Artist News May 21, 2015

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says it’s time for meat pies. He tweeted that he enjoys the Australian dish from time to time and he just pulled the latest batch out of the oven. Duncan now makes home in the states but is a native Australian.

Kerrie Roberts says she was inspired by a speaking engagement last weekend and so now has expanded her talk into a little blog. Her topic is on being satisfied. For Kerrie that meant going from the desire to be a mega famous diva to accepting and even enjoying life as an independent artist.

Brandon Heath has found what should be his front doors. He shared a picture of the entry way to a local restaurant. Monogrammed on the windows in the doors are the letters BH. Of course, those are also Brandon Heath initials.

Francesca Battistelli helping bring attention to a horrifying fact: You can buy a pair of NIKE running shoes for what they are buying a Christian Iraqi girl from 1-9 years of age for — $172 dollars. Francesca also shared a link to the web site A Holy Experience. The organization is calling on the church to sit up and take notice.

A little insight into the life of Jamie Grace. She shared on Instagram this week: I’m a fighter. Not because my life is perfect or even easy. But because I choose to run my Creator… To my Savior… even when I’m hurting, scared, frustrated or sick. I choose to lean on the One who will never leave me. We can’t always choose what happens in our lives but we can choose how we respond to it. Let’s choose to depend on the One who will always be there. Let’s choose to keep pressing on! Choose to be a fighter!

Meredith Andrews was a little overwhelmed when she returned home this week. Meredith had been away from more than two weeks and shared a picture of her couch. It was completely covered in dirty clothes and Meredith says that was just her kids clothes. She tweeted: When you’re away on tour, you come back to this.

Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean this week shared his goal for the day. He tweeted: Today I will compliment – not criticize. Randy added: Don’t be stingy with kind words.

The band Selah is inviting you to join them for Family Life’s Love Like You Mean it cruise coming up in February. The cruise will take place February 15 through 20 and will include stops in Miami, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman Island. To make it even better, Selah is offering a special discount if you use their code Selah @ Sea.

The Drop Box Documtary will be releasing on DVD soon. Focus on the Family helped produce the DVD and they are offering some extra resources for those who want to show the documentary at in their home church. Find out more by clicking on the link at

This week Third Day asked a trivia question on their twitter page. The question was: Mac’s first foray into producing another artist was with which band? The answer: the band Forty Days

A number of artists are auctions off items ranging from guitars to concert tickets to help raise money for the Run for Love 2015 Celebrity Auction. Money raised through the auction with go to help the Hands and Feet project continue their work in Haiti. Items include concert experiences with the Newsboys, Mercyme, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, Tenth Avenue North and more. Also included in the auction are Evander Holyfield autographed boxing gloves and a signed Fender guitar.

Last week it was Tobymac on the set of Beyond AD. This week Colton Dixon will be performing on the show that airs Sunday morning on NBC.

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Artist News May 20, 2015

A reminder from Mandisa: Having a bad hair day? Our beauty is never determined by our outward appearance. God’s word that tells us what beauty really is!

Brandon Heath is out with another update on plans to send 20 kids to camp. Just 24 hours after announcing that 11 kids had been sponsored, Brandon issued another update. Now he says that number is up to 18. It’s been 20 years since Brandon committed his life to Christ at a Young Life camp. In response, this year he’s attempting to raise $5,000 to allow 20 kids to have a camp experience of their own.

How close is home schooling to being done done in your home? Casting Crowns Chris Huffman says they are nearly done in his house. He tweeted this week: In the last few days of 2nd grade homeschooling with Bailey. Summer can’t start soon enough!!

Kutless member James Mead this week showed off a vest he is putting together. In fact, James says: I sewed most of this together myself. James’ wife added a patch from a Kutless t-shirt on the back. James says the denim vest best tells the tale of who he is.

