Artist News December 3, 2013

Jamie Grace is wondering where to go from here. She tweeted: Seriously when people tell me to get a job and house before I get married I’m like um… done… now what?

Kutless member James Mead was answering your questions recently and here are some of his answers:
-How many plates did you eat at Thanksgiving? Plates are inedible.
-If you had a pretty bird, what would you name it? I want a pet crow named ‘Roscoe’…Does that count?
-What is your favorite part about being in Oregon? The forest.
-Craziest thing a fan has given you? Their undivided attention.
-What’s your favorite Christmas movie? ‘A Christmas Carol’, starring George C. Scott.
-What do you enjoy about being a Christian? Christ, mostly.
-Best song to jam out to? In most scenarios, ‘Bohemiam Rhapsody’.
-Favorite Christmas song/carol? ‘Good King Wenceslas’ for some reason. The melody is soothing.

The Christian Music magazine CCM Magazine is hoping to restart the print version of the publication. In 2008 the magazine was converted to an online magazine to cut down on costs. But officials with the magazine have started a kick starter effort to restart the print version with a 35th anniversary edition. Mandisa is expressing her support. Check out a video she recorded by clicking on the link at

Food for thought from SanctusReal: God asks us to pray without ceasing. Imagine what our lives would look like if we really did that.

An advent thought from David Crowder: Advent is a season of hope and anticipation. May we not be so wrapped up in holiday busy-ness that we forget to simply wait and hope for the coming of our Liberating King.

Todd Smith was sharing an interesting story from his missionary parents. The Selah member grew up in the Congo and his parents still minister there. Todd said that, while in that country. one of their staff was bitten by a viper. The bite from that snake deadly if not treated within the first hour but his father had no anti venom. So Todd said he instead hooked wires to the generator and electrocuted the bite three times. And their staff member lived through the bite without the anti venom.

Thanksgiving is over and that means Brandon Heath is finally talking about his new Christmas CD Christmas is Here. And this week he shared about one of his original songs on the project titled Just a Girl. Brandon says the song talks about what it might have been like for Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Read the entire interview as well as the words to the song by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets recently recorded a devotional for the YouVersion Bible app’s 12 Days of Christmas series. It’s based on their song What a Glorious Night taken from Luke 2. Listen to the devotional by clicking on the link at

The husband and wife duo that make up Love and the Outcome recently recorded a devotional for the YouVersion Bible app’s 12 Days of Christmas series. It’s based on their song Emmanuel taken from Isaiah 7. Listen to the devotional by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard has lost a lot of weight. But now the lead singer of Mercyme making another change. He tweeted this week that he was going to try life without a beard for a while. Check out the new look by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns member Melodee Devevo says this is what happens to your phone when you’re in a band with Mark Hall. Attached to her tweet was a series of selfie pictures taken by Mark. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Citizenway was celebrating Bad Joke Monday this week. And here are some of their suggestions:
-Did you hear about the fire at the circus?
It was in tents!
-What do you call a man stuck in a mailbox?
A priority male.

Building 429 and Hawk Nelson will be kicking off their Canadian Christmas Tour this Thursday

Artist News December 2, 2013

Laura Story had a scare over the holiday weekend. She says a tree fell in their yard. Laura tweeted they were thankful that only their daughter’s swing set was hit, not their home.

The Sidewalk Prophets are encouraging you to dance and decorate. They’re asking you to record a video of your family listening to their Christmas Merry Christmas to You while decorating for the holidays. Then send the videos to The Sidewalk Prophets via their special website. It’s available by clicking on the link at

A question from The Afters: Real tree, fake tree, or no tree for Christmas in your house?

The members of For King and Country were recently talking about their song Baby Boy. In talking about the Christmas song, Luke said “I think that when it comes to Christmas, we need to remember what Jesus came to do, who He was, and who He is. I think sometimes we forget that a little bit. Read more about the song and their entire new EP by clicking on the link at

A suggestion from SanctusReal: Forgive every chance you get… you’ll get plenty of chances.

