Artist News August 9, 2013

Mandisa recently sat down with Christian Retailing magazine to talk about her upcoming CD Overcomer. She shared the highlights of the new record, her touring plans and more. Check out the entire interview by clicking on the link at

for King and Country member Joel Smallbone is asking for continued prayers for Luke, his brother and fellow band member. Joel announced earlier this month that, due to continuing health issues, Luke was taking some time off from touring. And it sounds like the problems are continuing. Joel tweeted this week that Luke was having a tough night and could really use some prayer.

Tobymac is even promoting his alma mater on the golf course. Tobymac is a graduate of Liberty University and was sporting a brand new Liberty Flames golf bag during a recent stop on the links. Check out the picture by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard’s new book is now available on Amazon. The lead singer of Mercyme is out with a book inspired by the bands song The Hurt and the Healer. Bart says we all experience fear, shame, loneliness, broken homes, or broken hearts. We all hurt and need true, lasting healing. The trouble is that we don’t know where to find it. Bart goes on to say that The Hurt & The Healer reveals exactly how God can be the gentle healer of all our hurts. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Mark Schultz was at his local YMCA this week for his first triathlon swim lesson. The Christian artist who road a bike across the country several years ago announced plans to participate in a triathlon earlier this summer. But it sounds like swimming will be his weak point. Mark says he started his swimming lessons with a cannonball.

Amy Grant is unplugging this week. She’s been on the talk show circuit for several months promoting her first new full CD in a decade. But she announced that she’s taking a few days off this week to go camping with several friends. Amy said she’s looking forward to enjoying the beauty of nature and sitting around a campfire at night.

The organization called The Verse Project is giving away music that will help you memorize Psalm 96. They are making five songs available for free download featuring worship leaders like Charlie Hall, the Robbie Seay Band and More. And the songs walk all the way through Psalm 96. Access your free download by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust and Paul Baloche have been working together on several projects recently. Paul joined Aaron for one of the songs on Aaron’s new CD Morning Rises. And Aaron just tweeted that he was recording a song by Paul Baloche for his upcoming Christmas album.

Steven Curtis Chapman will be releasing his CD The Glorious Unfolding on September 30. But right now you can check out the art work for the album covered. It’s available by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant’s new CD is now available for pre-order. The project titled Hurricane will be released on October 15. But you can pre-order your copy right now by clicking on the link at

Worship leader Tammy Trent recently released a new CD titled Sunny Days. And now the web site iTickets is giving you the chance to download a free song from that CD. Access your copy of the title cut from the CD, Sunny Days, by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets have been doing a lot of touring. They tweeted that they have visited 36 states over the past year.

Up and coming artist Colton Dixon says the first song he ever sang in front of an audience was the song I can Only Imagine. And this week he says he got to share the stage with Mercyme, the group that originally recorded that song and a group Colton says were his heroes growing up. He says it was a great day.

Melanie Hall says she’s taking some time off the road. The wife of Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall and road manager for the band tweeted that, after 10 years, she’s staying at home this fall. She says it was weird not getting on the bus with everyone else this past weekend.

Artist News August 8, 2013

Football season is just around the corner. And the members of the Sidewalk Prophets say their Football Pickem game has arrived. If you’d like to join the the Sidewalk Prophets fantasy football league just email with the subject line “PICK EM”.

Matthew West is thinking about taking violin lessons. He says he’s been inspired by his daughter’s efforts to learn the instrument and is thinking about taking them with her.

The trend of taking pictures of yourself and posting them on the Internet has received a lot of negative press recently. But Jamie Grace says she doesn’t get what the backlash is all about. She tweeted this week that your entire account is dedicated to your own thoughts and people want to follow it. So she doesn’t get all the negative posts about the so called “selfies” pictures.

Tai Anderson says he may need a second job. The Third Day guitarist tweeted this week that he’d just gotten school supplies for all six of his children. He says the resulting receipt was taller than his daughter.

Jason Roy recently celebrated his 12th anniversary. And the lead singer of Building 429 followed up the special day with a blog talking about those 12 years, the promises he made on his wedding day, and his take on those promises 12 years later. Check out the blog by clicking on the link at

How does Colton Dixon get through a theme park without getting recognized? At a recently concert in a theme park he came up with the perfect disguise. Check it out and see if you recognize this up can coming Christian artist. Click on the link at

The Deluxe Edition of the New Newsboys CD Restart is now available for pre-order. The members of the band say the deluxe edition includes extra songs. Check it out at the Newsboys store by clicking on the link at!

