Artist News April 15, 2015

A bit of insight into the mid of Rhett Walker. He tweeted: I spend too much time thinking bout what my rap name would be.

Phil Wickham was trying out an new ice cream flavor. His mom gave them an ice cream maker and he tweeted: Making some homemade cinnamon cooking dough ice cream. It sounds like it met is approval. Phil added: So good!

Just how good is Salted caramel brownie brittle? Casting Crowns Megan Garrett tweeted: I swear when I opened the bag, little fat baby angels flew out, fed me, and changed my life forever.

The latest Jamie Grace podcast is now available. Episode five of the free podcast download features what Jamie terms her super intellectual Hawks verses Hornets commentary. Check it out by clicking on the link at

A deep thought from Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard: the darker the place in which you find yourself, the more stunningly beautiful hope becomes.

Audio Adrenaline guitarist Brandon Bagby says his wife is in full nesting mode. He tweeted: my wife is preparing and “nesting” for our new baby coming in May. He showed off some of the onesy they already had ready to go, including quite a few featuring guitars. Brandon says they even are recycling one that his wife stiched for their oldest child a few years ago.

Some trivia about Blanca; she shared: I think one of my favorite smells ever is sun tan lotion.

Advice of the Day from Kutless member James Mead: Don’t make Jesus an afterthought.

Sidewalk Prophets member Ben McDonald stands out with his blue glasses. He says they garner a lot of comments. But Ben says more California people comment on his blue glasses than in any other place. Ben says as many as one in ten residents of California comment I like your blue glasses.

Mandisa’s song Good Morning is helping a lot of people get going each day. One kindergarten teacher told Mandisa that her class of 27 sings the Good Morning song every morning. She said it helps to start each day right.

Danny Gokey may have a new fall back occupation. He tweeted this week: Today I learned how to be a barista and made my first latte. Danny did admite that his design needed a little practice but it sounds like he’s off to a good start.

Francesca Battistelli shared online this week that she was facing a difficult decision. She tweeted that she was wrestling with whether she wanted ramen or cheerios. But not to worry, Francesca says she came up with a compromise. She just had both.

Jamie Grace was showing off a new talent this week. She was drawing, producing sketches of everything from zebras to the snowman from frozen. She was even dedicating them to some of her social media followers. Jamie tweeted: my parents saw drawing isn’t my gift; obviously they’re way wrong. Jamie even went as far as to share: no more singing; artist for life. You can check out a sample of her art work by clicking on the link at

Congratulations to Stevey Joy Chapman. The daughter of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman is a member of the national cheer champion team.

Natalie Grant talked openly with Yahoo Parenting about infertility and postpartum depression. In a recent interview Natalie shared more about the fertility specialists who helped her conceive, the counselors who supported her as she battled postpartum depression, and the nanny she says is a part of her family. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Kevin Max will hold an online chat this Thursday night from 7-8pm ct. Kevin said ask me anything and use the hashtag house of max
The Audio Adrenaline song Move is the new theme song for MLB Now. The front man Adam Agee tweeted a video as the song played on a promo for the program. You can see the clip by clicking on the link at

What do the members of Big Daddy Weave do between sets stay warm warmed up? Band members tweeted a picture as they all work out on exercise equipment. The picture was taken at a show on their last run. The captin said: Got to stay warmed up.

Greg Laurie was involved in a Presidential announcement this week. He tweeted: I was honored to give the invocation at Marco Rubio’s announcement to run for POTUS tonight in Miami.

