Artist News July 25, 2013

Natalie Grant says her latest song Hurricane was inspired by Matthew 14: 22 through 33. She says she found herself in a dark place, bagging God to stop the storm. Instead, Natalie says He came to her in the middle of the storm and brought with Him courage, strength, and peace.

Mandisa is being forced out of her comfort zone. She wrote in a blog this week that she’s always maintained she’s a singer, not a speaker. But Mandisa say God has been teaching her to just be who he created her to be rather than trying to live up to others standards. So this week she agreed to do a short Bible study for a video taping a friend of hers is putting together.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s new studio is finally getting some homey touches. Steven’s latest CD was already recorded there. But now that the recording the project is done, Mary Beth tweeted that they finally getting time to make it feel a little more moved in.

Matthew West and his record company are both having some fun playing off of Matthew’s latest release Hello, My Name Is. Matthew tweeted this week “Hello, My Name is Grateful” after finding that his song is at number one for another week. And his record company followed up with a picture of Matthew holding a large fish. Their caption…Hello, My Name Is Dinner.

Fans of Nascar could be seeing a lot of the band Mikeschair this weekend. The faces of the band will be on the back of the 98 car for this weekends Brickyard 400.

Paul Baloche is inviting worship leaders from across the country to join him for one of several leadership workshops this fall. The 24-hour worship intensives will cover both the heart of worship and help with your primary skills as a musician. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin was part this years Hillsong conference in London this week. And prior to the conference Chris recorded a video expressing his excitement for the conference and the things God was going to do. The theme for this years Hillsong conference was This is Revival. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli has announced plans for her first headlined Christmas Tour. The tour will run from November 29 through December 17 of this year. And she says local choirs or worship teams will be invited to open with several songs and also join Francesca for several songs during each night’s events.

Building 429 and The Afters will launch their co-headlining tour this fall, also featuring Hawk Nelson and special guest Finding Favor. The tour will begin on September 19 and continue through November 3.

Seven bands and individual artists have announced plans for a joint effort to raise money for a number of non-profit organizations. The bands including Kutless, SanctusReal, KJ-52, Moriah Peters, and more. They’ll come together at Denver Coliseum on August 25 for Rock with a cause. ALL proceeds will go toward non profit organizations including Convoy of Hope, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, HeartWork, LetArtLive and the VICTIMS of the Black forest Wildfires in Co. Springs. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Members of the Passion movement this week announced the schedule for their fall Let The Future Begin Tour. The Tour will include sixteen stops across the eastern half of the united states. It will start in North Carolina in late September and will run through early November, wrapping up in Indiana. The farthest west will be a stop in Denver. Check out all the dates by clicking on the link at

Artist News July 24, 2013

Ben Gowell, the guitarist for worship leader Paul Baloche, recently sat down for an interview. The interview covered everything from local church ministry to working with Paul Baloche to electric guitar gear. Listen to the interview online by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is well known for her weight lose efforts, losing more than 100 pounds. But the Christian artist announced this week that she’s training for a marathon. In making the announcement she included the following quote: Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

Matt Maher recently sat down with the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday to discuss his latest release – the song Lord, I Need You. Matt said the goal of the song was worship, emphasizing his need for God in all circumstances. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

The latest song from Big Daddy Weave is The Only Name. And lead singer Mike Weaver recently sat down to share more about the song and the goal behind the entire CD. Read the story, including the scripture behind The Only Name by clicking on the link at

The venue will be different but the team will be the same. Natalie Grant confirmed this week that she’ll again be joining Team Freedom for a half marathon in 2014. But due the popularity of the Disney Princess Half marathon, Team Freedom sponsors say they’ll be running in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Florida instead on February 9. In making the announcement, they said the change in venue will allow them to better maximize the impact of what they’re trying to do…to stand up and put an end to human trafficking.

Chris Huffman is putting this weeks birth of the Royal baby in perspective. While this baby is in line for the English throne, the member of Casting Crowns tweeted this week that the true King of Kings has already been born.