In addition to comedy, Ken Davis also spends much of his time putting on Public Speaking seminars. Now, after months of planning and preparation, Ken is out with a new podcast. He says the podcast as an extension of the principals he teaches at the conferences. In each episode he covers a wide range of topics all related to the Art and Business of Public Speaking. Access the first episode by clicking on the link at

Leave it to David Crowder to put it all in focus. He tweeted: Reckon, guy who tried to cut in front of me to board plane was hoping to get to final destination one second faster than me.

Jimmy Needham received the following post on twitter this week: your songs have helped to open up many hearts in the Bible study I’ve been leading, you now have two new sisters in Christ! Jimmy replied: No better news than this!!

Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard needs your input. He tweeted this week: So for real, what do you do when a fax machine from a blocked ID calls you every 5 minutes all morning?

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey this week shared a blog, but it wasn’t his own work. Instead, the blog came from one of his favorite coffee shops, telling the story of where they acquire their milk. Check out the background on milk production by clicking on the link at

Lecrae is making inroads into venues not normally associated with Christian music or rap music. The Christian rap artist recently sat down with NPR to talk about his latest album Anomaly. As part of the interview Lecrae talked openly about his faith. The devout Christian said his lyrics deal with issues of faith, family and social justice. He added “I consider what I do soul music.” “It is music that is concerned with the soul.” He also talked about begin caught in the middle, between a church that often doesn’t understand rap artists and a genre that often doesn’t support Christian beliefs. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

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Artist News May 19, 2015

The Billboard Christian Music Award winners were announced this past Sunday. Hillsong United was named the top Christian Artist. Lecrae’s album Anomaly was named the top Christian album.

Interested in hosting Greg Laurie’s Harvest America simulcast in March of 2016. The event will be broadcast from Dallas, Texas and will include music by Chris Tomlin. Harvest officials say they are now signing up churches across the country to simulcast the event.

Earlier this month Brandon Heath announced a goal of collecting $5,000 to send High School kids to Young Life camp. It was at a similar camp back in 1995 that Brandon committed his life to the Lord. He was only able to go because he was sponsored. Since it’s been 20 years since he had his camp experience, Brandon is hoping to raise enough to send 20 teens to camp this year. And he is well on his way to reaching that goal. Brandon announced this week that enough has been raised to send 11 kids to camp. He says just nine more to go.

Episode 8 of the Jamie Grace show is now available online. You can either download it through a podcast app or get it straight from iTunes.

Sidewalk Prophets member Ben McDonald had some company while exercising. He says he convinced fellow artist Jared Anderson to join him for his p90x workout. Ben says he has officially completed week one of the exercise regimented. Only 84 days to go.

Third Day’s Mark Lee is out with a post card from Canada. Third Day was recently on tour in the country and Mark shared some of the things he has learned. From ketchup potato chips to Tim Horton donuts to Poutine, consisting of french fries cover in gravy and cheese curds, Mark has been getting the full Canadian experience. But Mark says one of the biggest changes has been the lack of internet access available. And he says he likes it. In fact, Mark said: I even think that when I get back to the States, I’m going to use my phone a little less. He added: I have been forced to “wonder without Googling”, and while it was a little weird at first, I almost think I like that better.

Jenny Simmons has turning in the proposal for her second book. Baker books agreed to publish Jenny’s first book, The Road to Becoming. It will be available on September 1. They also signed her to a contract for a second book and she says it was the proposal for that book that was just submitted. Jenny said: I had no idea I get could THIS excited about a new book so soon…but I am. She added: I started completely over with a concept that landed in my heart with more force and passion than I could handle. I cannot wait to dive in and write my second book over the next five months.

After 3 and a half months, thousands of miles traveling across much of the Unites States, and more than 40 shows, the Beautiful Offering tour has finally wrapped up. The tour featured Big Daddy Weave, Jason Gray, and Citizenway and band members say they had a blast.

Kutless member James Mead was climbing again this week. He says he found a ladder in the abandoned grandstands. James said: When I find ladders I just climb them. It’s been a long standing tradition of mine to get to the highest point at any venue, although I’m scared of heights. This time Kutless was in Iowa and James literally had a birds eye view. He tweeted a picture of a birds nest in the I beam holding up the roof.

