From Chris Tomlin: History shows that a group of people who trust God and obey His voice can change the world. He goes on to ask: What could a generation do? Chris Tomlin and the rest of the Passion organization are hoping to impact a generation for Christ through their conferences for college age students this month. They have already held two conferences in Atlanta but still have one more on the schedule. It will be held in Houston on the final weekend of the month.

The band Crowder is celebrating their very first number one song. Band members posted the print out this week showing that the Crowder song Come As You Are had reached number one on at least one nationwide chart. David Crowder’s response: WOW!

Danny Gokey says he has a date tonight and it’s with you. He is going to be answering your questions on Twitter as part of his Gokey chat. Follow Danny at 7:00PM CT for the chance to ask your questions

A challenge from Michael W. Smith: Find someone who needs help and serve them today.

Ellie Holcomb is a relatively new artist on the major Christian music scene. In fact, before her breakout year in 2014 that included a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, Ellie was best known as a back up singer for her husbands band, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. What people don’t know is that Ellie has been singing as an solo artist for more than eight years. She recently sat down to talk with the Gospel Music Association and admitted that her new found notoriety has been a little unbelievable. Ellie says she has learned a couple of lessons through the process. She says that success comes slowly and it takes a long time to build the community that brought her to the point she is at right now.

Many gospel legends and other well know officials were on hand for the celebration of the life of Andrae Crouch in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both the services and a special tribute were broadcast live on line, remembering the singer and author of well known songs like Through It All, Soon And Very Soon, The Blood Will Never Loose It’s Power, and My Tribute. Those at the services included Kirk Franklin, Cece and Bebe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Israel Houghton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and many more. Michael W. Smith, Bill Gaither, and many others also recorded video tributes.

The members of Tenth Avenue North say slavery is a HUGE problem and prayer matters. In response, they are encouraging everyone who follows them on social media to join the International Justice Mission for their Global Prayer Gathering in Washington DC April 17 and 18. The purpose of the two day event is to pray for an end to slavery.

While the movie about the Hillsong Church will not be released on the original Easter release date, an official news release from the church says they believe it will eventually happen. The movie Let Hope Rise follows the travels of Hillsong United. According to New Release Tuesday, officials say they are almost done producing the film and are already in discussions to establish a new distributor and a new plan for the film’s release. Earlier this week Warner Brothers announced that they no longer planned to distribute the movie. But officials say the work on the project is ongoing and a trailer should be available soon.

Jamie Grace has a secret. She tweeted this week I don’t know if I can say where I am or what I’m doing but I will say that I’m super excited.

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Artist News January 21, 2015

Although the books in the Wingfeather Saga series are done, Andrew Peterson’s work on the series isn’t. Now that the writing is finished, Andrew is working on the audio books. He says he’s spending the next few days working on the audiobook for the warden and the wolf King.

The members of Tenth Avenue North are expanding their fight against human trafficking. They tweeted this week that they will donate $2 from every purchase of their latest CD Cathedrals to the effort to stop human trafficking.

A reminder from Jamie Grace: if you can quote more authors, bloggers and pastors than scriptures, there may be a problem. Jamie says she says that as a writer and speaker. She says we have to make sure we focus on the most important book.

Colton Dixon was showing off his band’s new drum kit. He described them as crush drums and said they had to be bolted down so they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: It is ALWAYS your job to be a representative of the Gospel of Christ…it is RARELY your job to point out someone’s sin.

The Vertical Church Band held a special showcase event to introduce their new album Church Songs earlier this month. But there is good news for those who weren’t able to tune in. The 75 minute event is now available online. Join solo artist Meredith Andrews and the rest of the band for live performances, music videos, and interviews. Click on the link at

The largest CCM concert in history will be happening live online this evening. At 6pm CST 30 Christian artists will be joining together for a night of free music. And you can watch in the comfort of your own home. Tune in for three hours of music from the Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Schultz, Laura Story and many more. Click on the link at

The new EP from Love and the Outcome is now available. This week Chris and Jodi released their latest project: Ocean Way Sessions Live. The six song EP includes four live songs included King of My Heart and He Is With Us.

