Artist News November 5, 2013

You might be able to relate to this bit of information from Amy Grant. She tweeted: I love a good hot strong cup of coffee. Not only do I love drinking it, but I love the smell. Francesca Battistelli seems to agree. She tweeted: It is really quite incredible what a hot cup of coffee can do for one’s outlook on life.

Michael W. Smith was featured in a documentary aired on ABC this weekend. The documentary was titled For The Love of Music and featured the story of Nashville and it’s rich musical history.

Jenny Simmons says the truth is You win some, you lose some. She posted over the weekend: I’m in my parked car, outside my house, eating giant spoonfuls of peanut butter. That’s how *not well* this morning has gone so far.

Show Hope is partnering with Project 615 during National Adoption Month. The adoption organization started by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman is selling limited edition t-shirts in support of Show Hope. Throughout November 100% of proceeds from the shirts will be donated to help restore hope to orphans in distress. Find out more by clicking on the link at

The Washington Post recently took an in-depth look into the life of Tobymac. The article went all the way back to his beginnings as a Christian artist. It explores how he became interested in music, the DC Talk era, and now life as a solo artist. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Mandisa’s latest CD Overcomer has brought her recognition both in the Christian and secular communities, allowing her to spread the message of overcoming through Christ to an even greater audience. But the future wasn’t always as bright as it is now for Mandisa. Find out more by reading an exclusive article with Mandisa by Today’s Christian Woman. Access the article by clicking on the link at

Aaron Branch has his own action figure. Or at least one that the daughter of the Building 429 member thinks looks exactly like him. Check it out and give your opinion by clicking on the link at

James Mead took some time to answer questions on twitter over the weekend. The member of Kutless gave his response to a number for questions from the groups fans. Here are some of those questions and his answers:
-Cats or dogs? Cats are horrible. Dogs all the way.
-What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Searching for a tree at the tree farm with my wife and son
-If you could make one wish, what would it be? That the rapture would happen right now.
-What is your favorite Kutless song? It’s called ‘Dying to Become’
-What’s your favorite part about what you do? Seeing the hand of God move everywhere we go! I see proof EVERY day!
-Of all the places you’ve traveled, what’s your top 3? London. Norway. Then a tie between New Zealand and Switzerland.
-Biggest advice for high schoolers? Get good grades. Be nice. Think about others.
-What’s the weirdest thing you have ever had as a meal? Guinea Pig face, in Ecuador with Compassion

Since finishing his college degree Mark Lee has become a regular blogger. But the guitarist for Third Day is now giving you some insight into the man behind the blog. Mark’s latest blog is Mark Lee 101, a list of 101 things you may or may not know about him. Read the entire list by clicking on the link at

A new Kickstarter program is seeking to raise funds to produce a live New Years Eve event. New Year’s Impact is seeking funds for a five hour, high energy, online New Year’s Eve celebration featuring live Christian music and entertainment. The event is scheduled to feature artists like Lecrae, Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Natalie Grant, Brandon Heath, Sidewalk Prophets, and Shane and Shane. Find out more about New Years Impact by clicking on the link at

Dan Hasseltine of Jars of Clay recently offered this opinion while driving through rural Indiana; he said Rural Indiana = One giant corn maze.

Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves and Bebo Norman wrapped up the In The Round Tour over the weekend. It was especially poignant because the end of the tour also marked the end of Bebo Norman’s music career. Bebo Norman announced his retirement in April, announcing plans to say goodbye through a final tour in the fall.

40mph Texas winds had the members of for King and Country seeking shelter over the weekend. Members of the band tweeted a picture of the fort that had been built on stage to provide some protection. They added that their “boy” versions would have been proud.

Following multiple sell-out performances in front of nearly 120,000 people during the 2011 and 2012 holiday seasons, THE STORY TOUR, presented by World Vision, will return for the third consecutive year to arenas nationwide this Christmas. Officials this weekend announced plans to give fans in 14 cities a chance to experience the Bible through a live multi-media experience. This year’s line-up once again brings together artists like Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant, Matthew West, Nichole Nordeman, and Selah.