Matthew West’s new book is now available. The book Forgiveness came out this week. The book shares the story behind Matthew West’s song by the same name and also includes 50 other power testimonies of forgiveness through divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, and more. To order your copy click on the link at

Mark Schultz is continuing to gear up for his upcoming mini triathlon. He tweeted that he’s been fitting training time into his busy schedule. And Mark says he’s dropped 14 pounds while training over the past couple of months.

Jeremy Camp announced this week that his book I Still Believe is going to be be available to more of his fans. He tweeted that the book is going to be translated into Portuguese. Jeremy says the new edition of the book will be available this fall.

The Sidewalk Prophets have released another devotional based on one of the songs from their latest CD Live Like That. This video focus’ on the song Keep Making Me. Check out Dave’s thoughts on the importance of love and being vulnerable by clicking on the link at

SanctusReal is asking for your help in spreading the word about the acoustic video of their song pray. And they’re giving you some added encouragement. Just watch the video of the acoustic performance and then share it with your friends and you’ll be entered for a chance to win SanctusReal merchandize. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Shane and Share a back with another story behind the song. This time they’re focusing the song Faith to Believe from their CD Bring Your Nothing. Check out the story by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline has released a new video based on their song Believer. The song focus’ on the life of a blind surfer from Brazil and the faith that he has. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson this week invited his fans to join him for a live show via the Internet. The 30 minute show will be held on Wednesday, originating from Josh’s personal recording studio where he recorded the most of his record Carry Me. Find out more about joining Josh online this evening by clicking on the link at

Newsboys member Jeff Frankenstein tweeted this week that they’ve added a show in 2014 in a country that he has never been to. But he’s not giving any more details as of yet on the location of that newly added event. Stay tuned for more on this mystery tour stop later this year.



Artist News July 23, 2013

Jason Roy recently recorded an interview sharing more about the music and ministry of Building 429. Listen to the interview by clicking on the link at”

Matthew West’s song Hello, My Name Is… has been at the top of several charts in the United States this summer but the song’s reach isn’t limited to the USA. A fan of Matthew’s notified him that the song has also reached the number one spot on the Top10 Countdown in Bolivia.

How much courage does it take to admit your sin in front all of your fans. Christian artist Mandisa did just that in an open blog post, sharing the story of a lie she’d told that week and how God had worked in her heart. She wrapped up her blog by reminding the readers that Satan can be defeated through the name of Jesus. Read the entire story by clicking on the link at

Worship leader Paul Baloche recently posted a picture introducing his first grandson. Actually the picture was of his pregnant daughter. He said his grandson is due in three more months

Worship Leader Aaron Keyes is asking for your prayers. He tweeted this week that their trailer was broken into and all their gear, instruments, mics, monitors, and CD money was stolen. Aaron said they can’t afford to replace it and he asked all of his fans to please pray.

Bart Millard says their 10 month old dog is doing a good impression of a small horse. The lead singer of Mercyme attached a picture of the dog beside his daughter. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Christian Artist Jenny Simmons is celebrating God’s answer to her prayer. Her rental car received extensive hail damage over the weekend while Jenny was performing at a music festival. Jenny said she was counting the dents in the car and estimating the amount of money she’d own to make the necessary repairs. A lady came over and asked what she was doing. The lady then left, returning minutes later with a $1,000 check to cover the cost of the needed repairs.

Kutless member Nick Departee is one of several Christian artists who are returning to college by taking classes online. And Nick tweeted that he officially finished his second class over the weekend. Nick said he’s continuing to press on and added God is good.