Mary Beth Chapman issued a public thank you to the Fire department in Franklin, Tennessee. She tweeted over the weekend that their brand new fireplace apparently had a leak, resulting a smoky scare over the weekend.

Matt Redman says he’s lost count of the number of songs he’s written about the cross. But he added that the reason is simple. Matt said: It is the difference between life and death, between inescapable chains and eternal freedom. It’s where love and justice kiss, and holiness and mercy meet. It happened over two thousand years ago, but the event of the cross is standing just as strong and tall over history as it ever was.

Lincoln Brewster is asking for your prayers. He returned home from his latest tour to find that his boy Levi was in the ER. Lincoln said doctors think he might have appendicitis. Lincoln said prayers would be appreciated.

Jaci Velasquez recently traveled to Guatemala. The actress and singer was in the country to observe the work of the organization Food for the Poor.

The members of the band Skillet were in Russia over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Their stop in Moscow included a day of sight seeing and also a sold out concert in front of 6,000 cheering fans.

Artist News November 26, 2013

The people have spoken. They chose Matthew West at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening. He was named the Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist. In response, Matthew tweeted: Thank you all for letting my music be part of your stories. I’m humbled. However, Matthew did seem a little unnerved about the amount of skin shown at the AMA awards. He also tweeted: I know everyone’s hoping for the seamstress union to end their strike so all these dresses can be completed.

A reminder from Mikeschair lead singer Mike Grayson: Peace is not the absence of trouble, it is the presence of Jesus!

The cold in Nashville seems to be getting to Dave Frey. The lead singer of Sidewalk Prophets tweeted: It’s officially the temperature I like to call “stupid cold” here in Nashville. Can October come back please?

Some pre-Thanksgiving facts from Shane and Shane: 20% of all cranberries eaten in the U.S. every year are consumed at Thanksgiving and It takes 200 cranberries to produce each can of jellied cranberry sauce.

What do you rely on to stay on track? Mandisa tweeted recently: Memorizing Scripture and going to the Lord in times of temptation are some of the tools I rely on most to stay on track.

Amy Grant says cheese grits and her sister’s carrot soufflé rank high on her list of favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Britt Nicole: Your dreams don’t end when you wake up—they end when you give up. Keep dreaming and believing.

Thanksgiving is almost here! but Brandon Heath is holding firm… No Christmas Music Until The Day After Thanksgiving! And he’s not alone. More than 700 people have signed his official petition to delay the start of Christmas music until after this weeks holiday. Check out Brandon’s latest video by clicking on the link at–JuJIvJdB7XXsaO

Matt Redman recently shared more about his latest CD Your Grace Finds Me. The worship leader from the UK was interviewed on CBN News Tonight. Find out more about the songs on the new record, delving into the themes of prayer, joy and our dependence on God. Read the interview by clicking on the link at

Tiffany Lee was greeted by a surprise when she returned from her latest tour. The artist that goes by the name Plumb tweeted: I pulled in my driveway from tour only to find the most thoughtful gift from my Hubby and kids…Christmas lights up!

The nominations are in and Bart Millard has made his selection. The lead singer of Mercyme tweeted this week that the new project by Phil Wickham titled The Ascension has been named Bart’s favorite album of the year.

Michael Anderson’s dog is getting quite a following. The Building 429 drummer says his dog Booger has reached 200 followers. Michael says the wiener dog likes bones, digging to China, and sleeping in suitcases.

Chris Huffman has been dealing with a lot recently. But the bass player for Casting Crowns says the struggles, including the need for a heart transplant for his young son, have been a big lesson. He tweeted that it has give him “a new appreciation for so many things I’ve taken for granted. God’s love & grace are so huge”.