Moriah Peters is in Denmark this week. She is in the country for a few performances and was looking for some information about it. Moriah tweeted: Anyone have an interesting fact to share about this lovely country?

Plumb was in her birth place over the weekend. She shared a picture of the Indianapolis airport and said: The Indianapolis airport is completely different from when I was a child and my parents worked here…it is absolutely gorgeous!

NeedToBreathe is on the other side of the Atlantic this week. Members of the band tweeted: headed overseas to start our run of shows in the UK! Kicking things off in Dublin Wednesday.

Newsboys front man Michael Tait found a fun way to celebrate his birthday. He was in the Bahama’s, providing music for the Love Song Couples Getaway and had the chance to swim with dolphins on his special day.

Paul Baloche is in Belfast, Northern Ireland for his next worship leaders conference. He is town early to prepare for the conference that will take place May 20 and 21. Paul will follow the Belfast conference with a worship leader event in The Netherlands May 23.

Tenth Avenue North will be playing a show for Atlanta Braves fan this weekend. They will be playing a 60 minute concert after the Braves take on the Brewers on May 24.

Michael W. Smith is back in the studio but he’s not working on a new album. Michael this week is working on the score for the upcoming new movie 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Danny Gokey is gearing up for the Christmas album. Danny was in the studio this week picking songs for the upcoming project. On twitter he asked: What songs would you like to hear on my album?

You can now pre-order the movie The Drop Box on DVD on the Focus on the Family web site. The movie tells the story of a pastor in South Korea who is saving children that would otherwise be abandoned on the streets. It will be released on June 1.

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Artist News May 18, 2015

Kerrie Roberts has some good news and some bad news over the weekend. Kerrie tweeted: The good news is I found and removed the spider from my hair before it was able to harm me. The bad news is I flung it to a place that cannot be located.

Matthew West is featured on the cover of the latest edition of CCM Magazine. The magazine that focus’ on Christian music says Matthew has already produced three CDs based on stories sent to him by his fans and he is committed to sticking with that focus. Also in this weeks edition of CCM Magazine is a report on NeedToBreathe going into the woods and worship leader Christy Nockels talking about women in worship. Access your free copy of the online magazine by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline’s Brandon Bagby was celebrating the birth of his son this weekend. Brandon says they named him Bazar Knox Bagby. He is named after Brandon’s father-in-law’s mother, Grace Fletcher. Her maiden name was Bazar (pronounced Bay•zer). Brandon says: after learning more about my father-in-law’s past, we chose this name to honor Grace for being strong and standing up for what she knew was right.

The members of for King and Country shared honestly over the weekend: To be candid, prayer and mediation are often thoroughly difficult for me to maintain…But then, what good thing ever came easily? Pray Today.

Colton Dixon is expressing some frustration. He shared on twitter: So disappointed. Why does such great music have to contain such trashy lyrics? Let’s inspire and encourage people. Stop the trash.

Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald is cheering on his wife. He tweeted over the weekend: Today my wife is watching the first group of 4th graders she ever taught graduate from High School. Proud husband of an awesome teacher.

Rush of Fools member Wes Willis has been enjoying a brief break from touring. He shared online: Grateful for the last few weeks at home to be able to do something as simple as tuck my kids in and enjoy the front porch with my bride. Wes added that It may be simple stuff for someone who doesn’t have to travel for a living he has never been able to really enjoy the simple things.

Big Daddy Weave drummer Jeff Jones recently shared one of his favorite Friday traditions. He said he always tries to travel to a new location on his Friday morning bike rides. Jeff says he likes to mix it up.

Jonny Diaz took to twitter to introduce his new daughter. Jonny says Charlie Grace Diaz came into the world a bit before midnight, weighing in at 6lb 8oz.

