Artist News February 13, 2015

Joel Smallbone was talking this week about for King and Country’s two Grammy Awards. As they enjoyed a celebratory cake made by Joel’s wife Moriah Peters Joel made it clear that it’s not about the awards. He tweeted: from the moment Luke and I sung our first song, our hearts have been simple, to write music for God and for people. He went on to say: this music is embedded in the DNA of the band and it’s something we’ll live out till we sing our last melody.

The members of Sidewalk Prophets say they want to be so much more than just musicians. The members of the band tweeted: Striving hard to be brothers, husbands, lovers of others and imitators of Christ!

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer shared a picture of the upright piano that is now setting in their house along with the caption: So now I guess I gotta learn to play

Plumb and her son Solomon both share the challenge of having a difficult time focusing on complete tasks. So the two are trying something new this week. Plumb shared that they are undergoing bio neural feedback and brain core therapy. She says it’s a non invasive and 100% natural way of dealing with a host of things like a ADD, ADHD, anxiety and more. Plumb says the treatment started this week and she will let everyone know how it goes.

Phil Wickham was showing off his longboard skills this week, or lack thereof. Phil recorded a video on what is essentially a long skateboard. But the video wrapped up with Phil doing a face plant. Fortunately he went down in the grass so wasn’t injured.

Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard is finding an interesting difference between Twitter and Instagram. He did a poll on both asking if he should grow a beard or go clean shaven. Jon says his Instagram followers overwhelmingly said to grow a beard. Twitter followers, on the other hand, unanimously said no beard

It has been a rough week for Laura Story. Early in the week she tweeted that both of her young twin sons had upper respiratory infections. Then Wednesday night she had to cancel a concert after her husband Martin was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Laura said: thanks for your continued prayers for Martin’s healing. She added that they hope to reschedule the concert as soon as possible.

From worship leader Meredith Andrews: Today’s life lesson for my kids AND me…The way you treat people is more important than getting your way.

Christian comedian Chonda Pierce will be sharing a sneak peek of the first Trailer of a documentary about her life this weekend. Chonda shared this week: “Many of you may know that a film crew spent the last four years following me around off and on the road.” She says filming started just after her mother died because the producers wanted to make a documentary of the behind-the-scenes life of a comedian going through difficult times and still making people laugh! Chonda says: “Little did any of us know that over these four years I would walk through the most difficult journey of my life. Every time we hoped for a happy ending — it just never came. What did transpire is the most honest moments, the most painful events all while my comedy career was booming and growing on the road. A true testimony of Gods enduring Grace.” Stay tuned for a sneak peak of the trailer for the documentary this weekend.

Newsboys front man and former member of DC Talk Michael Tait recently sat down to chat with Gabe be from the blog DC Talk Act 2. Over the course of the interview Michael discussed his adaptation into the roll of Newsboys frontman, the bands continued success with God’s Not Dead, and the impact his parents had on his life and ministry. And of course the conversation eventually made it’s way around to a future DC Talk reunion. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Season two of It Takes A Church, the GSN reality show hosted by Natalie Grant, will kick off soon. But recently the season one of the program was honored. It Takes a Church was named Digital Entertainments Best Faith Reality Docu-Series/

Third Day is in Australia this week and Mark Lee went up against Auzzie slang. He was asked a series of questions regarding the meaning of slang words like woolies, snag, pat a finger, the gabber, warnie common in Australia but definitely not used regularly in the USA. Mark did pretty well. You can listen is and make your guesses along with Third Day’s Mark Lee by clicking on the link at
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Artist News February 12, 2015

How do you begin your day as a couple? Jodi and Chris, from Love and the Outcome, tweeted: in the morning we wake up, drink coffee, and give thanks. Trying to get better at this as a couple. It really does set the tone for our day.

Joel, from for King and Country, is honoring the memory of Kayla Jean Mueller. The aid worker was recently killed by Isis. In response to the news, Joel said today let us honor and celebrate the life given in service to God. Love will always triumph over hate, both on this side of eternity and the next. Mueller’s Christian faith is in the spotlight after her parents shared a personal letter they received from Mueller’s fellow hostages. She wrote: I have come to a place in experience where, in every sense of the word, I have surrendered myself to our creator because literally there was no else

What could be worse than a baby with an upper respiratory infection? Laura Story says it’s two babies with upper respiratory infections. Her twin boys are both down with the illness. Laura says says prayers would be appreciated.

Third day’s Mark Lee is helping his hometown team go to Cooperstown. The Brentwood Bombers baseball team is selling a guitar signed by Mark Lee to help raise money for a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The members of Hawk Nelson are increasing their use of technology now that the members of the band are more spread out. With frontman Jon Steingard now living in LA, the band met using Google hangout to scheme about the upcoming year. Jon says it was a fun meeting even though they couldn’t be there face to face.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Natalie Grant is out with a new necklace design. According to Grant, the Completely Loved necklace is a reminder for every woman that only one love truly completes us. You can check out the necklace design as well as all of the other jewelry from Natalie by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says the day got off to a rough start. She tweeted: I just made a cup of coffee without a coffee cup.

A reminder from Colton Dixon: Thankful that it’s not about me. It’s all about Him.