Changes are coming for Group One Crew. Blanca Callahan announced this week that, after a decade with the group, she is stepping down to pursue a solo career. Watch her announcement video by clicking on the link at

The band Blue Tree is in Cambodia this week. Members of the band says it’s going to be a very emotional trip. They say they are praying for the goodness of God to be seen no matter what circumstances may bring. Stay up to date on what’s happening by clicking on the link at

The members of Selah are thinking everyone who came to their concert this week in Portland. Todd Smith says those attending brought over 5,000 pounds of food for people in need

Rehearsals are starting this week for the Very Merry Christmas tour. It will begin on November 30 and will feature Audio Adrenaline, Sidewalk Prophets, Love and the Outcome, and more.

Rehearsals are getting underway for The Story Tour. The night will include Christmas carols and a musical journey through the Bible. It will feature a wide variety of artists including Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant, Matthew West, Nichole Nordeman, and Selah. But prayers for the concert series that begins this Friday are already needed. Natalie Grant tweeted that, just in time for The Story Tour rehearsals, the illness that has been going around her house has finally caught up with her.

Artist News November 22, 2013

Tai Anderson says there is hope for humanity. The Third Day guitarist attached a picture of a letter the band had just received. It came from a fan who had purchased a CD at one of their recent concerts and had accidentally picked up two CDs rather than just one. Enclosed with the letter were the funds necessary to pay for the second CD.

Natalie Grant says she’s actually looking forward to a plane flight. The Christian artist who is outspoken about her dislike of flying says she hopes to get a nap after a very intense week. Natalie says it started with Gracie’s asthma attack a week ago, closely followed by a bout with the flu that hit the entire family. Natalie says she spent her last few minutes at home yesterday making a peach crisp, from scratch, for her girls school Thanksgiving Feast. Today Natalie is taking a break from Motherhood. She’s singing in the finale of the American Bible Challenge in LA.

A reminder from Jamie Grace: if you have your pastor’s email, twitter name, or phone number, take just a minute to send some encouragement. Just say thanks for following Jesus. Our pastors do so much more than Sunday mornings and I’m sure our gratitude can never be shared enough.

Amazon has released their Best of 2013 list. And they say Matt Redman’s CD Your Grace Finds Me is the top Christian Album of the year. Natalie Grant was listed as their top Christian artist of the year. And Phil Wickham’s song This is Amazing Grace was the top song of 2013.

James Mead says his son is awesome. The Kutless guitarist tweeted that they were seeing an autism specialist this week to help determine the focus of work that needs to be done. James said Jacob is such a good kid, with a great heart, and he works through his challenges as best he can.

Mandisa’s new clothing line has been on the market for several weeks. And the Christian artist says there are a few items that are especially popular. Some of the top sellers are her line of exercise clothing and the overcomer and purity rings. Check out the entire “Simply Mandisa” clothing line by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts will be introducing three Christmas bundles just before Thanksgiving. Kerrie says the bundles will include T-shirts, necklaces, bracelet, a signed EP, Christmas prints AND tickets to her online Christmas show.

Paul Baloche is giving worship leaders free resources to help with their Thanksgiving worship services. He has released several Thanksgiving song ideas on his web site. Included are guitar and piano charts, sound tracks, and “how to” videos. Check out the free Thanksgiving resources by clicking on the link at

A reminder from SanctusReal: A sunrise means we get another chance.

A recent thought from Matthew West: Grace is unmerited, undeserved, unearned, and unequal favor. And grace is anything but fair.

Something to keep in mind as you attend church this Sunday from Christian artist Jimmy Needham: May the news of the gospel strengthen, challenge and humble you today as you worship with the rescued.

Steven Curtis Chapman celebrated a birthday this week. And his wife Mary Beth suggested giving him what she called the best birthday gift ever. She encouraged Stevens fans to give the gift of hope by making a donation to Show Hope and changing an orphan’s world. Find the details by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson band member Daniel is now out of surgery. Daniel has had to miss the bands concerts over the past month because of knee problems. Several weeks ago a specialist found two tumors in the bone under his right knee. And this week he had surgery to correct the problem. Members of Hawk Nelson say Daniel is now resting at the hospital. They’re asking the groups fans to pray for a speedy recovery so he can get back on the road with the group.