Kristian Stanfill was experiencing a little history over the weekend. He was back in the very room where he lead worship for the first time 17 years earlier.

Artist News November 4, 2013

Bart Millard is asking for your prayers. The lead singer of Mercyme tweeted that their realtor was holding an open house for their home in Texas over the weekend. Bart says five kids plus rent plus a house payment plus taxes make life tough. And he’s asking you to pray with him that their house will sell.

Steven Curtis Chapman is thanking everyone who participated in Show Hopes Brown Bag fund raiser during October. The ministry asked adoption supports to pack their lunch during the month and than donate what they saved to Show Hope. And Steven says there’s still time to join the effort. He pointed out that November is National Adoption Month.

Paul Baloche talked recently about leading worship during Christmas. The Worship leader says he’s often found Christmas a challenge because worship is vertical and most Christmas songs are sung about the Lord, not to him. To remedy that, Paul has started combining songs of worship with the well known Christmas carols. And he’s encouraging other worship leaders to do the same. Read his entire blog by clicking on the link at

Before there was Third Day, there were the Day Trippers. Mac Powell tweeted a picture of the group he recently found in an old CCM Magazine. Several of the guys who now make up Third Day were part of that group. And Mac tweeted it was also the last time he didn’t have facial hair. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The guys in the Rhett Walker Band were recently asked what they do in their free time. Rhett’s answer: play pool, darts, or swim.
Play pool, darts or Swim in pool and darts

Tricia Brock was featured on the cover of this months Unleashed Beauty Magazine. The singer for the group Super Chick is also a worship leader and makeup artist.

Jeremy Camp’s daughters were making some new friends over the weekend. His wife Adie tweeted a picture of the girls holding salamanders that had shown up after recent rains. And she said: I love that my girls are not afraid to hold them.

Jesse Garcia finally went to the doctor this weekend after feeling sick for several days. But he said the visit wasn’t very productive. The member of Building 429 tweeted that he paid $140 for the doctor to tell him that he didn’t have anything serious. Jesse says he just has a virus that has to run it’s course.

for King and Country is introducing some new instruments. The guys tweeted that they’re added several brass instruments to upcoming live shows.

Kerrie Roberts was back home over the weekend. She tweeted that she was flying home to Ohio to spend some time with her parents. And she’ll also be helping with a revival they’re conducting. Kerrie said her dad will be preaching and she’ll be singing with her mom.

If imitation is the sincerest for, of flattery, than TobyMac should be flattered. There were a lot of people dressed as Tobymac this October 31. He tweeted just a few of the pictures that had been sent to him. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Voting is now open for the second annual We Love Christian Music Awards. More than 70 artists have been nominated in 21 categories in the Awards show hosted by the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday. And fans get to select the winners. Cast your vote by clicking on the link at

Caleb and Will Franklin have changed the name of their band. The sons of Steven Curtis Chapman had been known as Caleb. But they announced over the weekend that they officially changed the name of their band to Colony House. The guys have also recorded their first full length project but no release date has been set.

Response to Matthew West’s Into the Light tour has been good. The Christian artist has sold out his last three shows. But Matthew said it was a young man who stole the show. He told Matthew he wanted to play on stage so Matthew brought him up and said he did a great job.

Mandisa says she’ll remember her concert at Spirit Fest Corpus Christi forever. A fan asked her to play Praying for You and than followed it by asking his girlfriend to marry him on stage.

Several tours were wrapping up over the weekend as artists gear up for the holidays. Michael W. Smith played the last show of his Worship Around the World Tour. The United We Stand tour also finished. Building 429, Hawk Nelson and Finding Favour tweeted that it was a great tour with amazing people.

Artist News November 1, 2013

Matt Maher and his new baby daughter seem to be having a little trouble learning to communicate. Matt tweeted the transcript of his conversation with their second child:
Me:”what does that mean?”
Me: “help ME help YOU”
Me: this is going to take awhile.

A suggestion from the guys in the group Shane and Shane: Tell someone “thank you” today who’s not expecting it. See what happens.