Jodi from Love & The Outcome is creating a new look. She tweeted over the weekend: just realized my shirt is inside out. Jodi actually admitted that she was still half asleep when dressing, which might have affected her edgy choice of outfits.

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey says his weekend flight was an eventful one on several levels. He says they had a medical emergency when one of the travelers on the flight required an IV. Mike says his reaction to the situation showed him something about himself. He tweeted: guy on my flight was getting an IV and I was more worried about missing my show. I need more compassion. Mike went on to post: Been thinking how being a Christian means to let yourself be inconvenienced. People are not an obstacle. They are a chance to bless.

The finale of Natalie Grant’s It Takes a Church was aired late last week. In response to the final edition of season two of the show on the Game Show Network Natalie tweeted: I’m not gonna lie – one of my favorite parts of filming were all of the cute outfits.

Phillips, Craig and Dean member Shawn Craig is out with a new blog on trusting God titled I Know It’s Weird But Trust Me. As part of the blog, Shawn shared: God’s ways don’t always FEEL right. In fact, sometimes they are downright weird. But the question is, “Will you trust Him?” Read the entire blog from Shawn Craig by clicking on the link at

Jenny Simmons says your story matters and she would like to help you write it. Jenny recently shared: When I sat down fifteen months ago to write The Road to Becoming I had NO idea how to write a book—only that I needed to. As a singer, songwriter, wife and mom I felt completely inadequate in the book-writing process! The only thing I knew with certainty was that my own journey from brokenness to becoming was resonating with other people and I felt a deep desire to honor that story by endeavoring to write it down. Now, more than a year later, Jenny is hard at work on her second book. Tonight (May 18th) Jenny will be holding a free webinar to talk about her own writing process and what she wishes she would have known 15 months ago. Register for the tonight’s free online webinar by clicking on the link at

A reminder from Mercyme’s Barry Graul: May is bike month. Get off the couch!

Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall sent out group text Sunday morning announcing the need for an extra guitar player at their church and it seems the response was a little more than expected. Marks shared a picture later in the day of a room packed full of guitar players.

A bit of trivia about Plumb. She collects aprons to wear when she makes pies.

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Artist News May 15, 2015

The Gospel Music Association is out with a list of 10 things you didn’t know about Hillsong United. The list is full of tidbits about the worship group. You will learn that the voice behind the song Oceans, Taya Smith, actually came to Australia for a secular singing job and became part of the Hillsong church as a volunteer, the group has toured six continents and more than 40 nations since 2006, and the cover of Empires was revealed from 95,000 feet in space. Check out all 10 by clicking on the link at

Focus on the Family is launching a new program in hopes of impacting thousands of marriages before they are in crisis. The Thriving Marriage Project is a massive new project by the Family Organization and President Jim Daly says the need to raise 1.85 million dollars to launch the initiative.

Kutless member James Mead tweeted this week: Words build people up, or tear people down. He said he knows because he was on the side of words that tore him down recently. James added on his twitter account: Be careful what you say on here.

Former American Idol contestants Mandisa and Danny Gokey have a suggestion for the final season the program. Mandisa wrote to Danny: They should also bring back the top 12 from each season for the finale. Danny replied that he thought it was a great idea.

Barry Graul is riding to help find a cure for diabetes. The Mercyme member is raising money as he prepares to ride in the 2015 Nashville Tour De Cure. Barry had originally hoped to raise $500 but, according to his web site, he has already surpassed the goal. But he isn’t stopping yet. He is continuing to ask for support has he bikes in the event to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

Jenny Simmons was a little distracted this week. She was working on her new book but said she could not write under those conditions. What had her so distracted. Jenny tweeted that, at that very moment, there was a manhunt going on in her neighborhood.

A note from Rush of Fools front man Kevin Huguley: Dear stealer of my wallet,
You can have the cash if I can just get my license and social security card back. Please? Kevin signed the note: This nice (but annoyed) guy

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Artist News May 14, 2015

Big Daddy Weave front man Mike Weaver says the bands name started as a joke. Mike is a big man so, when they were invited to play their first concert while still in college, they jokingly gave their bands name as Big Daddy Weave of the Institution. Mike says the moral of that story is be careful what you name your band because it could be something that decades later you’re still explaining. He says Big Daddy Weave stuck and that is what they have been called ever since.

The Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald says he has met a lot of awesome people in his life but Ben says there is still one person he would love to meet. He tweeted: I am still longing for the day I get to meet Mr. T.

Darlene Zschech says she’s found the perfect winter worship CD. She tweeted a picture of the Rend Collective album. Of course Darlene lives in Australia, where fall is well underway and winter is coming.

Kutless member James Mead is a fan of the cooking show Chopped on the Food Network. He tweeted this week: I just gave myself 30 minutes, with a pretty odd assortment of “basket ingredients,” and made delicious soup!

Good news for those of you who missed out on the Colton Dixon devotional on the Overflow web site. It is still available online. Access the devotional for Colton’s song Through All of It at it’s new location by clicking on the link at

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is in his happy place. He shared a picture online this week along with the caption: Flying into my vacation spot and caught this moment just before we landed. Can’t believe the water here!

Joni and Friends is reaching out to victims of the Afghan war. But they aren’t the victims you hear about in the news. Joni’s organization is hoping to impact the thousands of Afghan police officers who have been injured in the war and have been left destitute due to their injuries. Joni this week shared a video about their plight and encouraged prayer for those affected.

Has social media gone to far? A new app call periscope allows artists and others to share short live videos with their followers. This week Third Day’s Mac Powell was on periscope, giving followers a chance to watch him has he got a hair cut. Check out the new hair cut by clicking on the link at

Another new edition of the Natalie Grant hosted reality show It Takes A Church will be aired tonight on the Game Show Network. Natalie heads to the Revolution Church in Grand Rapids to help find Charde the love of her life.

Jamie Grace has gone 23 years without ever tasting cream cheese. She tweeted this week: I just had cream cheese for the first time. My mind is blown at how fantastic it is!

Jodi and Chris, from the group Love and The Outcome, are back in the studio this week working on record number two. But they haven’t forgotten the important things in life. Jodi and Chris shared a picture this week while on a quick taco break between sessions.
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Artist News May 13, 2015

The Lyrics from several Sidewalk Prophets songs provided the inspiration for one graduates cap decorations. Megan Hayes shared a picture of her lyric covered mortarboard along with the caption: Thank you for the inspiration! I was proud to display your lyrics at my graduation!

Plumb says renovations to their home, affectionately called the Hope House, are nearly complete. Tiffany Lee, who goes by Plumb on stage, says they are very close to finishing major renovations to their house. She says they still hope to finish the work this month in honor of the day in May three years ago that she and her husband saw HOPE and decided to begin reconciling their marriage. It was two years ago in May that they were remarried. Plumb says God is SO gracious!

Music from Hawk Nelson is featured in the trailer for a new TBS show called Clipped. The Hawk Nelson song Just Getting Started is featured in the 30 second preview for the new show.

Kevin Max has had a change of heart. He tweeted: Homeschooling- I once made fun of it, now I’m a fully committed supporter.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall says the shopping cart of a youth pastor can include a unique mixture of items. He this week shared a picture of his shopping cart. It included: 48 rolls of toilet paper, 60 pairs of Socks, 400 rubber bands, 12 quarts of lemon Juice, 15 holla hoops.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman are jumping on the invisible bracelet bandwagon. Their adoption organization Show Hope announced the release of invisible bracelets a couple of weeks ago and this week Steven and Mary Beth recorded a video showing off their own invisible bracelet. Or at least they were showing off Stevens wrist that was wearing the invisible bracelet that you can’t see because, of course, it’s invisible. 100% of money raised from the purchase of the invisible bracelets goes to feed orphans through the Show Hope organization.