Audrey Assad is giving away a couple songs from her new CD Fortunate Fall. Download copies of the songs Good to Me and Come Thou Fount by clicking on the link at

Mandisa’s song Good Morning features Tobymac rapping in the background. But Tobymac won’t be able to join her at one of her upcoming concerts so this week she started looking for a replacement. She tweeted Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey and said she needs a white man with swag to do the rap. And it sounds like Mike is going to come through. Mandisa said she’ll do her best to videotape Mike Donehey’s rapping debut and post it for everyone to see.

Jeff Frankenstein may have a major problem with jet lag this week. The member of the Newsboys sent out a tweet as he boarded his fourth cross-country flight of the week past week. And he said the four cross country flights will be followed by a trip to Alaska just for good measure.

Artist News August 7, 2013

As the daughter of a Christian artist, Laura Story’s daughter has seen a lot of air ports. In fact, some of her biggest milestones are being remembered by the airport they happened in. Laura tweeted this week that her daughter had just taken her first steps…In Sacramento International Airport.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday recently talked with Tiffany Lee, better knows as Plumb, about her new song One Drop. Tiffany says that, in short, this song is about how it takes a little bit of good to do a whole lot of great. Check out the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Mandisa recently wrote a short blog titled What If We Were Real, which also happens to be the title of her last CD. In the blog Mandisa said “I believe that as Christians we’re called to take off our masks and let others see us as we really are. I, for one, am NOT perfect. I simply have the only One who IS perfect living inside of my heart. What the world needs to see is that the main difference between us and them is that we serve a Savior that is able to make beauty from ashes. The same God that has worked miracles in our lives is available to work miracles in theirs.”

Chris Tomlin was recently honored with two Gold records. The gold records were presented for his CDs And If Our God Is For Us and Glory In The Highest. A gold certification by the RIAA means that a half million copies of the CD have been sold.

Matthew West’s Into the Light concert will be features on JCTV this Friday, August 9th, at 10:00PM ET. It will also air at 6:00PM ET on August 10th. Click on the link at to find the correct channel in your area.

Third Day fans might have the chance to look behind the scenes into the creation of the 1999 Third Day CD called Time. Band member Mark Lee says he recently uncovered some old, handwritten journal entries from that time frame. He said he might try to post them online.

Mercyme last year released a self produced project called The Worship Sessions. At that time it was just offered on a limited basis. But they just announced this week that the entire CD is now available for download on iTunes. Check it out by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe announced this week that they are going to have to cancel their next few shows. Lead singer Bear Rinehart tweeted this week that, due to an injury he incurred, he was going to need some minor surgery. But that meant that several of their concerts would have to be canceled.

The group Newsong has announced the line up for their Xtreme Winter Conferences in late December. They say they’ll be joined by Skillet, Third Day, Building 429, Jamie Grace, for King and Country, and the new band We As Human. The four conferences will be held in late December and early January.


Artist News August 6, 2013

Jamie Grace is caught in that awkward gap between adulthood and her teens. The Christian artist who is in her early 20s tweeted that, when grown ups mention things that happened in the 90s, she likes to casually mention her age that year. She said “they usually just stare at me.” But Jamie was also recently asked by one of her younger fans if they had VBS when she was a kid.

Jason Gray continues to struggle with vocal problems. He tweeted Monday that he’d made his first sound in four days. The doctors told him he has trauma induced laryngitis and prescribed seven days of vocal rest. Right now he’s just doing a few simple vocal exercises but says even that hurts and makes him hoarse.

Ben McDonald may have discovered a new secret ingredient for his homemade chili. The guitarist for the Sidewalk Prophets tweeted that he was dangerously close to throwing some Sour Patch kids in the pot. And he shouldn’t have any problem finding the ingredient. The members of the Sidewalk prophets are well known for their love of south patch kids and gummy bears.

Think you’re supporting your favorite musician when you listen to their music on Spotify? Officials shared this week that a musician would need to get 130,754 plays per day on the online music source to just earn minimum wage.

Tai Anderson says he doesn’t drive to work, he drives to play. The guitarist for Third Day tweeted that he views the “work” of his job as the long miles they travel between concerts. He said he considers getting up on stage and performing in front of thousands of fans “play”.