The Christmas music web site New Release Tuesday is giving you the chance to win a flat screen TV, Blu-ray player, and the new Chris Tomlin Deluxe Edition CD/DVD. Enter by clicking on the link at

A good reminder to keep Christian artists in your prayers as they travel around the country. A member of Selah just tweeted: Should I be concerned that our bus driver just said “I don’t normally drive at night!”

Andrew Peterson went to his fans to ask for their help in completing the final book in his Wing Feather series. And the Christian artist had an amazing response. He asked for $14,000 to write The Wardon and the Wolf King. But in the one month that the kickstarter project was underway, backers pledged over $118,000 to help fund the project. In return, Petersonalso agreed to publish several hard cover editions and audio books and also provide several other items to expand his series.

Jenny Simmons is nearly done with her new book. Earlier this year the former lead singer from Addison Road announced plans for a book titled The Road to Becoming. And now she says the end is in sight. She says she just hit 52,000 words.

The Chapman family was carving pumpkins this week and Mary Beth Chapman says it was a huge success. Even Steven Curtis got in on the project and you can see the families creations by clicking on the link at

The latest CCM Magazine is now available online. The November edition of the magazine has Natalie Grant on the cover and features an exclusive look inside the Dove Awards and the big winners. Access the online version of the magazine by clicking on the link at

Darlene Zschech was in the United States on October 31 and made this observation: As an aussie, being in the US for Halloween is quite bazaar!! I’ve seen some strange sights today!!

The NoiseTrade web site is giving away a sample of Jason Gray music. There are six Jason Gray songs on that you can download. Find out more by clicking on the link at”

David Crowder is announcing plans for a new CD. The new project will be called Neon Steeple, marking David’s solo debut. David Crowder describes the upcoming album as porch music meeting electronic music. The New CD will be available in February of 2014. Watch the intro video by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is announcing plans for a remix competition. He is giving you the chance to download the trax for Hark The Herald Angels Sing and King of Heaven and asking you to remix the project and then enter it in the competion. Find out more by watching the video by clicking on the link at

The guys from Audio Adrenaline are celebrating Christmas on Halloween. They received the brand new Vinyl version of their latest CD on October 31. It’s appropriated colored purple. And they say it will be available to the general public in stores soon.

New Song, Audio Adrenaline, Sidewalk Prophets, Jason Castro, and Love and the Outcome are inviting you to join them for the A Very Merry Christmas Tour. Watch the promo video by clicking on the link at

Mercyme will be helping the Oneless organization with a fund raiser on November 7. Oneless Ministries was formed in 2010 to fight human trafficing. Mercyme will be performing at their benefit dinner.

Artist News October 31, 2013

Matt Maher says Gripe water is amazing. Gripe water is defined on line as a home remedy for infants with colic, teething pain, and other stomach ailments. Its ingredients vary, and may include a bicarbonate, ginger, dill, fennel and chamomile. Matt says someone should invent something similar for adults. He says you could take it instead of griping about your life on social networking.

Steven Curtis Chapman recently sat down to talk with Fox News 411 about his latest project and how the death of his youngest daughter Maria inspired that album. Watch the interview by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard has recorded a lot of interviews. But the lead singer of Mercyme recently sat down with Steve Brown and Bart says the resulting conversation was one of his favorite interviews ever. Bart talked about his new book The Hurt and the Healer and about living free under radical grace. Listen to the interview by clicking on the link at

Mac Powell recently tweeted: My baby girl, Scout (14), is going to her first Homecoming dance. The lead singer of Third Day added: Don’t know how I feel about it.

Melodee DeVevo says this year’s pumpkin was carved in honor of former Casting Crowns drummer Andy Williams. Check out Melodee’s creation by clicking on the link at

The sister duo that makes up the Sonflowerz this week released a new 33-day devotional book created especially for girls ages 12-17 titled “Made To Shine,”. Funded by a recent Kickstarter campaign, the devotional follows the release of their EP Love Walked In. Motivated by conversations with their young fans, “Made To Shine” takes its name from one of their songs written for a teen girl who was the victim of bullying. And the book itself deals with topics that include relationships, peer pressure and self-image, all examined in light of the Christian faith.