Ever had one of those days? Francesca Battistelli tweeted: Sometimes you just need to listen to Disney songs and paint watercolors with your kiddos in your pjs.

Mercyme’s Bart Millard is hoping to convince the stars of the HGTV program Fixer Upper to film a future show in Nashville. He tweeted this week: Dear Chip and Joanna Gains, Please visit Nashville and find us a fixer upper. Bart even offered to sweeten the deal a little. In return for their help, Bart promised to do a personal concert for the couple at their home.

LeCrae just took home a Grammy award, one of the most coveted awards in music. But the Christian rapper is already focusing on the future. He spoke with CBN and said that, after his upcoming tour, he is planning to write a book telling the story of how he exists, regarding his music, his faith, and his background. He says writing the book will encompass quite a bit of the next year of his life. Watch the entire exclusive interview by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline founder and original front man Mark Stuart is out with a open letter addressed to those he identifies as “the Haters and the Lovers of AudioA 3.0.” The band this week released a new song and also announced a total change in the members of the band. And as expected, the abrupt transformation of the group has resulted in a vocal response from the groups followers. In the letter, Mark said: For those of you who are passionate about protecting the legacy and honor of AudioA 1.0, I want to say thank you. It means a lot to me that you care. However…don’t protect it on my account. God has called me to something that resonates with me even more. Stuart went on to share: These four new young guys have that same purpose and intention with AudioA 3.0, as did the guys with AudioA 2.0 – and I was cheering all of them on, and will continue to do so. Like the new music, or not…the heartbeat is still the same.

Praise Charts has announced the top 10 songs in their Christian song competition. The 10 were selected out of 30 submission by judges and online voting. Now they are asking you to vote again and also help them spread the word about the completion as they narrow it down to the number one song. Check out the top 10 and then cast your vote by clicking on the link at

Big news from Michael W Smith. He tweeted this week: I have waited until today to deliver the new s… I am here in Atlanta shooting the movie 90 minutes in heaven. Michael tweeted from on the set with Kate Bosworth and her husband and director Michael Polish.

Building 429’s Jason Roy this week shared a song that he had written just that morning called 491. Jason said he normally has people around him telling him what should go out and what shouldn’t but, this time, he decided to release a video of the song untested. It spoke to him and he wanted to share it in hopes that it would also minister to others. Jason said the song looks at the verse that tells us to forgive 70 times 7 and ask the question-what happens at sin number 491. He says it’s a reminder of the power in the cross. Check out brand new music from Jason Roy by clicking on the link at

Amy Grant is working on an exciting new project. She says she’s been working on it for some time and will be announcing details later today. Stay tuned.

What does Lauren Daigle do to prepare for tour? She shared a video of facebook as she wrapped up baking a fresh batch of sweet rolls. She said baking her way of reducing the tension of gearing up for a new tour. She will be on the road with Big Daddy Weave beginning this weekend.

Citizenway member Josh Calhoun was introducing a new song at his alma mater this week. He was leading music for Judson University’s Spiritual Enrichment Week and introduced a new song he’d written called Roses.

Jamie Grace is expanding her Valentine’s weekend events due to high demand. Earlier Jamie announced that she was helping host an event for college age singles Valentines weekend but this week she announced she is expanding that to anyone ages 18 through 35. Also this week Jamie tweeted that, due to high demand from girls too young to attend the event Saturday, she is also hosting a girls night out for middle school and high schoolers. It will also be held Valentines weekend in Atlanta.

Steven Curtis Chapman is joining the Bible Tour 2015 this spring. The Bible Tour brings the Bible to life through live performances by a number of well known artists paired with visuals from The Bible Mini-Series. In addition to Steven, other artists involved are Francesca Battistelli, Brandon Heath, and Danny Gokey. Tour stops will take place at multiple locations throughout the month of April.

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Artist News February 11, 2015

Francesca Battistelli says her parents are a picture of Christ’s love in her life. She tweeted they have seen me at my worst and still love me so well.

Aaron Shust’s young son Michael is back home after a stay at Children’s Hospital earlier this week. Michael had was born with some major health issues and his parents say his feeding tube popped out sometime on Sunday. They say the site had nearly closed so he needed surgery to reopen it and replace the tube. The good news is Aaron says Michael is already back home

Josh Mix is getting quite proficient at woodworking. The Casting Crowns guitarist tweeted a picture of a bench he made for their dining room. He says his next project is a dining room table.

Third Days Mac Powell says he held out as long as he could. He tweeted this week: Just updated my phone to iOS 8.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Jesus IS fullness of life. Depend on Him.

When Jared Byers announced last week that he was leaving Audio Adrenaline, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Another shake up was announced on the bands web site this week when Will McGinniss, the group’s co-founder and lone remaining original member, announced he was leaving the group. Will says he is instead going to be taking on an increased roll with the Hands and Feet project, the organization supported by Audio A. Meanwhile Audio Adrenaline begins the next chapter in the group history with a totally new line up featuring former Stellar Kart frontman Adam Agee, David Stovall formerly of Waverly, guitarist Brandon Bagby, and drummer Jack Campbell. All this is happening as Audio Adrenaline prepares to release a new CD. The first song from the project, Love was Stronger, came out this week. The group’s entire album, Sounds of the Saints, will be available on May 5th.