Kerrie Roberts is out with another “Questions for Kerrie” video. Her topic this time is natural ways to fight the gunk. Kerrie says she can’t deal with most medications so is always on the look out for natural ways to keep her voice healthy. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Sanctus Real is out with the story behind their song on fire.they say they’re glad to finally be able to share the story and they hope it provide some encouragement in your walk with Christ. Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson was recently working on video content for his tour and one of the videos is now available online. You can check out the lyric video for the song Symphony. Click on the link at

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Artist News January 20, 2015

Jamie Grace might be looking for a side job. She tweeted that she just found out NBC is doing a live version of the wiz and added: I wonder if they’ve casted Dorothy.

Worship leader Jaime Jamgochian is dealing with mixed loyalties. She grew up in Boston but lived in Seattle seven years so says she loves both teams in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks and the Patriots. Jamie says one thing is for sure, it’s going to be a great Super Bowl.

For King and Country members Joel and Luke say their brother Daniel is very good at what he does. And they show off his work every night on stage. Joel and Luke tweeted a picture of their stage light show and said: since he was 13 our brother Daniel taught himself lighting. They say he is inspired and excellent at his craft.

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer retweeted a post saying he’s pulling for the Rangers in the Super Bowl. That’s because Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has also been drafted by the Texas Rangers. Russell worked out for one day with the Rangers baseball squad during the offseason and, when asked if he would ever play two sports, he said: Never Say Never. While Wilson has given no indication that he plans to play baseball any time in the near future, Mike is still holding out hope. He pointed out that there is only 78 days until Opening Day.

A suggestion from Family Life Today’s Dennis Rainey: Write out a letter that tells your spouse in as many ways as possible that you would marry him/her all over again. Read it to your spouse.

Laura Story has some family help on stage. Her brother Zachary played electric guitar for Laura this past Sunday. Zachary said it was the first of many Sundays leading worship together.

The Afters on their latest CD: I cannot wait to share these new songs with you! The record we are making is more organic then our last record…a definite return to our roots. Hopefully with lyrics that will encourage you and melodies that will never leave your head! We’re putting everything we have into these songs!

The Sidewalk Prophets are back in the studio. They started work this week on their first album since 2012. They tweeted that, this time, they are recording in a castle.

Warner Brothers is backing out of plans for a documentary on the Hillsong organization. According to a report in Variety, Warner Brothers pulled the Christian music documentary “Hillsong – Let Hope Rise” from its April 1 slot. The debut was set last July when Alcon Entertainment bought rights to movie. It was to focus on the Australia-based Christian worship band Hillsong United. But a rep for Alcon said that the company was unable to close the rights deal for the movie.

The band Tenth Avenue North was recently featured on a Fox News report. Titled Beyond the Dream, the reported featured band members Mike Donehey and Jeff Owens shining the light on human trafficking. It’s part of their effort to encourage their social media followers to use the platform they have to help end human trafficking in our day and age. Tenth Avenue North also released a music video for their song For Those Who Can’t Speak.

Skillet was part of a global music and dance tribute released this week in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The four minute video features clips from many of the world’s top performing artists. It’s now available online. Click on the link at

The WWE used music from NeedToBreathe to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. this week. The tribute from the WWE featured the NeedToBreath song Difference Maker. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

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Artist News January 19, 2015

Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald says the future is now. He tweeted: Today I brushed my teeth with an electric tooth brush while playing Words With Friends on my phone.

Casting Crowns Chris Hoffman put it all in perspective this week. He was just back from a week long cruise and said he was doing his favorite thing. No he wasn’t reminiscing about the cruise, he was sitting in a rocking chair rocking his young son Silas to sleep.