Mandisa had a rude awakening this morning. The Christian artist reported that she heard a loud thump at her window. When she opened the shade she found that a turkey had flown into her window. Mandisa added: “I’m sure there’s some sort of joke I could make about Thanksgiving, but it’s too early for my mind to be witty”

Rehearsals for the upcoming Hits Deep Tour are kicking off this week. The tour will feature Tobymac with special guests Brandon Heath, Mandisa, Jamie Grace and many more. Fellow artist Colton Dixon tweeted that he was so stoked to also be part of the tour. Meanwhile, this week Tobymac announced that the Hits Deep tour will continue in the spring of 2014. He says more information will on dates and times will be coming.

Shane and Shane have announced plans for their own Christmas Tour. It will run throughout the first half of December, playing in 12 cities in 14 days. Shane and Shane will be joined by Phil Wickham for the Christmas concert tour.

Artist News October 30, 2013

Third Day and Westone Audio are teaming up to offer you a chance to win a Christmas getaway. The Westone PURE MUSIC Concert Prize Pack Sweepstakes includes a trip for two to Baltimore to see THIRD DAY live in concert on December 13th, a signed Fender guitar and the new Westone Series earphones. Enter by clicking on the link at or

Chris Huffman has a suggestion for NASCAR. The bass player for Casting Crowns says NASCAR officials should just turn it into a demolition derby. Chris says everyone watches for the wrecks anyway, no one cares about the points race!

Mandisa says she’s removing a phrase from her vocabulary. The phrase is “Shame on you”. Mandisa tweeted that, “as someone who has been on the receiving end of shame, I wish that on no one.”

Francesca Battistelli will be helping Project Yesu with their Orphan Luncheon this Sunday. The Christian artist will be the special guest artist at the luncheon on Orphan Sunday, November 3. Money raised will help the organization provide food, medicine, and education for children in Uganda.

From Mercyme’s Bart Millard: Happy Halloween from Mercyme. Or if you’re anti-Halloween, then happy pre-thanksgiving!!

Jamie Grace is getting ready to introduce something new Sunday morning, November 3, at 5:00AM. The Christian artist isn’t saying what it is. But she says you’ll need to visit her web site,, that morning. Right now all you’ll find on the web site is a countdown to the big day.

Brandon Heath is exercising forgiveness but he’s not bending. A fan tweeted Brandon this week appologizing for breaking the pre-thanksgiving Christmas music ban by purchasing Dave Barnes new Christmas CD A December to Remember. Brandon replied that all is forgiven but he added “As for me, I’m waiting till you know when”

Congratulations to Ben McDonald. The Sidewalk Prophets guitarist tweeted that this past weekend his vegitarian chili recipe got 2nd place out of 20 in a chili cook-off.

The new Christmas worship CD from Paul Baloche released this week. Preview the video that combines favorite Christmas carols with modern worship songs by clicking on the link at

The second full-length worship album from the Vertical Church band released this week. The band is a ministry of the Harvest Bible Church in Chicago and includes solo artist Meredith Andrews. Find out more about the new project by reading a recent overview from the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday. It’s available by clicking on the link at

The Hits Deep tour, featuring Tobymac, kicks off in just over one week. The tour will cover 22 cities in two months. And it will also include Brandon Heath, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Colton Dixon, Chris August and more. Check out details by clicking on the link at

The members of Kutless tweeted that they were so stoked to share the Gospel over the weekend in Manila. More than 2,900 people committed their lives to the Lord during the bands concerts.

It’s official. The Newsboys will headline Winter Jam Tour 2014. The concert series will also include Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, Plumb, Newsong, Colton Dixon, and more. A pre-Jam will feature several additional bands including Love and the Outcome. The launch party for Winter Jam Tour 2014 was held earlier this week. Check out the promo video by clicking on the link at

The members of Hawk Nelson have released another recap video from the United We Stand Tour. This weeks video features an overview of the band’s stops in Florida. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Artist News October 29, 2013

Did you know that Jesse Garcia has a side project. The guitarist for Building 429 is also the force behind Heroes of Silence. Heroes of Silence is described as Post Rock, Ambient, Electronica music for your soul. And it’s available on iTunes. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Mandisa: I am a living witness that God can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be here. So thankful!!