Britt Nicole’s baby boy is going home and he has a name. Britt tweeted we are also happy to be going home today with our sweet, healthy baby boy. His name is Adin Jerusalem Crosby.

Don’t mess with Jeremy Camp’s wife Adie. She tweeted that she is a martial arts addict and attached a picture of her self and her daughter preparing for a workout. Adie Camp said it’s the best workout ever

David Crowder was on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards this past weekend and talked about life as Crowder rather than the David Crowder Band and his plans for 2015. Watch the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Josh Havens was burning midnight oil just so he could continue work on The Afters new record. The frontman from the band left Arizona behind and took a red eye flight to Nashville this week for a week of writing and recording for The Afters next record. He says they are so excited to be working on a new CD.

New music from Brandon Heath is now available. Brandon’s new CD No Turning Back released this week. Meanwhile, Brandon continues to ask his fans to share their no turning back moment, when they made a decision to follow Christ wholeheartedly. Brandon says the CD is all about him making that decision as well.

It may just be a stepping stone for future things but the wait for new music from the band Among the Thirsty is over. While their new CD isn’t available yet, you can now pre-order the album and download the first two songs from the project instantly.

Darlene Zschech’s new worship CD In Jesus Name – A Legacy of Worship and Faith is now available. The CD came out on Tuesday.

The free song from the website We Are Worship comes this week from the Desperation Band. You can get a chord chart and an mp3 of the song Banner by clicking on the link at chritianartistnews.ino

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Artist News February 10, 2015

for King and Country members Joel and Luke weren’t on hand when they won two Grammy’s Sunday evening. But after the awards were announced the guys shared what they would have said if they had been there. In the shore video clip from back stage in Nashville Joel and Luke thanked their dad, describing him as also their manager, a great friend, and a mentor. Joel said there is no question that they wouldn’t be doing what they are without him.

Lecrae didn’t mince words when accepted in the Grammy for his song Messengers Sunday evening. He told the crowd: there’s so many people out here who are gifted, but obviously you can’t celebrate gifts without celebrating the giver of all gifts. So I want to celebrate Jesus for gifting us all with the gift of love and sacrifice.”

Natalie Grant says she and her husband weren’t partying like rockstars after the grammy awards Sunday night, they were partying like old married people. Natalie said they were having a fun time at the Universal Music Grammy after-party but, after a 6am flight, they were really ready for bad.

Bart Millard of Mercyme reported that the grammys were a little slow this year. However, he tweeted that they weren’t totally without excitement. Bart said: I did enjoy watching the high school seat fillers trying to walk in high heels

If you want to be part of Team TobyMac but live outside Nashville, TobyMac has some good news. This year you can be a virtual member of Team TobyMac and still get the same great swag. Each year TobyMac puts together a team of runners to participate in the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon while also raising money for New Hope Academy, a school for low-income children in the Nashville area.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Be yourself in every setting and every situation. Don’t let your morals slide depending on the group you’re with.

Know someone who needs some encouragement today? Christian artist Meredith Andrews might serve as an example. Her husband was out of town leading worship over the weekend and she shared that Sunday morning both of their boys threw up, one before church and the other on the way home. She arrived home with three crying kids; two because they were sick and one because she was hungry. Meredith said that, when she was just about to lose it, two of her friends showed up. One got groceries while the other cleaned up the mess. Meredith Andrews tweeted: “so thankful for true friends.” Who needs you to be a true friend today?

SanctusReal member Seth Huff says he’s fully aware that he’s becoming the typical parent who posts pictures of their kids all the time. However Seth doesn’t seem to mind the designation that much. He said, in his defense: How cute is my son!

Tiffany Lee says her daughter Clementine is her greatest accountability partner. The artist who goes by the stage name Plumb tweeted this week as she stood by her daughters bed: I am in awe of the gift she is. Tiffany said: God, thank you for her. Help me to be faithful and loving her well.

Matt Maher’s wish for the day: I want Matthew McConaughey to narrate my life for a day

Jamie Grace’s mom Mona Harper received a special honor this week. She was chaplain of the day for the Georgia State Senate. Here is what she had to say while addressing the legislators: I didn’t come here today on a donkey, an elephant and I didn’t come here as an independent. I came here dependent on the Lord.

The UK division of We Are Worship has been searching for the next great hymn. Submissions closed over the weekend but, while entries were limited only to the UK, those of us who are not residents can still vote for our favorite. Listen to the 41 entries and then like your favorites. Access the list by clicking ont he link at

Danny Gokey was recently creating a memory with his son. Danny recorded a video joking that it took a real man to wear makeup. But it wasn’t just any makeup. He and his son were getting their faces painted with super hero masks and Danny added: I’m still a big kid.

A fun fact about Jeremy Camp’s new CD I Will Follow. His two daughters sang at the end of the song Finally Home on the new project. Jeremy says always makes him tear up just a little bit when he listens.

This is a big week for Audio Adrenaline. Their new song Love Was Stronger comes out today. Then they hit the road with the Newsboys for their next tour this weekend.