Matthew West last year started a new ministry called Population We. It’s been nearly a year since the new program was launched and Matthew is re-releasing his YouTube video explaining the program to his new fans. Check out the video to find out more about Population We and what they do. Click on the link at

A suggestion from Mike Donehey. The lead singer of Tenth Avenue North is encouraging the groups fans to go through their contacts and just start shooting texts to people telling them what you love about them. Mike said “Don’t miss the opportunity to speak life into someone today. Our words have incredible power and are full of glory when we stir each other up.”

Mandisa is adding a warning label to her song Overcomer. She recently received a tweet from one of her fans stating that she had fallen out of the shower while dancing to Mandisa’s new song Overcomer. In response Mandisa tweeted WARNING: I am not responsible for effects of worship & wet floors.

Did you sign up to help spread the word about Passion 2014. Members of the organization that includes Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill, and more announced this week that the Promo Packs are in the mail. But even if you didn’t sign up, officials say you can still join in and spread the word. Sign up to receive your own promo pack by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith tweeted over the weekend that he is getting very excited about his new project. But you’ll still have to wait awhile before the latest music from Michael is available. It isn’t scheduled for release until April of 2014.

The music web site Louder Than Before has released their official review on the Newsboys new CD. The album titled Restart is scheduled to be available in mid September. But you can check out the review of the project by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson is looking for a set of hand bells for his upcoming Christmas tour. He tweeted over the weekend “Any churches or music ministers out there looking to get rid of hand bells? I know a Christmas tour that would greatly benefit.”


Artist News August 5, 2013

Jeff Frankenstein has signed a lot of autographs. But the Newsboys member reported an new one this week. He tweeted that he signed an autograph while in the dentist chair waiting for a root canal. No word on if he received a deduction in the cost of the procedure in return for the autograph.

Amy Grant is inviting you to join her for a weekend in her hometown. She announced this weekend that only a few spots are left for the special event October 18 through 20. If you’d like to join Amy Grant for a Tennessee Weekend click on the link at

Jason Gray had to cancel two shows in Iowa over the weekend due to damage to his vocal cords. The Christian artist tweeted that he has been reduced to writing notes to communicate after losing his voice. He was on vocal rest much of the weekend as he tried to recover.

Look for Michael W. Smith in the upcoming Billy Graham My Hope Project. Michael tweeted a picture as he took part in filming for the project this past week.

Matt Maher announced this past weekend that he and his wife are expecting their second child. And Matt says the baby is not a docil child. He tweeted over the weekend “My unborn daughter is kicking the heavens out of her mom’s belly”

A confession from the members of Tenth Avenue North. The guys tweeted over the weekend “it is not uncommon for us to google our own lyrics.” They said they just to be certain they’re singing them correctly.

Mandisa says all of her running around caught up with her over the weekend. She tweeted that she’d just slept 12 hours straight. In responce, Natalie Grant said “when you have your occasional Single Awareness Moments, remember you just slept 12 HOURS.” Meredith Andrews added “My thoughts exactly. Sleep while you still can.”

Bill Gaither recently sat down to talk about 50 years of marriage, his Christian music career, and his upcoming plans. The 77 year old icon of Christian music talked with the Tulsa World news paper. He said that he has no plans to retire, stating that he’s grateful for his good health and hasn’t even thought about it. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Show Hope, the nonprofit orphan care ministry founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, has designated the month of August as “Adoption Aid Month.” The organization hopes to raise significantly more funds by August 31 to help provide families for even more waiting children around the world.

The members of the Christian band Rush of Fools are transitioning into their fall schedule. The members of the band tweeted “Our summer camp/conference season has ended and now we look ahead to a fall tour and making a new record.”

Jenny Simmons was dealing with adverse conditions over the weekend. She tweeted that she was trying to get ready for a 60 minute set at 1:30PM in 102 degree weather. Jenny said she was trying to stay hydrated as she prepared for her part in a Texas Christian music festival.

The Christian band Skillet was part of a special 50th anniversary celebration over the weekend. The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream speech was held in Times Square this past Saturday and Skillet joined a long list of artists participating in the event.

Sanctus Real has just announced “The Run Tour,” with plans to hit 30 cities across the U.S. this fall. The supporting acts joining Santus Real on the road include Citizen Way, The Neverclaim and Everfound. The tour will kick off September 19 and run though November. It’s sponsored by Compassion International.