Artist News – March 6, 2015

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is asking for your prayers. He shared on facebook this week: Doctors found a solid mass in my right kidney about a week ago. They are 90% sure it’s cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney next Wednesday, March 11th. They believe the cancer is contained in the kidney, which is also a great hope. They will know more once it is out and Pathology can see it. I’ll be in recovery for a month or a little longer because of the surgery. Please pray for healing and for God’s peace for my family.
What is the best thing you’re going to do over spring break? Take a picture and tag the group Among the Thirsty. They promised to retweet their favorites.
Jenny Simmons have a little extra help as she made promo videos this week for upcoming shows. She says her daughter Annie was home sick and asked if she could join in. Jenny said: how can I say no to that cute, fever riddled, snot everywhere, kindergarten face. Jenny says the promo videos ended up being recorded with Annie bobbing in and out. She said: we are a package deal.
Jimmy Needham says it’s St Patrick’s Day miracle. He tweeted a picture of his yard, covered in snow, in Texas, on March the 5th.
Yesterday was World Book Day. In response Danny Gokey had a suggestion. He recommended getting a copy of his book Hope in Front Of Me.
Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Band will lead will worship during Passion 268’s first ever Passion camp this summer. Pastor Louie Giglio announced the launch of the first Passion Camp for middle and high school age students this week.
Steven Curtis Chapman was in the hospital this week for what his wife Mary Beth termed a little shoulder repair. Mary Beth said that Steven was fixing an old skateboard injury. She said it happened when their son’s, Caleb and Will Franklin, were about eight and nine years old. Mary Beth described it as an: I’m trying to look cool for my boys so I’ll show them how I skateboard injury.
The Australian mega-church Hillsong this week announced a new release date for their first ever film Hillsong – Let Hope Rise. According to Christian, the documentary chronicling the Christian bands humble beginnings to their present day worldwide ministry will release on May 29th, 2015. The announcement comes more than a month after major film studio Warner Brothers pulled the film from its distribution. This week Hillsong officials announced that a new studio has been selected. They say Relativity Studios will distribute the project.
Darlene Zschech is known worldwide for her songwriting and her singing. But the well-known worship leader says her favorite thing in all the world is being a wife, mom, and Grammie. Darlene tweeted: what a privilege to raise our children in Christ’s love and freedom.
What is your go to activity when there’s a blizzard going on outside? Paul Baloche says a New York City blizzard calls for a little baritone guitar. He tweeted a picture from the studio as he worked on new music.
Brandon Heath was making the most of this weeks snow in Nashville. He tweeted that he and his wife broke out the sleds and took advantage of the snow day to slow down and have some fun together.
The new CD from Hawk Nelson is almost here. Frontman John Steingard tweeted a picture of the band holding a copy of the new record, called Diamonds, for the first time. However, the rest of us are going to have to wait a little longer. Diamonds won’t be available for another couple of weeks.
The latest Matt Maher CD, titled Saints and Sinners, will be available on March 17. And this week Matt was talking about the upcoming release. He says the concept for the new project began to develop as he read through the prayers people had prayed throughout the Bible and church history. Matt says he started slowly collecting prayers knowing one day I would write songs based on them. Soon enough, songs started emerging in the process and resulted in this new record, Saints And Sinners.
Matthew West is into one of his favorite parts of making his new record. He says he’s currently working on the background vocals, including all the Hoo’s and Hey’s and woh’s. Matthew added: You guys know I like my woh’s.
Lauren Daigle is out with a video for her song Trust in You. Check out her live performance by clicking on the link at
The members of Hillsong Young and Free have released an acoustic rendition of their song This Is Living. Check it out by clicking on the link at
The weather was making travel difficult for Building 429’s Michael Anderson this week. He tweeted that he was heading home Wednesday evening after two cancelled flights, announcing that he’d be back again at 4:30a.m. to continue trying to get a flight. However, the next morning he was met with additional delays. Michael finally had to drive to another airport before finding a plane that would actually take off. As he soared over the ice and snow covered fields Michael tweeted that he had no idea if he would make it to the venue in time but he promised to keep trying.
MercyMe’s Mike Scheuchzer says they apparently parked their bus in the back of the wardrobe and woke up in Narnia. He tweeted a picture from the window of their bus. The view was of snow covered trees and a lamp post.
Matthew West and Colton Dixon were scheduled to be in New York last night. However due to the weather, Colton announced that the show had been postponed. He says the new date is may the ninth.
Third Day this week was showing off their new set for the upcoming Lead Us Back Tour. The CD with the same name just came out and band members picked an appropriate backdrop. Lead Us Back is their first worship CD in 10 years and their backdrop looks like one big stained glass window. The members of Third Day say they’re looking forward to a night of nothing but worship with all of their friends.
Meredith Andrews was supposed to be in Des Moines, Iowa last night but the snow thwarted her plans. She tweeted that Nashville has, in her words, like 1 snow plow, so she wasn’t able to get out and make it to the airport. But there was a silver lining. Meredith says she was able to enjoy some unexpected time with her family. She tweeted a picture of her husband and her boys on a sled at the top of the hill.
The members of Audio Adrenaline got out of Nashville just in time. Front man Adam Agee tweeted that they left town early to beat the ice storm in Nashville. They had good reason for wanting to make it out before the storm hit. Adam says the band was leaving the cold behind and heading to sunny Florida.
The Rock and Worship Road show was canceled last night. Due to weather conditions and road closures, the tour headlined by Mercyme canceled their visit to Columbus, Ohio.
The Rhett Walker Band is postponing the Rumba. No, they didn’t delay the dance. They did postpone their concert scheduled for the last night at the Rumba Cafe, delaying the show until April the 26. Band members say they were stuck in Nashville due to the ice and snow. But maybe if everyone requests a video on Facebook, they will record a video of the band doing the Rumba in Nashville.

Artist News February 27, 2015

Francesca Battistelli was celebrating a snow day. She tweeted that school and their show ere cancelled because of snow. Francesca added: that calls for staying in our pjs, doing 1000 piece puzzles, watching Sound of Music, and eating the yummiest brunch. She says: Bonus family days are such blessings!
The members of Hillsong United are finalizing the last few details for their upcoming new CD. Band members tweeted: We are pretty excited about this new album! In the final stages now. They added that no release date has been set but they will be sharing all in the next few weeks!

The members of Third Day are counting the days until their album release show and the kickoff of their Soul on Fire tour. The latest project, a worship CD, from Third Day will be available on March 3rd.