Although his new CD Vice and Virtue won’t be available until later this year, new music from Jimmy Needham is available today. You can get a three-song pre release EP from Jimmy to tide you over until the full project releases.

As the Sidewalk Prophets embark on 2015, they felt it would be a good idea to retell their story. To do that they will be reposting their road Life series. Follow along on their Twitter account as they share links to past updates, starting with their Winter Jam tour in 2012.

Aaron Branch of Building 429 says his marriage won’t be destroyed by road life. He and a friend tweeted a picture of their wedding rings and said: we’re proud to show our commitment to our incredible wives. Aaron said that although they are busy touring they are committed to keeping their marriage strong.

Brandon Heath was doing something special this week. He surprised are young cancer survivor named Violet with lunch and a serenade.

Planning to attend the Chris Tomlin Love Ran Red tour this spring? You might want to get your tickets soon. The tour with Tenth Avenue North and Rend Collective kicks off on the 20th of this month and runs through the end of April. But Chris tweeted this week that dates are already starting to sell out. All the tickets have already been purchased for two of the concerts in the upcoming series.

Third Day’s Mac Powell says the members of the band would appreciate your prayers. They are headed to Australia for a two week tour and, while they are looking forward to being down under, they say being away from their families that long will be tough.

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Artist News February 9, 2015

The Grammy’s have been announced and the big winner is for King and Country. The groups new album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.” was named Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and the Lecrae song “Messengers”, which features for King and Country, was named Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance or Song.

Aaron Shust celebrate the milestone last week. The long time Christian artist tweeted that it was 10 years ago that he signed his first recording contract. Aaron said he is grateful for 10 years of road ministry.

Congratulations to Britt Nicole. She gave birth to a son at 4:33 Sunday morning, weighing in at 8 pounds.

In the late ninety’s Jason Gray was part of the bands the Divers. He described the band as as funny as it was musical. In fact, Jason says he’s never laughed as much, whether on stage or off, as he did with those guys. Last week Jason had the chance to get together with several of the guys from the group and he says they still make him laugh.

Brandon Heath is on the cover of the next CCM magazine. Brandon’s new CD no Turning Back comes out on February 10th and you can read about the album and find out more about Brandon as well in the cover article. Click on the link at

February is Black History Month and the Gospel Music Association is celebrating by highlighting the GMA Hall of Fame inductees who have impacted gospel music. Their first honoree is Al Green. Al formed his first group at age night and was inducted in 2004.

Robbie Shaffer of MercyMe says baseball practice is beginning. He tweeted a video early Saturday morning as he attended practice with his son for the first time this season.

The Sidewalk Prophets were celebrating their first Daniversary this week. Front man Dave Frey told Daniel Macal: thanks for a great year. It was one year ago that the groups lead guitarist joined the group. The band even had a cake to celebrate the Daniversary

Natalie Grant says she decided it was time for a change; a 7 inch change. Natalie tweeted a selfie sporting her new haircut.

Jared Byers has left Audio Adrenaline. The band’s drummer shared on face book on Friday: I am no longer a member of Audio Adrenaline. I’m so thankful for my time with them and what an honor for me to be a part of their Legacy. Jared told fans that he will be representing Food for the Hungry on the upcoming Trip Lee and TobyMac tours and has also will be playing drums for former Newsboys front man Peter Furler during tour stops in Guatemala and Australia.

Jamie Grace is out with a video sharing the letter she wrote wrapping up her book “Boys, Boys, Boys.” The “Dear Boys” letter is the last chapter of her book. You can watch Jamie as she shares the letter by clicking shares the letter by clicking on the link at

The movie God’s Not Dead was the night’s big winner at the recent Movieguide Awards. The movie named after the Newsboys song and featuring an appearance by the Newsboys garnered the prestigious Epiphany Prize, given to the most inspirational movie. The award is given for “entertainment value, for craftsmanship and for creating programming that is uplifting, inspirational, moral and redemptive.” Through a partnership with the John Templeton Foundation, “God’s Not Dead” also received a $100,000 prize.

A fun fact about Jeremy Camp’s new CD I will follow. Jeremy says his dad played harmonica on the song Can’t Be Moved.

A busy day for Matthew west. He tweeted that he went straight from rehearsals for their upcoming tour to the studio to work on his upcoming new album. Matthew said it was just he and a mic for the next several hours.

DC Talk was unofficially back together over the weekend. TobyMac was in the studio recording a new album and both Michael Tait and Kevin Max dropped by at separate times to record vocals for the new project. After Tobymac shared pictures with the two fellow members of DCtalk Kevin tweeted freaks for life.

The Third Day worship CD doesn’t come out for another month. But it’s already impacting worship in the local church. One of the band’s social media followers tweeted: I will be baptized with my daughter and Victorious is our baptism song. Thanks for the gift. Victorious is one of the worship songs on Third Day’s worship CD that will be available on March 3.

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Artist News February 6, 2015

Passion continues to shine a light on modern-day slavery through the End It Movement. Leaders announced the new 27X7 initiative inviting advocates to create teams of 27 “freedom fighters,” representing the 27 million slaves around the world. Each “freedom fighter” will donate $7. All funds will be distributed among 16 coalition partners to support prevention, rescue and restoration efforts in the fight against modern-day slavery. Learn more and join the movement at

It sounds like some mouth surgery is in the future for Ben McDonald of the Sidewalk Prophets. He tweeted this week: went to the oral surgeon and he told me my mouth was a ticking time bomb.