Sometimes life on the road can be an adventure. Colton Dixon tweeted this week that he woke up to three fire trucks worth of firefighters in the lobby of his hotel. Meanwhile, the members of the Sidewalk Prophets say their tour bus got in the middle of a high speed chase as they traveled late one night this week.

The band Unspoken will launch their first Acoustic Christmas Tour on December 1st. The band, known for their classic harmonies, will treat audiences to acoustic versions of Christmas classics.

Artist News November 21, 2013

The latest song from Jamie Grace is titled I’m A Fighter. The song is based on her experiences fighting Tourettes Syndrome. But she says her favorite part of I’m A Fighter is reading the stories from her fans. She’s posting a new one everyday on her I’m a Fighter website. Read the stories of people just like you who are facing difficult times and have chosen to fight back with God’s strength. Click on the link at

Natalie Grant and Mandisa are having a friendly disagreement with Brandon Heath. Brandon has been very outspoken this year, stating that Christmas decorating and music should wait until after Thanksgiving. But Natalie replied this week: it’s never too soon; especially when you tour in December and are gone from home. Mandisa added: Mr. Scrooge has some crazy rules! Still, one look at your cute kids will melt his heart. Referencing one of Brandon’s recent videos, Mandisa added: if Brandon Heath had crushed MY gingerbread house, I would’ve taken him OUT. However, all the bantering is in fun and is all part of Brandon’s unique effort to promote his brand new Christmas CD.

A thought from Mike Donehey: “Taste and see The Lord is good.” This is an imperative. The lead singer of Tenth Avenue North adds: I love how serious God is that I find my pleasure in Him.

A good reminder tweeted by Matthew West from one of his recent songs. He said: I shook my fist at Heaven and said, “God why don’t you do something?” He said, “I did, I created you.”

The members of Third Day are encouraging their fans to get involved in a very special outreach. The band tweeted this week: It’s national collection week for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! Be sure to get those boxes in!

Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips recently sat down to talk about another song from their latest CD Restart. This time they’re sharing the story behind the Newsboys song That Home. Listen to the story and then share your own story by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche was doing radio and press interviews this week. But he wasn’t talking with media organizations in America. The worship leader was gearing up for his tour to South Africa in 2014 by talking with media representatives in that country about his new Christmas CD and his upcoming tour

A devotional thought from Chris Tomlin: Humility is the moon. The moon knows that it has no light of its own so it doesn’t float around in space saying, “Look at me shine! Look at me shine!” No, it simply reflects the light of the sun to the earth. That’s a picture of a good worship leader. Yes, people will look at you, but you are just a reflection of a greater Light. And this Light is life to all who seek it.

Jonny Diaz says his mom wrote a Christmas poem and sent it to him. He added: I liked it so much, I had to put music to it. The result is Jonny’s latest Christmas song, Asleep In The Hay. Watch the lyric video for the song by clicking on the link at

The Vertical Church Band has released a song session for their song Found in You. Watch the live video as the members of the band, including Meredith Andrews, sit in an informal circle and record their rendition of the song. The video is available by clicking on the link at

Tobymac is giving you the first look at this years Hits Deep Tour and also already gearing up for the 2014 addition of the tour. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets are kicking on a Christmas Cookie Competition. Band members are asking those who attend their shows to also bring their best Christmas cookies to enter in the competition this month and next.

Jason Gray will once again bring holiday cheer to fans across the country. The Christian artist is launching the 2nd annual Christmas Stories Tour on December 4th. The 10-city tour will also feature new artist Lauren Daigle.

Artist News November 20, 2013

Matthew West is about to dig into some writing for a new CD. In answer to a question from a fan, he tweeted that the end of his latest tour means a new CD will be coming. He said he’s ready now to sit down and start the writing process.