Steven Curtis Chapman recently interviewed his wife Mary Beth about Show Hope. Steven attributed the idea for the adoption organization to his wife and then spent some time talking with her about the program that helps link orphans with their “forever families”. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant found that she had internet access at 35,000 feet on a recent trip across the country so she invited her twitter followers to ask some questions. Here are some of the questions and Natalie’s answers
-favorite “corporate” worship song from the last 5 years?”: Forever Reign or Your Great Name
-biggest moment in your life thus far?: becoming a mommy
-What’s your middle name!: Diane
-How do you manage to remain humble through the fame?: James 4:10
-what is your favorite meal to cook on the grill?: STEAK!
-who would you like to do a collab. with next?: Bear Rinehart from Needtobreathe
-Did you study classical music: no. I’ve never had any music/voice lessons
-Do you like cats or dogs?: DOGS

The guys from Citizenway have been spending a lot of time in amusement parks this summer. But they haven’t been there to ride the rides. Group member David Blascoe tweeted that they’d just played their THIRD roller coaster park this summer.

Aaron Shust was at Wheaton College this week. He was there to perform at the Salt 2013 conference.

Mike Weaver recently shared an exclusive update from the road. The lead singer of Big Daddy Weave updated the groups fans on their current travels as well as their upcoming tour dates with Chris August and Unspoken. And the video also allows Mike to debut his new look. Gone is the clean shaven face. In it’s place is a new beard and mustache. Check out the video and the new look by clicking on the link at

Matt Maher is in Brazil this week. The Christian artist is in the country to perform in front of approximately two million young people from around the world at the World Youth Day. And he’s asking for your prayers as he performs.

Artist News July 22, 2013

Christian artist Mark Schultz recently sat down with Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family Magazine to talk about how God helped he and his wife Kate find harmony in their own relationship. Mark says the process started when he realized that the differences between he and his wife are what makes their relationship stronger. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant was back on the movie set this weekend. She was recording more scenes for an upcoming film that she’ll be part of. Natalie tweeted “I’ve always been a bit of a drama queen, but this is a whole nother level”.

What do dancers, boxers, biggest losers, and a convertible all have in common? They were all part of the filming of Mandisa’s Overcomer music video. She tweeted that filming for the video wrapped up over the weekend.

Worship Leader Paul Baloche has written his share of music. And now he’s helping others to do the same. He recently recorded a video titled Songwriting: Introduction. Check out the latest Paul Baloche tutorial by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole is offering you the chance to be in her Facebook photo album. She’s asking her fans to read the lyrics to her latest song Ready or Not and then tweet a picture of their favorite line. Check out the lyrics by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust recently tweeted a reminder that it’s all in your perspective. He was on a flight that included nonstop lightning the entire way to his destination. In response Aaron commented: “Witnessed The most majestic hour long flight full of thunderstorms with an orange-blue sunset backdrop. PRAISE GOD!”

Be on the lookout for a new book from Bart Millard. The lead singer from Mercyme announced this week that his book The Hurt and the Healer will be available on August 15. The book is inspired by Mercyme’s song by the same name. And Bart says the goal of the book is to reveal how God can be the gentle healer of all our hurts.

Josh Wilson has announced plans for an online concert this coming Wednesday evening. Josh says he’ll provide more information on how you can tune in early this week.

The guys from Kutless are working on a new record. And they decided to give you just a quick peak. And quick is all you’ll get. Check out a 24 second snippet of guitar recording day by clicking on the link at

Worship Leader Matt Redman has announced the release date for his next album Grace Finds Me. The live project is scheduled for release on September 24 but the first song from the project, Your Grace Finds Me, will be out on August 2. The 12-track project was recorded live earlier this year at the Passion City Church’s Life: A Worship Leader Collective conference in Atlanta.

The guys from Hawk Nelson were giving away more water bottles over the weekend. The band has been playing at festivals this summer. And they’ve also been hiding Hawk Nelson Water Bottles around the venue and than tweeting clues to their fans.

The members of Building 429 decided to just wing it over the weekend. Group member Jesse Garcia tweeted that they didn’t hit the stage until 9:00PM on Saturday night. So they skipped their sound check and went to a movie instead.

Tenth Avenue North and Jeremy Camp had a rough night over the weekend. Tenth Avenue North had to cut their set in half when a hail storm moved through their venue in Toronto. And Jeremy Camp had to cancel his concert all together.