Artists News August 2, 2013

The members of the Newsboys say their goal is to recast themselves through their new album coming out this fall. The CD titled Restart is scheduled for release on September 10. Members of the band say they knew they’d be taking great risks when they started work on the new project two years ago. They say they’ve pushed the music and taken it further than they’ve ever done before.

Jeremy Camp has launched a ministry called Speaking Louder Ministries. He says the mission of the new program is to go into all the world and share the gospel of Jesus in ways we never have before. Although the web site it just up, Jeremy has already made trips to Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Guatemala, and Japan. And Jeremy says this new endeavor is more important than anything else he’s ever done. In fact, he says he donates his own time and talents to the ministry and does not take any compensation. Check out the new endeavor by clicking on the link at

James Mead is encouraging his fans to build their faith by getting away from the stress of life. The Kutless guitarist tweeted this week: Go out into the woods and talk to Jesus today. Bring your bible. Ask Him to speak to you.

Amy Grant stopped by the Home and Family show on the Hallmark Channel USA last week. She talked with the hosts of the program and also shared a live, acoustic version of “If I Could See (What The Angels See)”. Watch the interview online by clicking on the link at

Matt Maher recently sat down with the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday to talk about his new song Lord I Need You. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Shaun Tomczak is officially a graduate. The Sidewalk Prophets guitarist tweeted a picture of a letter he’d just received from Liberty University. The letter informed Shaun that his Bachelor of Science degree in Business: Marketing had officially been conferred on July 31.

Aaron Shust says he’s a little shell shocked today. The Christian artist was featured this week in the August edition of the CCM Magazine. Aaron tweeted that he remembers looking forward to getting that very magazine every month when he was a kid. Aaron’s cover story is available, along with the rest of the magazine, by clicking on the link at

Matthew West will be released the Deluxe Edition of his CD Into the Light later this month. But the project, entitled Into the Light Deluxe Edition: Life Stories and Live Songs, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The new release contains both the Into the Light CD and a DVD telling the stories behind the songs.

Phil Wickham’s album The Ascension is now available for pre-order. And if you pre-order the new project Phil says you’ll also have access to extras like an instant stream of the full album. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Chris August was up late this week working on new versions of his songs for his fall tour. Chris tweeted recently that he’d been working all evening, only to realize that it was already 2:20AM.

Laura Story will release her third studio album this fall titled God of Every Story. And Laura says that, in making the CD, she returned to that deep place of vulnerability before the Lord. She says the CD that comes out October 1 comes from the story of her own life. One of those stories was her husband’s brain tumor early in their marriage that led the young family down a painful path she wouldn’t have chosen, but one that deepened her faith and her music. Check out more on the new project from Laura Story by clicking on the link at

The members of Casting Crowns are heading back out on the road. They took part in their first show this week since they were out west a month ago. Members of the group say it’s been a busy month at home and they are super excited for their upcoming shows.

Jenny Simmons wants to celebrate Christmas together. She tweeted that she’s now booking dates for her Music plus Stories Christmas Tour. Find out more about celebrating Christmas with the former lead singer of Addison Road by clicking on the link at Booking: Music + Stories Christmas Tour.

Artist News July 31, 2013

Amy Grant has won her share of Grammys. And she recently sat down with to to talk about her first studio album in 10 years. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

As a Christian artist, Jamie Grace spends a lot of time in airports. And she recently had these observations.
1. I know iPads are fun, but “ain’t nothin wrong with a book, kids.”
2. All airplanes should come with blankets.
3. Chic fil-a should be at every terminal.

Aaron Shust has just released a new CD and that means a lot of interviews. But the Christian artist is talking about more than just his new project. He’s also sharing about the intense moments he and his wife have recently gone through regarding the health of two of their three boys and how they were stengthened through the experience. Check out the latest interview about music, creativity, pain, and faith by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey is using his morning run for more then just physical improvement. He tweeted that it is also his meditative time. One morning this week he tweeted that his focus was on Psalms 4:6-8.

A reminder from Christian artist Matthew West: “A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else.” Psalm 84:10

Natalie Grant’s fans have been stepping up in a big way. She tweeted on the 29th that she was hoping to raise $5,000 by the end of the month to help support aftercare for victims of human trafficking in the USA. But Natalie just reported that the resonce has been so great that she’s upped the goal to $12,000. That would help finish the Heart Model of training Doctors and counselors to provide care to the victims of sex trafficking. Help Natalie reach her goal by the end of the day today by clicking on the link at

Ever wondered about the identity of the person on Hawk Nelson’s latest CD titled Made. Members of the band announced that it was Stachel, son of Audio Adrenaline member Will McGuinness.