The web site Jesus Freak Hideout continues to offer free music at their web site. They have more than 30 songs that you can legally download. Included in the download options are Christmas songs by Lincoln Brewster and Phillips, Craig and Dean. Access all the download by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard says it took some digging but the new Mercyme song “Shake” is officially available on iTunes. Purchase and download the song by clicking on the link at

A new CD from Casting Crowns and a new book from lead singer Mark Hall will soon be available. The CD Thrive will release on January 28. And Marks new book Thrive-Digging Deep, Reaching Out is scheduled to be available on February 11. You can preview the new Casting Crowns album and also pre-order your copy of the project by clicking on the link at – preview – preorder

Family Christian is giving away a one of a kind guitar. The Christian online bookstore is giving away a guitar autographed by both Laura Story and Steven Curtis Chapman. Enter to win by clicking on the link at

A first for Big Daddy Weave this week. Lead singer Mike Weaver says they played with a symphony orchestra for the first time ever. He says the concert helped to raise over $200,000 to support the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Mercyme wrapped up their performances at Women of Faith events over the weekend. And Bart Millard commented: Been a great run. Now back to boring old man of faith.

The guys from Shane and Shane says they now realized how to anger the early morning commuters near their home in Dallas. They said “just drive your 45′ bus thru rush hour traffic with no blinkers.”

The Capital Kings are on tour with Tobymac’s Hit’s Deep Tour and this week released a video sharing some of their experiences. Check out their highlights by clicking on the link at

What do two Canadians do with a day off in the desert in the middle of November. The husband and wife duo Love and the Outcome tweeted that they spent the day reading holiday magazines by the pool.

Artist News November 19, 2013

The members of Casting Crowns are asking you to join them in prayer this week. The members of the band say they are entering a time of increased prayer for the new year and God’s will for their ministry.

A word of advice from Laura Story: There’s nothing like playing two on two with some twenty something year old crew guys to remind you how old you are.

A tidbit of information from Third Day’s Mac Powell: I’m not that really into pretzels. I mean…they’re all right….but they’re not my favorite.

James Mead recently tweeted: I need to look for more opportunities to express my thankfulness to God. The Kutless guitarist admitted that he’s not doing too well with that lately. James says so…thankful for GRACE!

Mike Donehey was recently rolling around some ideas about prayer. The lead singer of Tenth Avenue North tweeted: Praying isn’t always about hearing God speak. It’s more about just giving Him the chance to. Read more about Mike’s thoughts on Wasting Time with God by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche was talking this week about the tension between Christmas carols and worship during the holidays. The long time worship leader shared his insight on meeting the congregations desire for carols during the holidays while also maintaining an attitude of worship. Hear Paul’s thoughts on the issue by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth were guests on Focus on the Family recently. They were talking about adoption, God’s provision, and ten years of Show Hope. If you missed the program you can now listen online by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard says they had to take their son Sam to the hospital Sunday night. The lead singer from Mercyme says their son was experiencing some complications due to his diabetes. Bart says the good news is that they’re finally through the worst. But prayers for Sam, Bart, and the rest of the family would still be appreciated.

Third Day prayed over the weekend with some Army moms whose sons died in Afghanistan. And Third Day guitarist Tai Anderson says the moms shared that Third Day’s music got them through. He tweeted that was more meaningful than any award.

Meredith Andrews was joined by her young son Maverick on stage over the weekend. She tweeted: Maverick singing Lord I Need You on stage tonight made my momma heart proud.

Artist News November 8, 2013

An investigative report by ABC news involving Natalie Grant and numerous other celebrities was broadcast this week. According to Natalie, her management office received a phone call from a distraught mother. She said her daughter was dying of cancer, in her final moments of life, and her dying wish was to speak to Natalie. Natalie says she didn’t hesitate, immediately contacting the family and speaking with the little girl who she thought was taking her final breaths. Eventually Natalie found that the entire event was a scam. But Natalie wasn’t the only one affected. Other celebrities were also caught up in the scam revealed by ABC this week.

Laura Story recently sat down with the organization Faith Village to discusses faith, worship and family. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at
13d01287a5c7/laura_story_discusses_faith_worship_and_family …

The Canadian Covenant Awards were announced this week. And the new group Love and the Outcome came away with several awards. Love and the Outcome was named New Artist of the Year and their song He is With Us was named Song of the Year, Recorded Song of the Year, and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year. Other Covenant Award winners included Paul Baloche, winning the International Album of the Year award for his new French worship CD, Matt Maher winning Praise Album of the Year for All the People Said Amen, and Chris Tomlin winning International Song of the Year for the song Whom Shall I Fear.