Brandon Heath’s boycott of Christmas music before Thanksgiving is having an impact. The Hilton Garden Inn in Chesterfield, Missouri just tweeted Brandon: “per your request, we will not be playing Christmas Music until after Thanksgiving in our public areas.” Even though Brandon’s Christmas CD came out earlier this month he is encouraging everyone to wait until after Thanksgiving to play any Christmas music.

From Francesca Battistelli:
Bad news-I am full on procrastinating so many things right now. Dinner, laundry, phone calls
Good news-playing with my kids instead

The members of Big Daddy Weave are celebrating their 15th anniversary. They say it’s been a long and crazy journey since their first concert on October 28 of 1998.

The music web site We are Worship is giving away a copy of Paul Baloche’s Christmas medley of Hark the Herald Angels Sing and King of Heaven. Download your free copy by clicking on the link at The full Christmas CD from Paul Baloche is also now available. It officially came out today.

Chris Tomlin’s Burning Lights: Deluxe Edition came out today. The CD and DVD features a live recording of the Burning Lights tour, recorded in the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado Springs.

Jonny Diaz says he’s fundamentally opposed to Christmas music (and decor) before Thanksgiving. However, he tweeted this week that, you’re one of the irresponsible ones who doesn’t abide by this logic, he has a new Christmas song available on iTunes. It’s a brand new recording of an old Christmas poem written by his mom and titled Asleep in the Hay. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Music out on October 29, 2013
– Paul Baloche – Christmas Worship – Integrity Music – Provident
– Chris Tomlin – Burning Lights Deluxe Tour Edition – Sixsteprecords – Capitol
– Bill & Gloria Gaither – Best of Homecoming 2014 – Spring House – Capitol
– Superchick – RE: COLLECTION CD/DVD – InPop Records – Capitol
– Vertical Church – The Rock Won’t Move – Essential Worship – Provident
– Dave Barnes – A December To Remember – Indie
– Hillsong UNITED – Zion Acoustic Sessions – Hillsong – Capitol

The members of Casting Crowns had a fun break from touring over the weekend. Guitarist Josh Mix tweeted that they were doing “flips and stuff in the NASA pool” at the space and rocket center

For King and Country has an accident at a recent concert. They tweeted a picture of their keyboard with the caption “This poor fella took a 10ft tumble off the stage last night”

James Mead is taking advantage of a time warp to complete is homework. He tweeted late Sunday evening: I’m in Tokyo with Kutless. It’s Monday. But, at Grand Canyon University it’s Sunday at 9:30pm…which means I can turn in some homework!

Hawk Nelson was in St. Louis Monday night. They were playing at Monday Night’s NFL game between the Rams and the Seahawks.

Keep Britt Nicole and her band in your prayers. They’re in Montana this week and are fighting the snow on the way to their next venue.

Artist News October 28, 2013

A bit of trivia from Natalie Grant. Although they share the same last name, Amy Grant and Natalie Grant are not related. However, their mothers are both named Gloria Grant; different ladies but with the same name.

Aaron Shust says he’s a meterology nerd. And his dream came true over the weekend. He had the chance to give the weather forecast on the air.

Mandisa recently tweeted that God is teaching her Singleness appreciation. She’d read I Corinthians 7:26-28 and tweeted that, regarding single verses marriage, ultimately one is no better than the other. Mandisa said the best status is wherever God has you.

Jesse Garcia is getting a new guitar. The guitarist for Building 429 tweeted recently that Newsboys member Jody Davis is building him a custom J. Davis guitar.

Jodi and Chris say Canadians know how to rock wool socks. The Canadian couple that makes up the group Love and the Outcome tweeted that they wear them year round so they’d better.

Congratulations to Dan Gartley. The Sanctus Real bass player tweeted that he’s getting married this weekend. He added that he could use an old Porsche for the event and wondered if anyone had one he could borrow. Dan added that he’d also accept a donation of the vehicle if the owner would rather just give it to him.