In a new Special Report, Dr. James Dobson talks about the importance of grace and forgiveness in the life of the believer, especially as it relates to spouses and children. Dr. Dobson says: Too often the ones closest to us are the ones that experience the least of these attributes from us. In the free resource he will encourage you to give your family your best when it comes to these two critical attributes. Access your copy of Grace and Forgiveness by clicking on the link at

Christian artist Rebecca St. James upcoming new novel is now available for pre-order. The latest project from Rebecca is titled One Last Thing. In the book, Tara Faulkner finds that her fiance Seth is seriously addicted to pornography. She must decide whether she will stand by Seth, but she also must let go of the dream she shaped for herself and discover a real vision for her life—and where it will come from. You can find out more about the upcoming book by clicking on the link at

The Afters will be in Barcelona, Spain later this spring as part of a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association festival in that country. But although the event won’t take place until May, band members were in the country this week laying the ground work for the upcoming event. Front man Josh Havens tweeted a picture as they were doing an interview in Spain about the upcoming festival.

Building 429’s Michael Anderson was fighting the weather this week. He said that, due to the weather, he had to drive six hours to another airport. But even then it wasn’t sure that he would be able to get home. Michael tweeted: Hope this flight makes it to Nashville?

Casting Crowns was having a rough time getting to their concert this week. Jaun Devevo tweeted that they were trying to get to Bloomington after their bus broke down at the Kentucky State Line.

Mercyme’s Robby Shaffer found a great way to spend a little down time in between Rock and Worship Road Show stops. He tweeted a picture as he watched the Indiana Pacers practice.

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Artist News February 26, 2015

Advice of the Day from Kutless member James Mead: SEARCH the Scriptures! For there may be a promise from God’s lips that exactly fits your situation.

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer recently tweeted: so I’m pretty sure I’ve made a great career choice. The band’s guitarist clarified that it was 5pm and: I still haven’t bothered with real shoes today.

The members of for King and Country are asking that you keep their lighting tech, Zach, in your prayers. He recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

From Kristian Stanfill: slavery is not ok. I’m mad about it. Let’s end it.

If you were recently watching the NFL combine on the NFL Network you might have hear the Audio Adrenaline song Move. It was picked up by the network specifically for the event.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard scratched an item off the bucket list this week. He said it was free riding a mountain bowl. It took two sky lifts and a caterpillar to get Jon to to 12600 feet.

Last week Danny Gokey was re-recording one of his albums in Spanish. This week he tweeted that he did is first ever interview in all Spanish. Danny said: Hoping I nailed it!!

Third Day’s Mac Powell brought back a special gift from Australia for his son Cash. It was spicy kangaroo jerky. Mac showed off the package online and asked: would you eat it

A score for Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey. He had an entire row of seats to himself for his 10 hour flight. Mike said: in the world of international travel, that’s like winning the jackpot!

Rush of Fools Kevin Huguley is having mixed emotions about leaving home for their latest concert. He tweeted: It’s a weird feeling to LOVE & HATE leaving home, both at the same time. Grateful that my little girl knows I’m leaving to sing about Jesus.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Women traveling this week from 23 countries to attend the conference in Santo Domingo. Please pray for safety and prepared hearts.

Winter has dipped into the south to put a stop to Winter Jam. The Christian show in Tupelo, Mississippi had to be canceled due to the weather. Band members say it’s been moved to March 26. They tweeted: Stay safe & warm. We will see you in March!

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Artist News February 25, 2015

The members of Love and the Outcome say they found the best way to celebrate a band members 21st birthday. They tweeted a picture of the band pigging out on pizza along with the hashtag Pizza coma

Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard says he’s found a new definition of manhood. John tweeted: used to be that killing something, dragging at home, and skinning and feeding your family with it made you a man. But now Jon said his definition is changing a brake light and he just did that

Third Day’s Mac Powell was giving the Front Porch Award as part of the New Release Tuesday We Love Christian Music awards. The award was giving to the best Country or Southern Gospel artist or group. Mac recently released his second country CD, titled South Paw.

The Passion’s Louie Giglio is asking for your help. Slavery day is February 27th and Louie is asking you to wear a red x on that day as a way of raising your voice and shining a light on the ongoing issue.

The program Truth For Life, with speaker Alistar Begg, will receive a special award this week. The program has been selected to receive the Radio Program of the Year award at the National Religious Broadcasters 2015 conference.

Joni Tada this week received Moody’s Bob Neff Award. She was selected for the award for her integrity and spiritual excellence.

Most parents of kids will frequently discuss the best way to discipline children It can become quite a contentious issue for parents especially if they experienced vastly different forms of discipline themselves growing up. In response, Dr. James Dobson has released a Special Report to help parents gain new insight into the proper and powerful place of discipline in the lives of their children. Access the free report by clicking on the link at

Plumb was promoting a new CD this week but it wasn’t her own project. She shared that her former bass player Ben and his wife, Amy, who was her former assistant, have just released a new EP. Together they are named Davis the Band and the EP is titled Only Your Love.