Another season of the reality show It Takes a Church, hosted by Natalie Grant, is going to be kicking off next month. GSN tweeted: we are excited for another matchmaking season featuring love, laughter, and Natalie Grant. Season number 2 of the show will premiere on March 26th.

Casting Crown’s Jaun Devevo says he is already counting down to his favorite time of the year. Attached was a picture of spring flowers with the caption: spring 2015 starts on Friday, March 20th, at 6:46pm.

Jimmy Needham had his first eye exam ever this week and he says it nearly gave him a heart attack. Jimmy tweeted that the optometrist forgot to tell him that one of the machines would blow air into his eye. Jimmy says he was just a little surprised when it happened.

Jonny Diaz this week shared a picture of himself playing his very first guitar when he was young. It had Mickey Mouse emblazoned on the front and fishing line for strings. But Jonny says he didn’t know any better. In the picture he was also playing it upside down.

Jeremy Camp’s song there will be a day has achieved gold status. Jeremy was presented with a plaque at a recent event, commemorating the sale of a half million copies of the song from the album Speaking Louder than Before

Advise of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Use your giftings to bless others. Compassion for those who need your comfort. Teaching for those who need wisdom.

More than four thousand people from all over the world packed into the West Angeles Church of God In Christ on January 21st, to pay their respects to legendary Gospel artist Andraé Crouch. According to a just released report, officials also say that the concert and Celebration of Life services were streamed live on as well as the church’s website, with more than 600,000 people logging on to watch online.

Jason Gray was recently in his favorite place in the whole world, his home. He tweeted a picture of the view from his porch and said it reminds him of a Norman Rockwell painting. From the sounds of children laughing and playing in the park, to the little patch of field they flood and make into an ice rink to the perfectly imperfect tree, Jason says it’s a beautiful place especially when the snow falls. He adds that the best memories he has occurred on that little patch of the earth.

Worship leader Meredith Andrews is partnering with Naturepedic organic mattresses. The mattress company specializes in making a product that is completely without chemicals.

Jamie Grace says something new is coming to her YouTube page. She tweeted this week coming soon: dear boys. She says: subscribe to my YouTube page and then stay tuned for more.

Lauren Daigle’s new full CD How Can It Be won’t be available until April the 14th. But right now her debut album is available for pre-order. And you will be able to download four songs when you pre-order the full project. Find out more by clicking on the link at

The new Hawk Nelson album features a hint of the land down under. The band says they recorded the crowd while performing at Easterfest last year in Australia. And the audio from that concert was used on their upcoming project, titled Diamonds.

Britt Nicole has shared a small clip of her new re-mix CD. This week she released a 15 second clip of her song Set the World on Fire. Britt described the song as: one of my all time favorite songs that I have ever written. She said the song is also the cry of her heart and added: Nothing is impossible, even though sometimes we feel small, or weak, we can and will change the world. The CD titled The Remixes will be available on March 17. You can check out the clip by clicking on the link at

The web site We Are Worship is giving away an Easter focused medley by the band All Sons and Daughters. You can download an mp3 of the song by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham will be recording his next sing along album next weekend. But the third album will be a little different from the past two. The recording will take place in Dallas on February and once again audience participation will be encouraged. But this time around several other artists will also be joining in on the project. Phil is partnering with Jeremy Riddle, Kari Jobe, and Shane & Shane for the free live worship event.

Shane and Shane are in the process of releasing the first song from their upcoming record. The Shane’s will be joined by Bethany Dillon, a former touring artist and wife of group member Shane Barnard. The new song is titled “All the Poor & Powerless.”

Love and the Outcome is on their way home after a productive time in Los Angeles. The members of the group say they are leaving town with three new songs for their upcoming new album. That say one of them is all about this: We can have joy in the midst of sorrow…because the joy of the Lord is our strength!

A taste of Third Day’s new worship CD is now available online. The band announced this week that song clips from each song on the upcoming project are available online. You can check out the clips by clicking on the link at

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Artist News February 5, 2015

Megan Garrett says she is that mom. The member of Casting Crowns tweeted that, while she was recently in Target, at one point she had a screaming toddler, a whiny 9 yr old, and a 4 yr old dancing with a lampshade on her head.

Lauren Daigle went to the Passion Conference in January and she says she learned more about the End it movement sponsored by Passion as part of those conferences. Lauren admitted that she was a little skeptical at first about the organization because she thought it was only about awareness. But after the conference Lauren says she was wrong. Of facebook she said The End it movement is dedicated to not only awareness but the eradication of human slavery through rescue and rehabilitation. In response, Lauren says she joined a team and started her own so those who follow her on facebook could be a part too. Check out Lauren Daigle’s page and join the movement to end global slavery! Click on the link at

A member of the band Unspoken was celebrating a milestone this week. The band front man, Chad Mattson, shared on facebook: Today I celebrate 12 years Sober. To remember the darkness I lived in and the peace I have now is a one of my greatest gifts. I give all the credit to Jesus!