The members of the Sidewalk Prophets had to choose between sleep and a concert this weekend. And the show must go on. Guitarist Ben McDonald tweeted late Saturday night that he’d been going 24 hours without sleep.

The members of Audio Adrenaline had a day off over the weekend and they made the most of it. Kevin Max tweeted that they were camping at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota

Artist News July 19, 2013

Justin Benner, the drummer of Hawk Nelson, recently shared his first blog in five years. And he says a lot has happened over the past half decade. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

The National Day of Prayer task force is inviting everyone to join them at the Colorado Rockies Faith Day on Sunday, August 11th in Denver, Colorado. The afternoon will include a Rockies baseball game and followed by a concert with David Crowder.

Mandisa recently commented on all the questions she’s had from her fans on how she overcame her battle with food. And the Christian artist said it’s been one of the hardest battles she’s ever fought. But she says she’s learned a lot while losing over 100 pounds. Things like no food can satisfy her like Jesus, it’s important to focus on the small victories, not just the final goal, and losing weight is not about getting into a smaller sized outfit, it’s about freedom from unhealthy choices.

Aaron Shust recently talked with the music web site New Release Tuesday about the first release from his new CD Morning Rises. Aaron says the take away message of the song God of Brilliant Lights is that we have nothing to bring to Christ but filthy rags. But Jesus substituted His righteousness for our filth. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Tai Anderson says he looking forward to a week of reconnecting with his family after seven straight days on the road. But the guitarist for Third Day also has a number of other projects to accomplish. He tweeted this week that his job list includes planning for next years touring, planning the Third Day Faith and Family camp for next summer, meeting with the One Campaign about providing a song for their protest song campaign, and helping launch a new website for the organization Pro Cheerleaders publicly standing for Christ.

Representatives from the band for King and Country are asking you to keep Luke Smallbone in your prayers. They announced this week that Luke, one-half of the duo that makes up for King and Country, has been pretty sick for the last nine months. He saw a new doctor just before the fourth of July and the doctor took him off the hormones he’d been taking that helped him to feel better but didn’t take care of the problem. Since then officials say Luke has been feeling worse and this week he finally decided that he couldn’t go out with his brother Joel for this weekend’s tour events. They say that, at this point, Joel will just be doing the weekends dates without Luke. Members of the for King and Country community are asking you to keep Luke in your prayers as he deals with this illness and seeks to find some answers.

The members of Casting Crowns are asking for your help. They’re working with Sony Music to find out what the fans of the group are into. To provide that information, they’ve requested that Crown’s fans fill out some information on the Sony Music web site. Check out more at

It sounds like all the traveling might be getting to the Sidewalk Prophets. The members of the band tweeted recently that they were discussing teleportation. And they asked their fans to chime in on the discussion.

The guys from Audio Adrenaline had a tough travel day this week. Lead singer Kevin Max tweeted that their trailer came off the hitch and their power failed. But he says they were still able to limp into the Sonshine Festival venue in time to get on stage.

New band Love and the Outcome are out with their first release He Is With Us. And now they’d like you to share your “He Is With Us” story, telling how God has been with you. Just share your story on twitter with the hash tag #HeIsWithUs.

Artist News July 18, 2013

Jamie Grace reminded her fans this week that a little kindness can go a long way. She tweeted that on her first of two flights the turbulence was so bad that she literally lifted out of her seat several time but the pilot said nothing. In contrast, Jamie said the second flight got a little bumpy and the pilot immediately apologized and reassured the passengers that it was safe. She said it was amazing how much that little difference made to the passengers.

The Christian sports magazine Sports Spectrum recently released a video report on how the group Need to Breathe is helping save lives in Uganda and Nicaragua. Check out more on the 2013 Need to Breathe Golf Classic by clicking on the link at

Continue to keep Kutless member James Mead in your prayers. This past weekend he tweeted that something had popped just below his knee while on stage and his leg was very sore. Several days later James says he’s still dealing with pain but is trying to work through the leg injury.

A reminder from Paul Baloche after listening to the recent news coverage: Don’t let the media obsession create a racial divide in our country. We are far more united than divided.