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall is going to soon release a solo record titled Faith and Family. But right now you can check out a song on the new project. Check out the audio of the song called Faith, Hope and Love by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp said he may need to rethink his set list. He tweeted a picture of his son fast asleep on the floor and said: This is how excited my boy was listening to my concert.

Jamie Grace spent the day at an urgent care facility on this, forcing her to canceling her show in Mississippi that evening. She said she had every intentions of performing that night but, unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Jamie thanked everyone for their prayers and understanding and said she is beginning to get better. She says a future show in the community is in the works

Bart Millard shared a part of Mercyme’s pre show ritual. He tweeted a picture of the members of the band making goofy faces in the mirror.

The band Audio Adrenaline was stranded on the side of the road this week. In fact, the bus couldn’t even fully make it off the road so a passing police officer had to help direct traffic around the bands stranded bus and trailer. But the story ended well. When rental car companies wouldn’t come out and pick up the band the music director from The Church Unlimited in Corpus Christi came to the rescue, giving Audio Adrenaline a ride into town in the church van.

Nancy Leigh Demoss is in the Dominican Republic this week for their first True Woman conference in Latin America. Nancy said she is thrilled to be there and is expecting a great work from God. But she added that the weather is taking a little getting use to. Nancy shared that there is a 70 degree difference between her home and the Dominican Republic, prompting her to add that they went from the tundra to the sauna.

Combining motherhood and life as a Christian artist isn’t for the faint of heart. Meredith Andrews tweeted: flying with 3 kids under 4 is straight up bonkers. She added: Thankful my mom came along for the ride to help me! We only had one major meltdown on the plane, praise Jesus. In that moment my motto is simply this: Embrace the Crazy.

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Artist News February 24, 2015

Advice of the Day from Kutless member James Mead: Love covers a multitude of sins. Jesus does this for us, BUT we also have the opportunity to extend this to each other.

Third Day’s Mark Lee says one of his favorite phrases in the English language is: “Pitchers and catchers report today.”

Beside the Bible, what do you consider required reading? The members of Rend Collective said, on their tour bus, one of the required reading items is a manual on learning to play the bagpipes. It sounds like we just might be hearing more bagpipe music in their upcoming CDs.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday continues to announce the winners in their We Love Christian Music awards. The winner of the Best Adult Contemporary Artist or Group award, as selected by the fans, was Mercyme.

Moriah Peters is trying something new. She recently shared via facebook: Guess who’s shooting her first film ever?! I can’t wait to share more of this life changing experience with you

What does it take to make your day better. Casting Crowns Chris Huffman tweeted: Monday, you are always cloaked as a bad day, but then, cinnamon rolls!!

Hillsong UNITED’s Matt Crocker and his wife Matty are the proud parents of a brand new baby girl. Saxon Crocker was born over the weekend.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s Show Hope adoption organization will be hosting an Empowered to Connect Conference on April 10 and 11. The two-day conference for adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders, and professionals designed to help them connect with children from hard places in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson says he is very proud of his wife Becca. He says she has been involved with the organization Hope for Justice International for 4 years. But recently Becca took her commitment for the organization that is committed to rescuing victims of human trafficking to a new level. She ran a 15k with other Team Freedom members and collectively they raised $127,000 to help the ministry.

Darlene Zschech’s focus for the past year has been to beat breast cancer. But according to Charisma new, that chapter is past and the worship leader is moving on to another focus. Darlene recently shared: I’ve been really praying about this topic: worship and mission. These two words are like fire in my belly; they daily give me my purpose and reason. Darlene says: They are not entirely separate from each other; they are almost like a bride and groom—hard to have a wedding with just one of them. Yet mission will always be trumped by worship for worship abides forever. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Jimmy Needham appreciated Alabama’s to acceptance despite his hatred for Sweet Tea. He said they still let him perform for them this weekend.

The life of an up and coming Christian artist is described by Chris and Jodi, of life of Love and the Outcome, as one long road trip. Chris tweeted: 3 shows in 3 states in 3 days

Jeremy Camp had a special guest on stage at a recent concert. He tweeted: so honored to have my Dad play harmonica on Can’t Be Moved.

Francesca Battistelli and her band had a tough time getting home after their shows this weekend. She tweeted: We’ve had to pull over 3 times tonight already. After a weekend of bus issues, prayers we get home safely and quickly are much appreciated!

David Crowder recently reported an angel siteing Actually, it was an snow angel siteing but it was in a very unique place. Crowder shared a picture of the snow angel along with the text: Look! A snow angel landed on mercyme ‘s trailer. He said it was a Christmas miracle.

Don’t Miss Winter Jam 2015 Live on StageHop. For the third year in a row, the online concert streaming company is partnering with the biggest touring event in Christian music to bring their concert to the world online! This year’s show comes to you live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, beginning at 5 p.m. CST on Saturday, Feb. 28 and it’s FREE. Scheduled to appear this year are Skillet, Francesca Battistelli, Jeremy Camp, Building 429, NewSong, for KING & COUNTRY, Family Force 5, Blanca, About A Mile and VERIDIA, plus a challenging message from speaker Tony Nolan.