Paul and Rita Baloche tweeted that they were traveling into the great unknown this week. The long time worship leaders are moving from Texas to New York City and were sharing their thoughts as they drove north, leaving Texas behind. Paul said they were both excited and expectant.

Jodi from Love and The Outcome was part of a blog this week talking about cookie making. She recorded a video from her little kitchen in Nashville and talked about one of her favorite things to do. Jodi also shared the recipe for one of the recipes she and her husband Chris like the best. It’s for Almond, Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt Cookies. You can check out the recipe, download a free copy of their song Home, and enter to win a KitchenAid mixer by clicking on the link at

College age students attending the three Passion conferences in Atlanta and Houston in January more than exceeded the fund raising goal for the event. Students were challenged to raise $850,000 to support 10 people groups in 12 nations across the world, helping to insure that 19 million people will hear the message of Jesus for the first time. Following the final gathering in Houston, officials announced that the over 30,000 college students at three separate Passion gatherings had surpassed the goal, raising nearly $1.2 million.

Lincoln Brewster wants to hear your made new stories. He is asking you to tell how you have been challenged, change, and made new through Christ. Send your story to

Jason Roy of Building 429 says you know it is time for a coffee break when you work past fun, into tired, and then exhausted.

A question from Mandisa: I wonder at what age you stop counting half numbers. I used to be so proud to be 9 1/2. You never really hear someone say they’re 33 1/2.

Natalie Grant was using a lot of adjectives to describe her health this week and none of them were good. She tweeted that she was sniffly, sneezy, achy, miserable, and needed to go to bed. But she added moms don’t get sick days.

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Artist News February 4, 2015

Mandisa has a song on one of her album’s titled Good Morning. But she this week clarified her version of a good morning. Mandisa tweeted: A GOOD MORNING for me starts around 11:30.

Casting Crowns Chris Hoffman is gearing up for the start of the NASCAR season in a couple of weeks. Chris says he’s found it’s something he and his dad can bond over.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Advice of the day: The greatest ability is “availability”. Be available for God today, and ask Him to work through your giftings.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day the Rhett Walker band is kicking off a Valentines giveaway. Band members say their song of the month is Better Part of Me so they are giving you the chance to win a “Marital Fruit Basket”. Simply send your love story about your better part of you to the email address to be entered to win. One couple will win what they describe as a “Marital Fruit Basket”.

Jonny Diaz says people often ask what he does when he is not on tour. He answered the question by linking to an article recently published in Nashville that highlights the new fitness facility started by he and his wife in midtown Nashville. The Fit Factory is located in an old garage and the exercise program is similar in concept to CrossFit, featuring a variety of total-body workouts designed by Jonny and his wife.

Francesca Battistelli says being sick is no fun but it does have some positives. She tweeted: snuggling with my babies in bed and watching movies this afternoon is delightful.

Even when Jamie Grace isn’t touring, she is still working to impact the lives of those around her. She tweeted this week that, when she isn’t out on the road, she serves as the young adult leader at her home church in Atlanta pastored by her parents.

A concept shared by 7eventh Time Down front man Mikey Howard has developed into it’s own design. Band members said this week that, while sharing his heart in an interview last year, Mikey exclaimed that he wants to live for God or die trying. The statement caught on with the rest of the band and has developed in to a special crest design for some of the bands T-shirts.

The wait is over for those wanting to see the cover of Matthew West’s upcoming new CD. But if you are counting the days until the CD itself is available you still have quite a while to wait. Live Forever won’t be available until April 28th. But Matthew this week released the cover art for his upcoming CD. You can also check out the first song from the new project. Its called Day One

Britt Nicole has released the track list for her upcoming Remixes CD. The project will release on March 17 and will feature remixes of 11 well known Britt Nicole songs include Gold, The Lost Get Found, Walk on the Water, and Set the World on Fire. Also included is a second, bonus remix of her song Gold.

New music from Passion 2015 will be available on St. Patrick’s day. Passion Pastor Louie Giglio announced this week that their newest album, Even So Come, will be available on March 17. The songs on the project were recorded live at the Passion conferences in January and feature worship leaders like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, and Crowder.

A surprise from Jimmy Needham. He recently announced that his new CD will be titled Vice and Virtue. This week Jimmy followed up the announcement by adding that, in just one week, you will be able to download a special three song EP from the project. That means you won’t have to wait until the entire CD comes out to begin enjoying some new music from Jimmy Needham.

Electronic copies of Diamonds, the new Hawk Nelson CD, are now available. Frontman John Steingard announced this week that you can now pre-order physical copies of the album and everyone who pre-orders the project will also be able to download it instantly. John says Hawk Nelson has spent the last year working on this new CD and he can’t wait for you to hear it. Access the pre-order form by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray says his latest CD, With Every Act of Love, leaned a little bit too much on the melancholy side. So he decided to lighten things up a little by adding a song titled Laugh Out Loud. Jason talked with New Release Tuesday about the song and said he was very intentional about the song. He said there were a lot of songs about grief on the album and he felt it was important to begin with a song about laughter to make a statement before going into songs about grief.