Laura Story was recently celebrating a shard of glass embedded in her hand. No, she wasn’t excited about the pain it caused. She was able to rejoice about the glass in her hand even though it wasn’t pleasant because it meant the glass, found in her daughters room, would not be in her daughters foot. Read the entire article from Laura Story about a mothers love, and the example it provides of Christ’s love, by clicking on the link at

Christy Nockels sat down with the web site Beliefnet to talk about her new Album. Through out the interview Nockels answers the question Why Jesus Is The First Name I Call In Times of Trouble. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has announced plans for a four EP series in 2015. The first EP is the project, titled The Wonderlands: Sunlight, will be available on May 26. Officials say the project has been 10 years in the making and will feature 24 songs in total – one for each hour of the day. “Caroline,” the first single from The Wonderlands: Sunlight, premiere this week. Check it out by clicking on the link at

MercyMe is encouraging caution when purchasing the new Phil Wickham album. Sing Along 3 came out this week and features help from Kari Jobe, Shane and Shane, and Jeremy Riddle. In response, the guys in Mercyme tweeted tongue in cheek: Whatever you do, DON’T buy this album! You cannot handle the happiness that will follow!

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday has just announced some brand new contests. Included are a Jimmy Needham Vice and Virtue Apple Watch Giveaway, A NeedToBreathe Merchandise Giveaway, and tickets giveaways for several festivals scheduled around the county this summer. Find out how you can enter by clicking on the link at

A suggestion from Colton Dixon. He tweeted Danny Gokey this week proposing a tour together. Colton says they could call it the Mullet and Mohawk tour. Danny response: I’m in!!

There seems to be a new rule in Christian music. The staff of Capital CMG, an organization that represents Christian artists, tweeted this week: if two Capitol artists are on stage together, one artist has to stand on top of the piano. They shared a picture of Matthew West playing his guitar on top of a piano being played by Colton Dixon.

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Artist News 5/12/15

Bart Millard may have found a way around the commandment thou shalt not covet. He posted a picture of an antique pickup with the caption: Wish I had this and the guy who owns it had a nicer one. See what I did? I’m just thinking of the owner.

Matt Maher and Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer are both planning similar projects this summer. The two were both recently on twitter talking about plans for building tree houses. Both are currently in the planning stages right now but we will let you know when pictures are available.

Jamie Grace and her sister Morgan celebrated their mothers birthday with a special concert kicking off their The Fighter Tour: The Storytellers Edition in Georgia last night. Jamie invited her fans to join her for the birthday party/tour kick off and she says the response was so overwhelming that they had to cut off rsvping early. Jamie says that, in lue of birthday gifts for her mom, you can donate to Mona’s medical fund. The web site for donations is available at

Congratulations to the Newsboys on their first ever platinum certification. The designation was given for the song God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion), signifying individual sales of the song in excess of 1 million units. God’s Not Dead was the title cut from the groups 2011 album. It received renewed attention when the Movie God’s Not Dead released, pushing it back to number one on several charts.

Nancy Leigh Demoss, host of the program Revive Our Hearts, announced her engagement this week. Nancy recently told close friends of the ministry about her courtship over the past months with Robert Wolgemuth. She this week said that Robert asked her to marry him on May 2 and she said yes. Nancy added: We are planning to be married, Lord willing, on November 14, in the Chicago area. Watch a video of the announcement and read more by clicking on the link at

A reminder from Comedian Bob Smiley: Just because yesterday is over doesn’t mean you should stop appreciating your mom.

This summer marks 20 years since Brandon Heath went to a Young Life camp and started following Jesus. To celebrate, Brandon says he want to send 20 kids to camp so they can hear about Jesus too. His goal is to raise $5,000 that will then be passed along to Young Life leaders to help kids get to camp who can’t afford it, just like Brandon’s leaders did for him. To help click on the link at

Colton Dixon says he is starting to feel better. He had to cancel a concert over the weekend due to the flu and say that, thought he is not feeling 100% yet, he is a lot better than a few days ago. Colton thanked everyone for their prayers and said: time to get back to work.