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Artist News February 23, 2015

Brandon Heath is the featured artist in the February 15 edition of CCM Magazine. As part of the cover article, Brandon talks about his new album No Turning Back and about reaching the point of no return. Brandon also shares stories from his own spiritual journey such as forgiveness, fear, love and the power of relationships. Access your free online copy of the magazine by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard was reminiscing this week. It’s been 21 years since he started MercyMe. Bart is now 42 years old and he pointed out that means he has spent half of his life working with Mercy Me. In fact, Bart said he’s only had four jobs in his life. His first was working at a snow cone stand and he says he ate more than he made. His second job was cleaning tanks at the city’s sewage plant and Bart said he puked more than he cleaned. Bart’s 3rd job was as church janitor and junior high pastor but he says he could never find the right key to the fellowship hall. Job number four was starting MercyMe and Bart says he may never have a real job again.

Tenth Avenue North has been snap chatting for some time. Now other bands are starting to join in. Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard and Building 429’s Jason Roy both recently announced that they are also on snapchat.

Laura Story is again asking you for your prayers. Last weekend her husband Martin was in the hospital fighting pneumonia. He came home early in the week but Laura just tweeted that he was back in the hospital this weekend for more testing.

It’s a sad day for Kutless member james need it. He tweeted this weekend that he was selling his VW bug. James added: goodbye Herbie

Michael W. Smith has been tweeting about the filming of the movie 90 minutes in Heaven for several weeks. But now Michael says the official website for 90 Minutes in Heaven is available. So far it just has the basics but more is coming. Click on the link at

Greg Laurie announced this week that he will be releasing a new book soon titled Do You Want To Change Your Life? Greg says the book is a collection of what he thinks are the most effective evangelistic messages that he has given at our Crusades over the past 25 years. The book will be available in a few weeks.

Newsboys Drummer Duncan Phillips says: there are certain moments in your life, that stop you in your tracks, and pause in absolute humbleness. Duncan experienced one of those at a recent concert stop. He shared that an eight year old boy presented him with an Honor a Hero report he had written in his third grade class. The report said Duncan was his hero because of his dedication to serving God through his drumming, his wisdom using his talents to tell others about Jesus, and his courage to be part of a Christian band.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday continues to announce the winners in their We Love Christian Music awards. The winner of the Best Pop Artist or Group award, as selected by the fans, was for King and County.

Natalie Grant was making memories in a kiddie pool over the weekend. She tweeted a picture of all three of her daughters packed in the pool together. They were taking advantage of Nashville’s snow last week by using the wading pool as a makeshift sled.

Matthew West couldn’t sleep over the weekend so instead he spent some time reading your stories. Matthew said he went through stories from Canada, Louisiana, Wisconsin, even Australia and there was a lot of powerful stuff. In all, Matthew has received more than 40,000 stories. He’s currently producing another CD based on those stories and Matthew tweeted: Thank you to all who are letting God speak through your story.

When dressing room space is limited things can get a little tight. Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer said dressing rooms were in short supply at one Rock and Worship Roadshow stop this weekend. In fact, members of six different bands had to share one dressing room. Mike tweeted: close quarters today

The Rhett Walker band has just announced to return to the Grand Ole Opry. They will be playing on the famed stage on March the 14 with Diamond Rio.

The Sidewalk Prophets took the challenge and they say the mission was accomplished. The band announced via twitter that they had survived the 12 hour drive from to Nashville from Lincoln, Nebraska. They say it featured terrible roads and terrible weather. But the good news is they’re back home, safe and sound

Francesca Battistelli was living the dream. The Christian artist tweeted this weekend that it was 19 degrees outside and her dressing room didn’t have heat. Only source of warmth was a space heater that she described as a blowtorch looking monstrosity in the arena hallway. Francesca said, at those temperatures, it was still her best friend.

After a week long cold spell in her hometown of Nashville, Mandisa said she’s glad to leave what she described as Snowpacalypse in the rear view mirror. She tweeted: San Antonio is currently my happy place. Mandisa was enjoying the 80 degree weather in Texas while many of her fellow artists were still digging out in Nashville. She admitted that she seriously considered not coming back to Nashville.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday is traveling with the Rock and Worship Road Show this week and they tweeted: Crowder + Lazers + Glowing Banjos = Mind Blown

Jeremy Camp and his family made a quick stop at the Creation Museum while on tour. Jeremy tweeted that they had an amazing time, adding: I love how they stay true to God’s Word!

Chris and Jodi, of Love and the Outcome, said it was a pretty good day at the office. They were tweeted from the sky box prior to their Faith and Family concert for the Orlando Magic.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s team was recently answering questions about his decision to play at SeaWorld. The theme park has faced criticism recently, prompting fans of Chapman to question whether he should association with the organization. In response, Steven’s team shared: Our decision to play the concert is in line with Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry to play music that helps others to know God and to know Him more, and to do so as much as possible in as many places as possible. They added: We respect your opinion and we hope you’ll respect Steven’s decision to play the show.