Chris Huffman says they now have a donation site set up for their son Silas. The young son of the Casting Crowns bass player is waiting for a heart transplant and Chris says they estimate the transplant releated expenses will be at least $50,000. Sign up to help by clicking on the link at

New World Son was the featured band at this years Sock it to Satan Carnival and Music Fest over the weekend. The outdoor concert is a collaboration between several congregations in Metroplex. According to the organizers, the event was not only to provide a safe Halloween alternative for the areas children, but also to come together as the Body of Christ to provide a day of amazing Christian entertainment for our children, our families and our community.

Tickets are now on sale for this springs Road Show. The 2014 concert tour will be headlined by Third Day and Skillet. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North played two house shows over the weekend. And lead singer Mike Donahey says they loved it. Mike tweeted that it was a great reminder that as ministry gets bigger it needs to get smaller.

Jenny Simmons: When I was a traveling artist I had no concept of what a weekend was. Now I know-and I wonder how I lived all those years without one? Keep the artists in your prayers as they leave their families behind and travel around the country.

Matthew West made a birthday celebration very special for young man over the weekend. Matthew said he found out Zach was having a Matthew West themed birthday party so figured he should stop by before the show in Indy! Matthew added that you should have seen Zach’s face when the bus pulled up!

Artist News October 25, 2013

A movie that Mac Powell had a small roll in made it’s debut this week. The movie Rumors of War also included an appearance by fellow Christian artist Jaci Velasquez.

Integrity music has released a brand new microsite for Paul Baloche’s Christmas worship CD. The site includes and album preview, lyric videos, and chord charts. Check out more by clicking on the link at

While Mark Lee isn’t a fan of autobiographies, the member of Third Day is encouraging spiritual autobiographies. He says it can be helpful to write out the important events in your spiritual journey. While it’s just between you and God, it can be good to file away and review from time to time. Read more by clicking on the link at

Jonny Diaz has recorded an alternate version of his song SCARS. The new version tells of a woman struggling from the physical and emotional scars remaining from her battle with breast cancer. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, Josh is sharing it online. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Integrity songs is encouraging their followers to help worship leader Jared Anderson. He and his band were playing in Detroit when their van, trailer, and gear were stolen from their hotel. The van has been recovered but the trailer and all their instruments have not been located. If you’d like to help click on the link at

Stellar Kart has teamed up with The Overflow to bring you a seven day devotional. In the series the group gets into the Word and talks about the meaning behind some of their favorite tracks on the album. Read more by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli may play in front of thousands on a regular basis. But most moms will be able to relate to another aspect of her life. Francesca tweeted this week: Screaming kids. Splitting headache. No one napping. Real life.

Matthew West’s ministry Population We checked in this week at the halfway point of Matthew’s Into the Light fall tour. During the first 16 shows the ministry has seen 23,000 seats filled, hosted 450 guests from local ministries, and prayed with over 250 people after the shows.

Natalie Grant’s new CD Hurricane is off to a good start. The CD entered Billboard’s “Top Christian Albums” chart at #1, marking Natalie’s first-ever debut atop the chart. In addition, “HURRICANE” made a top 20 entry at #17 on the overall SoundScan/Billboard 200.

The guys from Tenth Avenue North recently talked about making a difference through their music. They tweeted: We as a band are continually amazed how God moves through melody. Thanks to all of you who are sharing your stories with us. There’s nothing better as a band than hearing how God used one of your songs in someone’s life.

Skillet is on their way to Europe for their upcoming tour with the secular group Nickelback. Lead singer John Cooper tweeted this week that they’re leaving for France for their first visit ever to the country.

The lost has been found. Laura Story tweeted this week that she was back on the tour bus and found her iphone exactly where she left it two days ago

More information is being released on Mandisa’s debut at the grand Ole Opry. The Christian artist joined Natalie Grant and Amy Grant along with several other artists at the Women Rock for the Cure event earlier this week. Read more by clicking on the link at

Artist News October 24, 2013

Mandisa commenting after her debut at the grand ole opry: I gotta admit, after being eliminated during country week on American Idol, this does feel like redemption!

Newsboys member Jeff Frankenstein: Things I learned at the antique mall this morning: 1.Cassettes are now antiques. 2.People had much smaller heads 50 years ago.