Jenny Simmons will be answering questions about writing during an author launch webinar on May 18th. She will be sharing more about her writing process at the special free event. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly says he and his family had a fun time in the snow over the weekend. Jim tweeted: crazy snow Mother’s Day weekend in Colorado. Snowmen were built, snowball fights were had.

The latest release from Lincoln Brewster is titled There is Power. The song is also featured on the AD The Bible Continues Sound Track. Watch a video of Lincoln performing the song right now by clicking on the link at

Matthew West is out with the audio for his song Grace Wins. When releasing the song Matthew tweeted: I hope your head catches on to the melody, so your heart can grab onto the message. Listen to Grace Wins by clicking on the link at

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Artist News 5/11/2015

Thoughts on Mother’s day from…
-Mercyme’s Bart Millard: Happy Mother’s Day to my super awesome wife Shannon Millard. You’re the bees knees! The cat’s meeeeoooow!!! I love you like a whole super lot!!
-Jamie Grace: Happy Mother’s Day, wherever you are, to the woman who raised my future husband. I sure hope you did a good job.
-Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo: This lady has two of the most energetic kids on the planet and has turned them into well behaved members of society. And all on bum joints. Thank you mom…of my children. And love of my life

Francesca Battistelli was honored at a special event at Mercy Ministries in Nashville over the weekend. She was there to celebrate the #1 success of her song He Knows My Name. Because of Francesca’s music video that featured some of the graduates of Mercy Ministries, over a million people have heard about the ministry for young women.

Matthew West says everyone can do something about human trafficking. He tweeted this week: I’m proud to partner with 3Strands Global on the Live Forever tour. The goal of the organization is to establish a global community that will join forces and create a catalyst for change.

Steven Curtis Chapman says his web site just got a facelift. Check out Stevens updated web site at

Jamie Grace was rescuing baby rabbits over the weekend. She saved two baby bunnies from a stray cat but then wasn’t sure how to take care of them. Jamie took to facebook and twitter over the weekend asking those who follow her on social media for suggestions on caring for the two injured young rabbits.

Did you know that Blanca was introduced to her husband by her hair dresser? The former member of Group 1 Crew shared in a video that the same lady who cuts her hair also cuts her husband’s brothers hair. When she introduced the two they hit it off and started dating. But it wasn’t until her future husband attended a Group 1 Crew concert and saw that thousands of cheering fans that he realized just how popular Blanca really was.

What’s next for Passion? This summer they will be holding their first ever Passion Camp. Plan now to join Louie Giglio and Kristian Stanfill for summer camp. Check out a quick video and register your group. Click on the link at

Ravi Zacharias: What can we do for our country? The best thing we can do is what King Josiah did: Give people the Word of God & lead them in prayer.

Natalie Grant was staying up late over the weekend as she continued to work on new music. Natalie tweeted that she was grateful that the studio is in her basement so she could stumble directly in to bed when they finished. She said she was also grateful my favorite musician is in the captains seat. Natalie’s husband is the well known music producer Bernie Herms.

Not many 13 year olds can say a well known Christian artist recorded music in their bedroom, but 13 year old Tyler is one of the few. Josh Wilson shared over the weekend: I’d like to thank Tyler for loaning me his room to track the last back ground vocals for my record. His house is our green room. The song is getting mixed before I get back to my studio, so I’m improvising.

The Sidewalk Prophets shared a picture this week as they continue to work on their latest CD. The picture was of the members of the band with the members of the gospel choir working on background vocals for the upcoming new project. The Sidewalk Prophets say they are getting close to having this new album done.