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Artist News February 20, 2015

Hawk Nelson’s John Steingard was going back to the future. He tweeted a picture standing in front of a DeLorean holding a hoverboard.

Branch 429 guitarist Aaron Branch took advantage of the recent snow in Nashville to teach his daughters some fun wilderness survival skills. He shared a picture of the snow fort they had built and said he might even sleep in it that night. Aaron added that it really was pretty roomy.

Ellie Holcomb is beginning a new Bible study this week. In connection with Lent, Ellie shared on twitter that she is taking part in the study of a book titled Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross through the online organization She Reads Truth. It’s an online community of women who study God’s Word together daily.

The Christian Music web site New Release Tuesday has begun announcing the winners of the We Love Christian Music awards. The first presentation was The Encounter Award, going to the Best Worship Artist or Group. And the winner was Kerrie Jobe. The award winners were selected by the fans and are being announced nightly during the Rock and Worship Road Show.

Advice of the Day from Kutless member James Mead: When Christ invites you to “take up your cross” and follow Him, remember He is inviting you to a finished work!

Third Day Drummer David Carr is auctioning off an autographed Snare Drum. The money raised through the auction on ebay will benefit the baseball team a son of one of their friend plays on.

Josh Havens this weekend was celebrating something many of us take for granted. As a touring artist with The Afters, he is often on the road over the weekend. But Josh says this weekend is different. Not only did he get to be there for his son’s big soccer game, he also got to spend some time practicing the night before the big game.

Music producer Nathan Nockels is known for his use of metaphors and word pictures when he is coaching a vocalist or musician. But Kristian Stanfill says his instructions sometimes need their own instructions. Kristian says that, while coaching him this week, Nathan told him: “imagine yourself on pegasus, with a trident, riding above the clouds.” But Kristian says one of his all time favorites was when Nathan told him, “sing with your face, not with your mouth.” Nathan is the husband of Passion worship leader Christy Nockels.

The latest CD from Dan Bremnes is getting closer to completion. Dan tweeted at the end of the week that his ne w album is “in the oven and about 70% done”.

Michael W. Smith was recently the featured artist of the program 100 Huntley Street. Michael was breaking new ground as the programs first ever musical guest. As part of the program Michael presents several of his songs and also talks about his music, his roots, and some of the new things he is working on. Check out the program by clicking on the link at

It takes some amazing logistics to prepare a venue for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. Want to know just how much? The members of the tour recorded a video from the start of load in to the end of load out as the bands set up for the concert in the Georgia Dome earlier this month, played the concert, and then tore everything back down. The video takes nearly 24 hours of action and compresses it into 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The Rhett Walker Band is out with another Southern Fixin’s video. And the topic today is Fried Food. In fact, Rhett says he believes “we’ll only have fried food in Heaven.” Check out the video by clicking on the link at

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Artist News February 19, 2015

Lauren Daigle says that, even when she’s on tour, she does her best not to miss out on her hometown culture. The native of Louisiana said this week that meant celebrating Mardi Gras. Lauren tweeted a picture of a Mardi Gras cake that she had just received.

The faces have changed but the mission remains the same. Audio Adrenaline tweeted that they are excited to continue spreading the message of Haiti’s Kings and Queens by supporting the Hands and Feet project originated by AudioA.

Michael W Smith is back in Atlanta this week. He’s on the set for more shooting of the movie 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Kerrie Roberts is not leaving her home any time soon. She shared a picture of her steep driveway covered in ic but said the picture really didn’t do it justice. That’s because Kerrie said she was afraid of getting too close to the decline. She said that, if she fell and started sliding, she probably wouldn’t stop until she reached the bottom.

A confession from Casting Crowns bass player Chris Hoffman. He said they have only had their Girl Scout cookies for four days and he is already into his second box.

A question from worship leader Paul Baloche: How is it possible, for the free world to respond so feebly to the unspeakable atrocities the Islamic State commits every single day?

The members of Building 429 are auctioning off a Fender guitar autographed by all four members of the band. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Little League baseball team of a close friend. But the auction only runs through this Saturday. You can check out the autographed guitar by clicking on the link at

Just a few more weeks remain to register for TobyMac’s run for hope 2015. For the first time this year TobyMac also allowing you to join him through a virtual run as part of his package, allowing runners to take part even if they aren’t in the Nashville area. But the registration deadline for TobyMac’s Run for Hope is March the sixth. All the details are available on Toby Mac’s website.

Jamie Grace was featured yesterday on the show The Doctors. Jamie talked about everything from dealing with Tourette syndrome to her I’m a Fighter web site. Hear her inspirational story and learn more about the disease and the struggles that have brought Jamie to the place she is today. Click on the link at

Mandisa was counting her blessings this week. The Christian has made no secret of her desire to find the man God has for her but this week she made a point of sharing some of what she described as the wonderful blessings associated with being Single. They include Being able to commit my time and money to whatever ministries, organizations, or people I desire; the freedom of whisking away on last-minute trips on a whim; and most importantly, spending as much time with Jesus as I want!