Members of the band Cloverton will be releasing their next CD this September. And this week they gave their fans a brief taste of the upcoming project. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Shane and Shane are sharing the story behind another song from their CD Bring Your Nothing. This weeks feature is the song In A Little While. Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is giving her fans just a quick taste of another song from her upcoming CD Overcomer. The song is called At All Times. And you can hear the clip by clicking on the link at

James Mead droped a major hint for the guys from Third Day this week. The Kutless guitarist tweeted: You know, Third Day is the only major Christian band we haven’t toured with. Just saying…

Jenny Simmons is pretending that bed bugs don’t exist. She tweeted that she’ll be spending the next 16 nights in different hotels.

Artist News July 30, 2013

Natalie Grant is hoping to raise $5,000 by July 31. July marks 31 days of Freedom for Abolition International and Natalie says the money will be used to support quality aftercare for victims of human trafficking in the USA. Click on the link at to help.

Christian artists travel a lot and that means chances to sleep in their own bed are rare. During the final weekend of July Jamie Grace tweeted that she was sleeping in her own bed for only the second time this month. She said “don’t take home for granted”.

A concert with the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline was being films recently and drummer Duncan Phillips had a unique job. He was in charge of making sure that everyone was wearing clean shirts and smiling.

Jeremy Camp has announced plans to partner with the Women of Joy conferences. He recently played with them and says he’ll be joined them again in September. You can check them out by clicking on the link at

Amy Grant says one of the fun parts of being around the music business for so long is hearing a lot young artists say, “I grew up on your music.” She tweeted that she is always honored.

Aaron Shust was recently interviewed on One One 7 TV. Aaron talked about the meaning behind his recent single, “God Of Brilliant Lights”, and the impact he and his career have had on worship music in the contemporary church. Watch the interview by clicking on the link at

The guys from Shane and Shane talked with Today’s Christian Woman about their music ministry and how the gospel sets us free. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Matthew West recently took his daughter out on a date. And he tweeted a picture, adding the caption “I dare you to find a cuter breakfast date than mine”. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Still no picture of Britt Nicole’s baby but we do now have a name. Britt shared on twitter that their new daughter’s name is Ella Brave Crosby. She said being a mom is the BEST thing she has ever experienced.

Kutless member James Mead was at home teaching his son how to use power tools this week. He tweeted a picture of he and his son using a power drill together. Check it out at

Kevin Max says he’s starting to see a progression. The lead singer of Audio Adrenaline tweeted that he just purchased an electric lawn mower. And he says up next is an electric car.

Mac Powell came full circle this past weekend. The lead singer of Third Day tweeted that he was watching his 14 year old daughter Scout perform at The Strand Theater. He said it’s the same venue where he use to do shows when Third Day began.

Passion 268 recently announced the schedule for the fall Let The Future Begin tour as well as plans for Passion 2014. Now pastor Louie Giglio and worship leader Kristian Stanfill recently recorded a podcast filling you in on both events. The entire podcast is available for free on iTunes. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Artist News July 29, 2013

Aaron Shust was recently on Fox News. The Christian artist was sharing about his new CD Morning Rises and the inspiration behind the project. The core topic was on finding unexpected joy in life’s trials. Watch the interview by clicking on the link at

The guys in the Rhett Walker Band recently had a little down time so answered some questions from their fans. Here are some of those questions along with their answers.
Do you guys consider yourselves artists or ministers?: Artists
Which do you like playing better, big shows like arenas or smaller more intimate shows?: Both are great
Waffle House or IHOP?: Denny’s
Do any of you like the Dallas Cowboys? Na

The members of Building 429 borrowed the SanctusReal tour bus over the weekend. And they tweeted the following description following their trip: The SanctusReal bus is pretty nice inside. It’s like the perfect mix of European hotel lobby and Grandpa’s basement.

Keep Chris Huffman and his family in your prayers. The bass player for Casting Crowns tweeted this weekend: “Was awakened by my 6 yr old this morning to find out the tree in my yard was struck by lightning. Unplanned landscaping is no fun.”