The latest CD Jimmy Needham is titled Vice and Virtue. It released one week ago. Now you can also access the words to each song on the new project. Jimmy has posted all the lyrics to the songs on Vice and Virtue online. Check them out by clicking on the link at

MercyMe recently asked for your thoughts on their new song Flawless. Members of the band posted: Share with us what our new single Flawless means to you, or how it has helped you. Share your thoughts online using the hashtag: MMFlawless

The latest song from Jason Gray is titled Glow In The Dark. Jason told the web site Revived Music that the new song is a powerful message about the attempt to find Grace over our struggles. The song is the only new song on the upcoming Jason Gray EP, Post Script, which features eight songs from Gray’s Love Will Have The Final Word that are either remixes, over-cuts or demos. Post Script will be available online starting on June 9.

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Artist News May 8, 2015

Amy Grant is featured in a recent edition of the new Christian magazine Simple Grace. In the article Amy opens her heart about caring for parents with dementia. She also shares more about her newest song Welcome Yourself, a song written to benefit cancer research.

Blanca is encouraging her social media followers to Be real, Be true, Be you. On her web site she has started the Real True You challenge by sharing a picture or video of the Real True You and then tagging your friends and asking them to join in. She is posting the pictures and thoughts on her web site under the caption Real True You. Check out the pictures already posted and add your own by clicking on the link at

Advice from Colton Dixon on this day after the National Day of Prayer: Pray together. Pray every day!

Jodi and Chris from Love and The Outcome say their band meetings take on a different look when the temperatures in Nashville climb over 30 degrees celsius. They tweeted a picture while lounging in a homock, adding that, for those of you who grew up south of the Canadian border, 30 degrees celsius is actually 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, Jodi and Chris grew up in Canada before migrating to Nashville for their music career.

The National Day of Prayer is over but Max Lucado is encouraging you to keep praying by taking part in his Before Amen prayer challenge. Max says the Before Amen Prayer Challenge is simple: spend 4 minutes praying every day, for 4 weeks, and it will change your life forever. Sign up right now and Max will give you the free ebook “Pocket Prayers: 40 Simple Prayers That Bring Peace and Rest”

David Crowder’s story was featured recently in the Guidepost Magazine. The artist best known for his wiry beard and his combination of down home music and electronics just three years ago had his life turned upside down. His self titled band had broken up, he had moved from Texas to Atlanta, and he was searching for a new purpose. Crowder found that with his first ever solo album, Neon Steeple. Read the rest of the article by clicking on the link at

Did you know that you can listen to five Big Daddy Weave songs on demand at their web site. Included in the list of available music is Overwhelmed, the latest release from Big Daddy Weave. Also available at are Give My Life Away, Maker of the Wind, Save My Life, and The Only Name.

Aaron Shust is back home after three long days prepping and recording his new album. Aaron says his latest project is full of songs that worship our Victorious King, many of which have found a place at his home church on Sunday mornings.

Kevin Max is giving you a taste of one of the new songs on the Deluxe Edition of his latest CD Broken Temples. The new song is titled Desperate Heart. Check it out before it’s release by clicking on the link at

Matthew West’s new CD Live Forever is off to a very good start. This week it was announced that Live Forever was the first ever Matthew West CD to debut on the Nielsen Soundscan Christian & Gospel Albums charts at number 1. The 11-track project also debuted at No. 24 on the Billboard Top Albums chart.

Plumb says her latest CD is not really a worship album. The new project, titled Exhale, came out this week. As part of a release week, Plumb shared more about her thoughts on the new project. She said It’s really just another album from me that’s more worshipful just because of what I’ve been through. The records I make are a reflection of where I am at the time. This is the first time I’ve been in a really thankful, worshipful place. But I didn’t want to confuse it with a worship album…it’s just more worshipful.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the We Are Worship USA web site is out with a blog titled 15 Worship Songs Our Mothers Love. For the next several days you can listen to the 15 of the songs. Included are songs by Paul Baloche, Newsong, Lincoln Brewster, and more. Access the free music by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson says he needed to record some group vocals for the final song on his upcoming new album. That could have been a problem since he was also on tour at the time. But Josh says he had something extra that made all the difference. He’s currently on tour with Casting Crowns. Several members of the band stepped up and, along with several listeners at a radio event, Josh was able to get all the background vocals he needed.

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