Chris Tomlin’s Love Ran Red Tour will kick off this weekend and Chris says he could use your help. Chris, Tenth Avenue North, and Rend Collective will be partnering with Cure International and Chris say volunteers are needed at some of the tour stops to help support this amazing organization. If you are interested contact Chris Tomlin on his twitter or facebook page.

A first for Newsboys member Jeff Frankenstein; he played this week at a rodeo. The Newsboys were the featured entertainment at the San Antonio Rodeo but Jeff tweeted that the bulls were the real rock stars of the night.

Jeremy Camp just posted a picture taken taken from behind him as he played in the Georgia Dome last week as part of the Winterjam tour stop in that community. Jeremy says the tour has been such a joy, but it’s not because his records sales have been high or he’s getting a lot of accolades in the media. Jeremy says his joy comes from watching people give their lives to Christ and hearing the stories every night of the Lord moving. He added: My prayer is that we become more desperate for Jesus, seeking Him first and His kingdom. Proclaiming the Good News of the gospel. Unashamed, full of power, authority, while demonstrating the unconditional love of our Savior.

It sounds like the guys from Third Day are having a great time down under. Guitarist Mark Lee tweeted that they did their song Children of God acoustic for the first time ever. The band also had some help on their new song Soul on Fire from their upcoming worship CD. Needtobreathe joined Third Day on stage for the song.

For the third year in a row, StageHop is partnering with Winter Jam, the biggest touring event in Christian music, to broadcast the show online! This year’s free live broadcast of Winter Jam will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, beginning at 5 p.m. CST on Saturday, Feb. 28. Artists scheduled to appear this year include Skillet, Francesca Battistelli, Jeremy Camp, Building 429, for KING & COUNTRY, Family Force 5, Blanca, and About A Mile, plus a challenging message from speaker Tony Nolan. Sign up for the free online broadcast of Winterjam by clicking on the link at

David Crowder says they are going to have a lot of instruments on stage during his Neon Steeple tour. In fact, Crowder says a cat piano maybe be only thing not featured as part of their concert. He tweeted a picture of the genuine 17th century instrument that featured both cats and a keyboard but Crowder added don’t expect it on stage during their upcoming shows.

The MercyMe headlined Rock and Worship Roadshow kicked off last night in Texas and MercyMe guitarist Mike Scheuchzer was serious about getting the series off on the right foot. He tweeted: I’m serious guys… Vanilla cupcake from Sprinkles. Mike promised to give a guitar pick to anyone who brought him one.

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Artist News February 16, 2015

Tara Branch, wife of Building 429’s Aaron Branch, says her husband did well even though he had to be gone on Valentines Day. Tara tweeted that Aaron put for Valentines cards in her car before he left so that she and her daughters would find them the next morning.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day? Danny Gokey said he was celebrating with his wife Leyicet on Sunday. He added that they always celebrate a day before or a day after to avoid the crowds.

Selah member Todd Smith is married to a unique woman. He tweeted that his wife Angie isn’t a big fan of flowers. Instead he took her to the firing range for a Valentine’s date

Brandon Heath says the song Girl of My Dreams, off his new album No Turning Back, was written for his wife. Check out Brandon’s acoustic version of the song, released on Valentines Day, by clicking on the link at Then tell Brandon about your Valentine. Respond on Twitter using the hashtag girl of my dreams.

The Afters Josh Havens made it home for Valentines day but it almost didn’t happen. He faced two cancelled flights Valentines day morning before finally catching a flight back to his home in Arizona. Josh tweeted: 15 years with my wonderful valentine! So thankful to share this life together!

Natalie Grant was honoring single moms on Valentine’s Day. Natalie woke in the middle of the night to a smoke detector beeping because of a low battery. Her husband was gone and Natalie couldn’t reach the smoke detector so she got very little sleep for the rest of the night. Natalie says her husband finally came home and saved the day by changing the battery. But she added: hip hip hooray to all you single ladies out there. It’s in moments like these that I realize y’all are heroes. Taking care of yourselves. Many of you also taking care of kids. Cheers to all of you today

Bonus points for Francesca Battistelli’s husband. He gave her flowers on Valentines Day and he found a unique way to present them. He surprised Francesca on stage during their Winter Jam tour stop, giving her roses in front of 20,000 people.

Plumb’s children gave her a unique Valentine’s Day gift. They presented her with a coupon for a foot rub anytime she wants and it’s a coupon that never expires.

Valentines day is actually an important part of the American economy. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer holiday in the United States by amount spent, coming in just behind Mother’s day? According to estimates from the web site wallet hub, consumers spent $18.9 Billion this year. That includes just over 2 billion for flowers and nearly 5 billion on jewelry. But Valentines day isn’t just about the money. An estimated 6-million proposals were made on Valentines day and nearly two million facebook users changed their relationship status.