Kerrie Roberts tweeted this week: my house is not confused, it’s just decorated for 2 holidays at once. Thanksgiving and Christmas merging into one fantastic holiday season!

Jenny Simmons wants your opinion. She tweeted this week: True or false: It’s too early for me to put up my Christmas tree.

The drummer for Hawk Nelson is reporting in after missing out on the bands concerts over the past couple of weeks. Daniel says that, after several months of having knee problems, he finally had it checked by a specialist. Doctors eventually discovered that he had two tumors in the bone under his right knee. He’ll undergo surgery on November 20. And Daniel would appreciate your prayers as he goes through the procedure and than begins the recovery process.

The title track from Skillet‘s new album Rise has been picked up by CBS Sports. According to a recent news article, the song will be featured over the next six months during CBS Sports’ College Hockey Promos. Meanwhile, Skillet is currently touring with the band Nickelback in Europe. Following that tour the band plans several headline shows in Russia and the Ukraine before returning to the USA.

Mandisa now has her own clothing line. The Christian artist this week shared the first items in the clothing line developed by SonGear under the name Simply Mandisa. She says more items are coming but several items, including tops, accessories, and exercise clothes, are already available. Check them all out by clicking on the link at

The Free CCM free download this week is the title cut from Laura Story‘s New CD “God Of Every Story”. Download your free copy of the song by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is releasing more news about her new CD Ready to Fly coming out on January 28. She says her sophomore project will include duets with her sister Morgan and also Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew and Jason Crabb.

Meredith Andrews and for King and Country will be joining together for a Christmas tour this December. And both artists have released Christmas EPs leading up to the Holidays. Meredith Andrews new project is titled Behold the Savior. And the latest music from for King and Country is Into the Silent Night.

Jason Gray says you sometimes have to improvise when recording vocals while on the road. He said they didn’t have a pop guard for their microphone recently so simply made do with a sock.

Bart Millard said the band with back in the studio recently and he was so happy to be creating new music. Bart added that the new Mercyme album is officially underway.

Mike from Mikeschair released their official video this week for their upcoming Christmas tour. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The wait is over. The vinyl version of Audio Adrenaline’s Kings & Queens project is now available. But it’s only available at the bands online store. Check it out by clicking on the link at!

The band Blue Tree is gearing up for a trip to Cambodia. They tweeted a picture of one of their songs written in Khmer and said they were in the process of learning some songs for Cambodia.

Aaron Shust this week announced plans for the Morning Rises Tour. In addition to Aaron Shust, participants will also include Mikeschair, Jonny Diaz, and new artist Lauren Daigle.

Big Daddy Weave is thanking everyone who came out and supported their Only Name Tour with Chris August and Unspoken! The members of Big Daddy Wave are encouraging you to share your photos from the shows on facebook, twitter and instagram!

Michael W. Smith will be performing at several Franklin Grahm Festivals around the world in 2014. The long time Christian artist tweeted that, in addition to three festivals in the USA next year, he’ll also be joining Franklin for festivals in Poland and the Republic of Georgia.

Artist News November 7, 2013

The Big Daddy Weave song Redeemed spent months at number 1 on radio charts, inspiring millions around the world. Now lead singer Mike Weaver has released a devotional inspired by the truth behind the song. The devotional is titled Redeemed: Big Daddy Weave. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Michael Tait and Jody Davis were talking with CBN this week. The members of the Newsboys talked about the past, sharing about Michael joining the group and the future, their up coming Winter Jam Tour 2014. Watch the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Brandon Heath is continuing his stand against Christmas before Thanksgiving. While Christmas preparations are already underway, Brandon is making it obvious that he isn’t in the Christmas spirit. Check out the latest Christmas Isn’t Here video by clicking on the link at

The members of Steven Curtis Chapmans Glorious unfolding tour were on the basketball court this week in a game of artists verses crew. And Jason Gray tweeted: yes, I’m tall. But I am an artist. We lost. However Mary Beth added that it was because their secret weapon wasn’t there. She said: You lost because Steven Curtis Chapman was a no show!