The members of Kutless are branching out. Drummer Kyle Peek is giving drumming lessons in the Portland area. And guitarist James Mead is working with a Amp company called Tyler Amps. He says the organization is on a mission to bless the Lord with “rad amps”.

This weeks shooting in Sparks, Nevada is hitting especially close to home for the Sidewalk Prophets. The tweeted after hearing news of the shooting that they’d visited there two times this year and love that community.

A prayer request from Todd Agnew: He said this week “I have a kid getting tests done at the hospital today.”

The wife of Citizenway member Josh Calhoun recently shared a little more about how she and Josh’s relationship. In the blog Musings of a Musician’s Wife Kaia shared about how the two met. Read their story by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts is still dealing with boxes. The Christian artist tweeted this week: Believe it or not, it can take over 6 months to actually move in somewhere.

The Afters’ are giving you the chance to review another song. Listen to their rendition of the song “Believe (Waiting For An Answer)” by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli has released a Christmas live concert film on itunes. The video was record in Nashville in front of a live audience at the Pepsi Studio Gallery on the grounds of the historic Fontanel Mansion. It features a 45 minute concert, complete with a string section and horn ensemble. Francesca also shares some of her favorite Christmas memories in never before seen interview footage.

A new article on the All About Worship web site gives some more details about Paul Baloche’s first Christmas project titled Christmas Worship. The article also gives you the chance to win a copy of the project. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith announced his “Celebrate Christmas Tour” this week. He’ll be joined by special guest Angie Miller.

Josh Wilson will be part of the Noel tour this December. He’ll kick off the tour in Illinois on December 5 and wrap up in Texas on December 23.

Mandisa, Natalie Grant and Amy Grant were all at the Grand Ole Opry this week in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The evening was hosted by LeAnn Rimes. You can read the article about the event by clicking on the link at

Artist News October 23, 2013

A fun fact from Hawk Nelson: Group member Micah Kuiper almost made the USA Olympic gymnastics team.

Mark Lee is out with a new blog on seeking God’s kingdom. In the blog the Third Day Guitarist points out that everything we do needs to start as a pursuit of the kingdom of God. No matter how good the job is, if it’s not what God has called us to do, we shouldn’t be doing it. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at christian

Natalie Grant talked recently with the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday about her song Hurricane. And she shared openly about the Hurricane she was in the midst of when she wrote the song that eventually became the core of her entire new album. Read the interviews and find calm in your own Hurricane by clicking on the list at

Josh Calhoun went the extra mile to get in his radio interviews recently. The member of Citizenway tweeted that he was driving around to do radio interviews all day today because he didn’t have reception at his house and it is far too cold to sit outside

Jenny Simmons is at a tough spot in her life right now. The Christian artist tweeted this week that life feels so unknown. She said she just wants to buy a house and a puppy and have a baby- anything to help her feel anchored. Instead, she is praying “Jesus anchor me.”

Want to win a Newsboys signed poster with YOUR face on it? Submit your photo with the hash tag #RestartMosaic and you could win.

Jamie-Grace was recording another video for God Girl’s Club TV this week. And this time she answered the hundreds of questions she’s received from girls about dating and relationships who aren’t even 18 yet. Jamie reminded the girls of three things:
– you are loved (and were created by) THE KING of the WORLD! there is no need to settle for someone who doesn’t believe it and treat you like it.
– there is no need to date for “fun.” if you want to be married someday wait to date or “court” with intention.
– your heart is too precious to share with just anyone. trust Jesus in all that you do. He created your heart, your husband, and will work it out in His time.
Watch the video by clicking on the link at

According to Brandon Heath, the only way to listen to Christmas music is on a record player. So it would only make sense that his new album “Christmas Is Here” will soon be available on an LP Record.

Tiffany Leigh is making the most of a bad situation. Due to health problems she’s been placed on a gluten free diet. But even though she can’t eat many types of bread, the Christian artist who goes by the name Plumb said she can enjoy their smell. Tiffany tweeted a picture with her nose buried in a roll at a recent visit to a restaurant.

Jesse Garcia says there are two questions that he fears most while touring with Building 429. Those questions are: “Where were you last night?” and “Where are you guys tomorrow?”