Worship leader Christy Nockels says she’s found a quick and easy way to bathe her children during the summer months. She said it involves dish soap, a huge tarp and a water hose to create your own child cleaning slip and slide.

Josh Havens says he loves finding cool coffee shops as he travels around the world. The lead singer of The Afters tweeted a picture of a great shop he just found in Missoula, Montana. It’s called Butterfly Herbs.

Congratulations to Britt Nicole and her husband. The Christian artist tweeted late last week that her baby girl has been born. She said their new daughter is a gift from God.

Group One Crew member Blanca gave birth to a baby boy late last week. London Rey Callahan was born on Thursday, July 25 at 12:55AM.

The Newsboys were recently featured in the online Gospel music web site Gospel Innovations. Check out the report by clicking on the link at

Amy Grant has sold more than 30-million albums, won six grammys, and has her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. But can she cook? Amy was recently on ABC’s the chew helping create a no bake pie. Check it out by clicking on the link at

To celebrate their 40-year career, the long time Christian band Petra will release an exclusive CD project on July 30 featuring the band’s biggest and most-loved songs. The standard edition of 40th Anniversary CD will include 27 of Petra’s hits, while the deluxe digital edition will include 37 songs. Both versions also include a new recording titled “Holy Is Your Name.” The members of the band say the new song is a thank you to all their fans, but mostly a thanks to God for all the wonderful years.

The artist known as Plumb had a unique opportunity over the weekend. She tweeted that she was opening for two-thirds of DC talk. Tiffany Lee was playing before both Audio Adrenaline, with lead singer Kevin Max, and the Newsboys, with lead singer Michael Tate.

The guys from Mikeschair were in Indianapolis for a special event over the weekend. They were at the Brickyard 400 celebrating the fact that the their picture was displayed on the back of one of the race cars.

Natalie Grant’s summer break is officially over. She tweeted that, after two months off, she was back in concert over the weekend. But Natalie’s time off wasn’t all fun and games. She was part of the filming for a new movie and also continued to work with her husband on her upcoming new CD.

How do you sell out an amusement park. At Six Flags over Texas they did it by scheduling a special concert. Both Building 429 and Matthew West were on the stage at the sold out show over the weekend.

Matt Maher was leading worship in a unique venue over the weekend. He performed his latest song Lord, I Need You in front of Pope Francis and two to three million other worshippers. The Christian artist was in Brazil last week for World Youth Day.

Artist News July 26, 2013

Jamie Grace is making a pitch to join the new band Rend Collective. She tweeted the group saying that she and her sister Morgan would like to join. Jamie said they’d even be willing to help sell merchandise.

Natilie Grant says Christmas came earlier at her house. She tweeted a picture of a grand piano that had just been delivered to their home. Natalie said many memories will be made around it.

Want to know what inspired Mandisa’s new album? Check out her interview about the upcoming album Overcomer at the Christian Retail web site to find out and a lot more about the new project. Click on the link at

Worship leader Paul Baloche recented posted and open letter to his fellow worship leaders. As part of the post he reminded worship leaders that they are pastors first, not musicians. Paul said “Our job is to gather and serve, not entertain”. Check out the entire article by clicking on the link at

Rebecca St. James has just announced plans for a new book titled The Merciful Scar. The book is scheduled to be available on September 10. And in it Rebecca says “sometimes you need a change of scenery for a new season to begin.” Rebecca said “I don’t think you’re running away. I think you’re running ‘for your life’.” Check out more by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson is releasing the next song from the CD Carry Me. The latest song from the project is Pushing Back the Dark, a song he recorded with Matthew West. Check out an acoustic version of the song by clicking on the link at

The latest Passion video is now available online. It features the song Here’s My Heart, led by David Crowder. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The guys from Citizenway say they’ll be touring with SanctusReal this fall. And they say most of the dates are now available online. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Matthew West just completed the maiden voyage of his Storyteller Cruise to Alaska. And Matthew says it probably won’t be their final voyage. Matthew was joined by 200 individuals and families and says it almost felt like one big family vacation.

The Newsboys are kicking off their fall Restart tour with a special preview this coming weekend. July 27 and 28 they’ll give you the chance to listen to all the bands who will join them on the upcoming fall tour via the web site Christian Concert Alerts. Included will be for King and Country, Rapture Ruckus, Moriah Peters and Campbell. Check out more by clicking on the link at