.If your kids have Monday off, Focus on the Family has some kid friendly President’s Day ideas. The organization shared the idea sent in by one mom who set aside the evening to celebrate President Lincoln. Some of her suggestions included using an online recipe to bake a cake that Mary Todd Lincoln made for her husband and telling the story of Lincoln’s childhood using a kid friendly biography. The mom added that the evening was such a success that she has expanded it to cover other Presidents as well.
Another step in Darlene Zschech’s healing process. The worship leader tweeted that she has had a section of her back with no feeling since her cancer surgery last year. On Sunday she announced that she has just started to experience feeling in that spot again. She said: so encouraged.

As cold temperatures hit the Nashville area Jenny Simmons is helping make a difference. She tweeted that churches across the community are opening their doors to the homeless to provide an escape to the cold and the Simmons family is joining the effort by collecting every blanket in their house to help create makeshift beds and keep people warm throughout the night. Even Jenny’s daughter Annie is getting in on the act. She picked out her favorite stuffed animals to help set up a snuggling station just in case anyone needs a stuffed animal to keep them company throughout the night.

Revive Our Hearts: What do you do when someone comes to you with a problem? The best thing we can do is to point the person to Jesus.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett has her own animal story but it is not one with a happy ending like the animal videos on facebook. Megan tweeted this week: I’m fairly certain that my dog single handedly ruined my rug in the living room while we were sleeping.

Matt Maher is encouraging those who follow him on social media like Facebook and Twitter to also take part in a grassroots women led campaign. The effort is encouraging people to boycott the Fifty Shades of Gray movie and instead give a donation to a domestic violence shelter or agency.

What do you do for a fun evening? Josh Wilson says theirs recently included a visit to Dan Bremnes’ home for Indian food and a review some of his new music.

Paul Baloche admitted that he recently was binging on a bag of Cheetos. He said it wasn’t his proudest moment and wanted some company, going on to ask: What’s your late night “shame snack”?

Laura Story says there is a light at the end of the tunnel but she isn’t through the tunnel yet. On Friday Laura wrote on social media asking for prayer. Her husband Martin was in the hospital with pneumonia and all three of her children had RSV. Her twin boys also ear infections. By the end of the weekend she said things were looking up-the kids were on the mend and Martin had been released from the hospital. But Laura added that he has a long way to go before he is fully recovered.

Advise of the day from Kutless member James Mead Don’t be so satisfied with earth that you are content to do without heaven.

Louie Giglio and Passion are looking for a few amazing people to spend a year with them in Atlanta! The deadline for intern applications is February 20 so if you’re interested, now is your time. Details are available by clicking on the link at

What are you Thankful for? The members of the band Hawk Nelson want to know. Their latest song is Thank God For Something. And now they want you to call them and leave a message telling them what you are thankful for. The phone number is 424-292-4295

The Point of Grace thought for today comes from 1st Thessalonians 5:11-Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Adam Agee has his first show in the books. The new frontman for Audio Adrenaline 3.0 thanked the band’s fans for their amazing response to the new songs. Audio Adrenaline kicked off their tour with the Newsboys this past weekend. They are featuring an entirely new group of artists. Last week they also released the first song from their upcoming new CD.

A first for the band NeedToBreathe. Band members tweeted that they played their first ever show in Sydney, Australia late last week.

Congratulations to Kokomo, Indiana. They got a sticker from the Sidewalk Prophets for the most bizarre use of an over sized praying mantis statue. The band is in the middle of their great big tour and shared a picture of the giant praying mantis in front have a subway store.

One year ago Steven Curtis Chapman made his Carnegie Hall debut backed by a more than 300 member choir made up of people who enjoy his music and wanted to be part of his big day. Now Steven is giving you the chance to do it again. He is going to be at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and is inviting you to join him for the incredible night of music. Steven will be in Washington DC June the 12th through the 15th and you can join him for behind the scenes backstage access for the weekend and then also join him on stage as part of his choir at the Kennedy Center.

The members of the group Citizenway were upstaged during their Valentine’s Day concert over the weekend. They tweeted a picture of a Valentine’s Day pre-show proposal at their concert. The members of Citizenway added: congrats to the happy couple. Happy Valentines Day indeed.

Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night can keep Chris August from his concert. He tweeted his flight was cancelled over the weekend so he took a train from Providence, Rhode Island to Newark, New Jersey. But to get to the train station he had to walk through a blizzard with all of his luggage. Chris said he could have used a sled and a sled dogs but he did make it.

The Newsboys were showing off their new live set up over the weekend. They shared a great fan photo showing Michael Tait and the rest of the band on stage with plenty of video backup. Check out the picture by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray’s mom came to see him during a Beautiful Offering Tour Stop this week but it wasn’t the fun evening they were both hoping for. Jason tweeted that his mom tripped on a faulty sidewalk seam and broke her arm.

The members of Sanctus Real used a bad situation over the weekend to do something good. They were on their way to a show when their tour bus was stuck in a blizzard and traffic was stopped for four hours. Instead of just staying inside their warm bus, the guys in the band braved the cold and handed out bottled water to the other people who were also trapped in their vehicles by the heavy snow

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