Colton Dixon is gearing up for the Hit’s Deep Tour. But he commented this week that a common theme of his pre-tour interviews was warnings about Zumba. To which Mandisa replied: Shhh…we have to ease newbies in!

Jonny Diaz is hoping to giving your pastor or worship team a break. The Christian artist tweeted this week that he’d love to come share songs and stories at your church some sunday morning. He says he’s starting to book dates in January and February. If interested you can have a CHURCH leader contact Jonny ( with questions!

Only 100 days are left until Passion 2014 in Houston, TX! Registrations are now open. Click on the link at

Hate merchandise lines? Tobymacs Hit’s Deep tour is giving you the chance to sidestep long lines at the concert venues. They have a side step app available that will allow you to preorder your merchandise before the show and then just stop by and pick it up at the show. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli will be headlining the Hands of God tour next year. The spring 2014 tour will include Francesca, SanctusReal, and All Things new.

Artist News November 6th, 2013

The guys in the group Mercyme say they have something new coming soon. It’s the Mercyme Shake. Shake is the title of their next release and they recorded a video for the song in early October complete with more than 100 dancers on the streets of Huntsville, Alabama. Lead singer Bart Millard says the song Shake celebrates the joy of being a Christian. More on the Mercyme song Shake coming soon.

Matt Redman says we are wonderfully made. As an example, the worship leader pointed out that, when a soprano sings a top C note, their vocal cords are vibrating 1047 times per second.

The members of the band Hawk Nelson say they have a lot going on. In a recently update the guys talked about their debut on Monday Night Football, their new radio single Faithful, and their status as the most nominated artist in the recently announced We Love Christian Music nominations. Read more by clicking on the link at

The trailer for the upcoming movie God’s Not Dead has gone viral. The movie that features a concert appearance by the Newsboys playing their song God’s Not Dead has been viewed nearly 5-million times, liked nearly 1-million times and shared more than 600,000 times. Read more about the movie by clicking on the link at

November is National Adoption Month. And this past Sunday was Orphan Sunday. Tai Anderson is an adoptive father. And the Third Day guitarist tweeted this week: Adoption hasn’t been easy, but it has made our family stronger, closer and more understanding.

Mandisa’s latest release and latest CD are both titled Overcomer. And she recently shared an article from the web site Got Questions answering the questions “What does the Bible say about being an overcomer?” Read the entire article about being an overcomer through Christ by clicking on the link at

TobyMac’s Hits Deep Tour kicks off tomorrow in Huntington, West Virginia. The Tour that will also include Brandon Heath, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Colton Dixon, Chris August and Capital Kings will be on the road throughout November and December. And Tobymac says there’s still time to enter to win the Hits Deep Tour Prize Pack, including an autographed tour poster, CDs from all the artists, and more. But there isn’t much time. Winners will be selected on November 12. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Integrity Songs is giving you the chance to produce your own mix of Joy to the World by worship leader Lincoln Brewster. You can download the free multitrack segments and then build your own mix of the song by clicking on the link at

The new VeggieTales Christmas DVD Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas features a new song from Owl City, featuring TobyMac, entitled “Light of Christmas.” The song, based on the theme of remembering the true meaning of Christmas, is the end title featured song on the DVD episode. you can check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Jamie-Grace has released a lyric video for her new song Fighter. She says: I’m Jamie Grace. I have Tourette Syndrome. I’m A Fighter. And she encourages others to tell their story as well. Watch the lyric video by clicking on the link at and then click on the link on that page and tell why you’re a fighter.

Paul Baloche’s latest Christmas lyric video features a song written by his wife and Aaron Shust. Check out the official lyric video for Follow That Star by clicking on the link at