Food for thought from Family Life Today’s Dennis Rainey: Are you satisfied with the way you’re using your time? What priorities are you neglecting? Decide upon two action points you can implement in the next week to begin reducing the pressure you feel, and put your burden upon the Lord.

Among The Thirsty bass player Brock Douglas is dealing with the unexpected loss of his mother. His fellow band members asked for prayer for Brock and his family on facebook. They said her death was very unexpected and sudden.

After 25 years in East Texas Rita and Paul Baloche are moving to New York City. Paul announced the move over the weekend and said it is bitter sweet. They are leaving so many friends behind but are also excited about the new season before them. Paul says he and Rita will be serving in local churches throughout the city. He asked for your prayers as they transition into this new chapter of life and ministry.

Building 429 front man Jason Roy says his daughter Haven is a big fan of Michael Tait. He shared a picture of a letter Haven sent to Michael while both Building 429 and the Newsboys were on a cruise together late last week. In the note Haven said her life went from sad to happy when she first saw the Newsboys in concert. She said Michael could be her second dad.

Remedy Drive guitarist Dave Mohr recently announced that he is leaving the band. In a blog late last week Dave said his time with Remedy Drive has been full of both intense joy, and intense struggle. While he says he wouldn’t trade the experiences and memories for anything, Dave said in the blog that, after four years with Remedy Drive: “I need to try something different, I need to use my abilities, musical, relational, mechanical and otherwise to try something new.”

Tenth Avenue North is designating Martin Luther King Jr day Use Your Voice Day. Band members are encouraging their social media followers to celebrate and honor this great man’s call for equality in five ways.
1. Pray for the victims and organizations fighting human trafficking.
2. Give to organizations fighting fighting human trafficking
3. Sign petition started by the International Justice Mission
4. Use your social networks to share the need with your friends.
5. Be a voice for the millions of people are still in slavery and have no voice.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says she got quite a work out today, or at least her hand did. She tweeted: I can’t remember the last time my hand hurt from taking so many notes in church.

For King and Country has been selected as the Christian band to play at the Kansas State Fair. Band members announced this week that they will play a Wednesday night concert in Hutchinson, Kansas on Wednesday, September 16.

The Afters kicked off 2015 over the weekend. Frontman Josh Havens tweeted: heading to Dallas for the first show of the year.

Natalie Grant says they had an amazing Dare To Be event over the weekend as they honored a mother of eight whose husband died in a traffic accident. Natalie says it was sweet to spoil her with flowers and a trip to the spa. But most of all, it was an unforgettable moment when thousands of sisters in Christ who didn’t even know her, stood to their feet and cheered for her, honored her, and celebrated her. But that wasn’t all. Natalie says they also celebrated the more than 200 sisters that said yes to Jesus for the first time.

Danny Gokey will be joining Natalie Grant on her Burning Bright tour this spring. The first six dates in March were just announced.

Jimmy Needham has been kept keeping very busy during his swing through Norway. He’s done 16 shows in the last 16 days and says he has 4 more to go.

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Artist News January 16, 2015

Sidewalk Prophets frontman Dave Frey had an interesting swimming partner this week. On his last day in Hawaii Dave tweeted: swam next to a sea turtle this morning and thought “God is awesome”.

Did you know that Paul Baloche is an ordained minister? He tweeted this week that his ordination took place one decade ago. He says time flies.

It has been 6 years since Danny Gokey was on American Idol. The Christian artist tweeted that this week marked the sixth anniversary of when his first audition aired on the program. He says that day was a game changer.

Hawk Nelson frontman John steingard says he’s noticed a trend. He tweeted: Apparently I start all texts with “dude seriously”

Jamie Grace’s mom, Mona Harper, is out with a post on raising daughters. The mother of two daughters has done well and she says she was very intentional about the process from day one. Her three quick tips are:
1. Just because it’s packaged on a children’s/teen channel – doesn’t mean it is for God’s child.
2. Just because someone is a Christian, doesn’t mean they are mature enough in the faith to be an example for your daughter.
3. Just because you said yes before, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind.

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