Brandon Heath will count down to the release of his next CD in a big way. He will perform on the stage of Nashville’s historic Grand Ole Opry on February 6. The performance will take place just days before his sixth studio album comes out. No Turning Back will be available on February 10. Brandon says No Turning Back shares glimpses of life lessons that he recounts from his own journey such as forgiveness, fear, love and the power of relationships.

Michael W Smith has released new music. A live world premiere video is now available for his song You Are The Fire, recording during his Sovereign World Tour. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The band Vota is out with report on their Love Found Me Campaign. A year and a half ago the small band from Nebraska launched the Campaign with Tiny Hands International to fund five boarder stations in Nepal and help stop human trafficking in that country. The $150,000 was raised and recently band members had the opportunity to travel to Nepal and visit one of the stations that they and their fans helped to fund. You can check out Vota’s thank you video by clicking on the link at

The Colton Dixon song Our Time is Now was part of the NFL Super Bowl weekend. The song was featured during one of the awards on the 2015 NFL Honors show. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Third Day has released another song from their upcoming worship project. The band this week released the official lyric video for Victorious, from their upcoming worship CD Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship. Check out the new release by clicking on the link at

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Artist News February 3, 2015

Know anyone in Michigan with an old piano they want to get rid of? The band Bluetree is looking for one that they can strip out for their next world orphans tour in June. They will even pick it up. Just reply on their Twitter account.

One year ago Casting Crowns release the CD thrive. Band members say they have gotten to meet so many of their fans over the past year and now they want to know how: have you thrived over the past three hundred and sixty five days. You can share your comments on their Facebook or Twitter page.

Advice of the day from Kutless member James Mead: Advice of the day: When you are filled with the love of Christ and assured Heaven’s promises, you will SURELY want to tell others! Be bold.

Natalie Grant has long used the platform God has given her to impact those he has called her to reach. And she is expanding that platform again. Natalie just announced this week that she is partnering with FaithGirlz to highlight products that empower tween girls to grow in their Christian faith. Natalie encourages you to check out FaithGirlz by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets found a fun way to engage their fans during half time of the Super Bowl. The sponsored the first annual Sidewalk Prophets Funny Face half-time extravaganza. Band members simply asked those that follow them on social media to snap a picture of their funniest face and then post it on the Sidewalk Prophets facebook account. A lot of people did just that, creating a very interesting run of facebook posts.

Brandon Heath is at Mission Control in Houston this week to visit his friend Terry Virts. Terry is currently orbiting in the International Space Station and Brandon had a chance to go see his lift off from Russia when he left for the space station late last year. This week he is catching up on how the mission is going so far.

How would you like to own the car currently driven by Josh Calhoun of the band Citizenway? He tweeted this week that he and his wife are selling their Lexus. It’s available on Craigslist. You can check it out by clicking on the link at

Worship leader Darlene Zschech was talking about authentic worship this week. In a blog for the website We are Worship, Darlene discussed what it means to really worship. In fact she says she has, at times, had to stop singing all together to make sure that she wasn’t just performing. She says authentic worship is more about being vulnerable then it is about making perfect music. A suggestion from Darlene Zschech for stirring up authenticity in your own life: just remember what it was like before Christ and start there.

Matt Maher has a problem. One child has pink eye and he’s trying to keep it from spreading to the other. He tweeted: seriously my kids touch everything in the room in just 25.2 seconds.

The band I Am They released recently their debut album and response is good. The new, self titled project from I Am They broke into the top 100 overall on iTunes and reached number four on the iTunes Christian chart.

Jimmy Needham is planning to announce a surprise later today. He said more big news is coming. As a hint, Jimmy said you might not have to wait as long for new music as you originally expected.

Jeremy Camp’s new CD I Will Follow it is available for the first time today. In advance of the release of his latest project, Jeremy talked about the new CD. He said he had put his heart and his soul into the new project, working on the writing process, the mixing, and the mastering for more than 8 months. Jeremy says God has done so much in his life and it has all gone into this new project and he is excited for everyone to hear it.

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Artist News February 2, 2015

Trent Dilfer, NFL Quarterback: Throwing an interception does not change where I stand with God, It’s how I deal with the it that counts.

Natalie Grant had an interesting experience as she was picked up for her trip from the airport to the Super Bowl gospel celebration over the weekend. Her driver told her: I don’t even have a license. My buddy was nice enough to give me this job.

Natalie Grant was in Phoenix over the Super Bowl weekend. She helped to kick off the celebration was a performance Friday night at the Super Bowl gospel celebration Natalie tweeted Friday night I came to Phoenix to perform as Natalie Grant. But for the rest of the weekend, I’m here as a Seattle Seahawk super fan.

Colton Dixon’s song Our Time is Now was featured on the NFL Honors broadcast over the weekend. It was actually seen by Mandisa. When she told Colton he replied: I didn’t even know.

It looks like the Sidewalk Prophets bus will still simply be named Bubba. Several years ago the members of the band named their bus for Christian golfer Bubba Watson after he won the Masters golf tournament. But this past weekend they announced that, if Seattle won the Superbowl, they would officially amend the name to Bubba Russ, in honor of Christian quarterback Russell Wilson. However Seattle came up short, so unless the guys change their mind, their bus’ name will remain Bubba.