The heat seems to be getting to David Blascoe. The member of Citizenway tweeted this week “I’ve got an idea…Why doesn’t it get a little bit hotter? My beard hasn’t caught fire yet.” David added I hate hot weather.

The Hands & Feet Project, in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation, is announcing another big event to raise awareness of the children of Haiti. On September 6 you can join them at their “Run For Joy” 5K Celebrity Fun Run in Orlando, Florida. A few of the artists already confirmed to participate are the members of Audio Adrenaline as well as Colton Dixon, and For King And Country.

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey recently shared a story from his Jr. High years. He tweeted that, in 7th grade his principal caught him stealing candy from the machine. And he comments to Mike “So your integrity is worth 50 cents?” Mike donehey says he never stole again. He then added “Never underestimate the power of truth, especially truth spoken in love.

Kerrie Roberts that she’ll be a part of a special night of restoration and healing in Oklahoma later this month. The evening will also include a meet and greet with storm survivors and all proceeds will go to help those affected by the storm. Find out more at

The band Audio Adrenaline will be hosting a tour of the Holy Land in January and lead singer Kevin Max says there are still slots available. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Artist News July 17, 2013

Mandisa says fellow Christian artist Tobymac messed her up with his comments at the end of her song “Good Morning”. She says they wrote the song because she’s NOT a morning person! But now Mandisa says Tobymac has the world thinking she is. She said that means people expect “Little Miss Sunshine” and they get “Little Miss Wake-Me-Up-In-About-Five-Hours” instead.

Chris Huffman says he loves winter. The bass player for Casting Crowns tweeted this week that, in the summer, and man’s yard work is never don. In contract, during winter there is no need for lawn mowing. Chris said it’s yet another reason to love winter.

Jamie Grace is once again dealing with asthma. She asked for her fans prayers, tweeting that after years of it not being an issue, her asthma has made a comeback. But she added that the real problem is the inhaler. Jamie said the red one they gave her doesn’t match her hair. So she’s looking for a pink or a glittery one.

Natalie Grant was reminded of the sacrifice made by those who serve our country the week. She tweeted that the plane she was on was taking a fallen soldier to Arlington for burial. Natalie said she wept for this hero’s family as his body was removed from the plane in a flag draped coffin.

Did you know that several of the guys from Third Day don’t go by their first names? Lead singer Mac Powell’s given name is actually Johnny Mac Powell. And Tai Anderson also goes by his middle name. His first name is really Samuel.

Kevin Max is going on a social media purge. He tweeted this week that he is deactivating his facebook account. However, the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline isn’t completely leaving social media behind. He tweeted that he is keeping twitter and instagram and is also getting ready to update his web site –

Jason Gray was chasing inspiration this week. He tweeted that he was working on what he described as the best puzzle ever. Jason said it was a 500 piece, double-sided puzzle.

The leaders of the Girls of Grace conference series for teen age girls announced this week that Britt Nicole will be joining and already talented group of artists for several concerts this year. Other artists who will attend at least some of the evenings in the Girls of Grace series include Branden Heath, Chris August, for King and Country, Jamie Grace, and the Sidewalk Prophets. Check out more by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys have just announced that they’ll headlining the Third Terri Schiavo (Shy-vough) Life and Hope concert in Cincinnati. The funds from the event will allow Terri’s Life & Hope Network to continue advocating for the lives of vulnerable persons by serving as a resource for families needing counsel and support in the US and throughout the world.

The guys from Shane and Shane are in Rwanda this week and it sounds like they’re having a great time. They tweeted that they were having a “dance party” with 35 boys that are no longer in the streets.

Christian artist Kerrie Roberts has announced plans for another Stage It Show. The show will be held at 7:00PM on August 22. You’ll be able to join Kerrie and her band as they play a house show in Missouri but you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your own home. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith is gearing up for another Alaska cruise in 2014. And the long time Christian artist announced this week that pastor and speaker on the program Turning Point David Jeremiah will be joining him. Find out more by clicking on the link at