Third Day guitarist Tai Anderson has announced that he is leaving the band. In an open note on the Third Day facebook back Tai said: I am currently in a season of life where I find that God is leading me to place my identity as a child of God and as a husband and father above the touring lifestyle. Therefore, after a lot of prayerful consideration and discussion with my family, the members of the band and our incredible support team, we have all agreed that I should take a break from the upcoming touring season with Third Day. This decision obviously doesn’t come lightly – I’ve always been, and will remain THIRD DAY’s biggest fan. Please lift up my family in prayer as well as all the band members and their families as they take on the always difficult task of leaving home to take this incredible music and its important message to our fans.

Jeremy Camp is featured on the cover of this month’s CCM magazine. And in the cover article Jeremy talks openly about a watershed moment in his music career. Jeremy says that in 2013, he considered calling it quits. Jeremy says he was running low on creative stamina when he received a call from a missionary friend inviting him to play in Kyrgyzstan. In the CCM article Jeremy says that one night of ministry and seeing God work was the needed jolt of energy and refreshment that confirmed his calling. In fact, Jeremy says it has become the new standard by which his musical path will be forever shaped. You can read the entire article in the February 1st edition of the CCM magazine. Click on the link at

A challenge for today from Michael W Smith: Take a few minutes today to stop and think about all the good things God has done and is doing in your life.

Jamie Grace is sharing tidbits from the diaries she recently found in her parents house. She says apparently she started a soccer team when she was 11. There was just one problem. Jamie says: I had no idea how to play. Jamie says she actually started the team soon after she was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome. She said soccer goalie Tim Howard was the only role model she could find with the illness so she followed in his footsteps.

Did you know that Toby Mac is a basketball coach, or at least kind of a basketball coach. He tweeted a picture of his hoops team, adding: I’m the assistant to the assistant coach.

Mandisa says people who play chess seem so smart and interesting to her. However, she said she tried it once and failed miserably so she is sticking personally sticking with the game Angry Birds. In response to her post, Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey posted: don’t let them brainiacs intimidate you. I’ll show you some chess skills. To which Mandisa replied: Mike, you realize that you’re actually one of those brainiacs, right?

Mark Schultz’s wife Kate is out with a new poem about their life around the table. Mark shared: every night we eat a candlelight dinner together as a family, even if it’s frozen pizza. Mark says it’s a time to come together, sit down, and fellowship as a family and he says it is one of their favorite things. In fact Mark says it is life changing. Kate’s poem is titled Around the Table and it goes like this:
Magic happens around the table
Food disappears and people speak up
about their days and differences
We learn something
We let something go
We taste and see,
Are seen and known
Where the Infinite hangs on every word:
God is great
God is good
Let us thank Him
For our food.

The Newsboys have released their second installment of the We Believe, God’s Not Dead scavenger hunt. Simply find the answers to the questions on their Facebook page and then post them in the comments section to be entered to win a DVD copy of the movie God’s Not Dead.

Christian rapper Lecrae was recently featured in ESPN Magazine. The article focused on Lecrae’s relationship with Ravens running back Justin Forsett. Lecrae and Justin first met backstage at a concert in 2011 and say they bonded almost immediately. Now Lecrae serves as Justin’s friend and mentor. The running back says: with Crae, he doesn’t hide behind the stage. If you’re in trouble, he has wise words of advice.

Aaron Shust is making changes in 2015. Last week Aaron announced that, after touring every Spring and Fall since 2005, he would be staying off the road this spring. Now he is making another change, returning to blogging after not writing a single blog in all of 2014. And his first blog in more than a year is titled What I’m Doing and What I’m Learning. He says it’s simply a look at what’s on his heart to do and what God’s desperately trying to teach Him. In the blog Aaron talks about his plans for 2015. They include plans to rest and spend time with his family, record a new worship Cd, lead worship, and perform several 30 minute web concerts.

NeedToBreathe asked their fans to vote on the design of their commemorative Multiplied T-Shirt. The votes are in and band members have released the design selected by their fans. It features the letters of “Multiplied” scattered on top of a geometric design. And NeedToBreathe says it’s now available in the bands store.

Casting Crowns and Focus on the Family are joining together during February to bring a daily devotional that will challenge and inspire husbands and wives to grow closer together while learning God’s truth for their marriage. The devotional project is titled 28 days to a Thriving Marriage. Each day couples will receive a devotional in their inbox or on the organizations facebook pages that includes a daily scripture reading and questions to help the couple dig deeper into God’s Word. You can sign up for the devotionals from Casting Crowns and Focus on the Family by clicking on the link at

Congratulations to Tenth Avenue North keyboard player Brendon Shirley. The members of Tenth Avenue North say that he got married over the weekend.

Danny Gokey took his question and answer time to facebook last week and he had a big response. Social media followers shared more than 800 questions and comments and Danny answered nearly all of them. But if you missed out we have good news. The bulk of Danny’s answers have been combined in one concise post. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole is celebrating the new month. She tweeted on Sunday, February the first: it’s a new month and a new day. I love starting fresh.

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