Artist News February 18, 2014

Natalie Grant was celebrating a special birthday over the weekend. Her twins were turning seven years old and Natalie posted on facebook: I’ll never forget the day the doctor told my husband and I we would never conceive. But God always has the final say. Happy birthday to my twin miracles. Gracie and Bella, you are my dream come true. Natalie went on to add: for those struggling with fertility, I’m praying for you. I know that heartache. Remember – God is near to the broken hearted.

The end is in site for Kutless member Nick Departee. He tweeted over the weekend that he was wrapping up his final project for his Grand Canyon University course. Meanwhile, fellow Kutless guitarist James Mead was also working on homework. He was working on a ‘My Worldview’ essay over the weekend. James is also taking classes at Grand Canyon University while on tour.

Need an idea for this coming Sunday? The web site Interlinc is offering a free Bible study for youth based on Jamie Grace’s latest song “White Boots”. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

A thought from Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald: I take great concern for the ammunition we fill our heads and hearts with. The tv, movies, music, books we choose to submit to matters.

There is now only one member in the group 33miles. The band that started as a trio dropped to two members in 2009 when Colin Stoddard left the group to serve full time as a pastor. Now Chris Lockwood has announced that he also will be leaving the band. In an open letter on their facebook page Chris said: Today is the beginning of a new chapter. After struggling with what I’ve known to be true for some time now, I have finally given in to what I believe God has been pressing on me for many months. I am officially leaving 33Miles. Chris added that he’ll be continuing his journey as a recording artist and will also be leading worship more in the church, locally as well as nationally. As for Jason Burton, the lead singer and remaining member of the band, Chris said in the letter that he needs your prayers as he seeks God’s will and direction for 33Miles.

For a limited time you can watch all the sessions from this weekends Passion conference in Houston. The six sessions will only be available on line until noon on Wednesday, February 19. Access the sessions by clicking on the link at

Aaron Branch had a rough time making it home from New York City after Building 429’s concert over the weekend. He tweeted that, including all the flights he couldn’t make and the cancellations, he had 12 boarding passes. Aaron ended up spending the night in the Raleigh airport but was a good sport about it, tweeting: the concrete is not bad once you get used to it. I’ve slept on worse, that’s for sure!

Jars of Clay is getting ready for their next 20th anniversary concert. They tweeted that they are getting Ready for this months Jars 20 “Much Afraid” Online Concerts. In preparation, they dug up a video of their song Crazy Times performed on Vibe TV in 1997. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns needs your help. They’re asking that you Tweet them a picture of your personal hero with the hashtag #thrivehero for a chance to see it live on our upcoming tour!

Jeremy Camp’s first concert of the year was at the San Antonio Rodeo. Find out more about their Christmas break and what it takes to get ready to play at a rodeo. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The members of Hawk Nelson are looking forward to the return of bass player Daniel Biro later this week. They tweeted that they were using Facetime to rehearse in preparation for his return. Daniel has been on an extended leave from Hawk Nelson while recovering from knee surgery late last year.

A word of warning from Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo. He tweeted while watching for King and Country prepare for their set: I’m not sure you’re ready for this. Brace yourselves.

Francesca Battastelli seems to be enjoying her latest tour. She tweeted this week: The truth is I’ve never had this much fun on a tour, and every single person is so full of Jesus. Francesca is headlining a tour with SanctusReal, All Things New and Jon Bauer

Artist News February 17, 2014

Natalie Grant was sharing a few thoughts running through her heart & mind this this week. In her post she asked: “Why do so many Christians expect the “world” to live by Godly standards? Why do we expect those who are not followers of Jesus to live by our same convictions? Why are we surprised when un-believers act like, well, un-believers?” Natalie added: Praying I show I’m a Christian by my love and that I live with conviction but not judgment.”

Blood:Water Mission is out with a new website. The organization founded by Jars of Clay seeks to bring clean water to villages in Africa. Check out the new site by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets say the latest round of bad news is hitting them hard. After spending $17,000 on bus repairs during a tour swing along the East Coast the band members say they’ve found out that their bus also needs a new transmission. That’s expected to cost another $12,000. In response, the Sidewalk Prophets are again going to their fans. They’ve started a campaign called “Sidewalk Prophets Mission Transmission.” Already $7,000 of the $29,000 needed has been donated. Find out more by clicking on the link at

A reminder from Tobymac: In every encounter we either give life or drain it, there is no neutral exchange. Choose to speak LIFE.

The Afters are joining Steven Curtis Chapman this spring on The Glorious Unfolding tour. And lead singer Josh Havens say the first night of the concert series was surreal. It started when Steven came out and sang Light up The Sky with the Afters. Then he invited to join him in singing Steven’s song For The Sake Of The Call. Josh says he’s already “Loving this tour”!

Hawk Nelson is gearing up for their spring tour that kicks off this coming weekend. The tour will also include Building 429, Family Force 5, and several other bands.

This past weekend Passion held their second conference of 2014 in Houston. Leading up to the event Relevant magazine talked with Passion pastor Louie Giglio, the man who started it all. In the interview Louie talked about the ministry that started nearly two decades ago and the changes that have happed in his own life over the past 17 years. Read the article by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace recently announced plans for her very first headlining tour. In addition to Jamie and her new band “The Boys”, she’ll be joined on the tour by her sister Morgan Harper and a new band Jamie is managing called Now.

Tenth Avenue north recently decided that their set wasn’t long enough. After their segment at Winterjam over the weekend the band announced plans for a free after show concert. They tweeted: tonight was to good to stop”, moving to a nearby local church after Winterjam wrapped up to continue the concert late into the night.

Rick Heil, lead singer for the Christian band SONICFLOOd, has joined Regent University’s International Center for Worship as an artist-in-residence. College officials say that, in this role, Heil will lead worship activities on campus, as well as represent Regent at university Advancement and Enrollment Management events around the country.

Carman is gearing up for his next tour. And the Christian artist and evangelist is looking for a personal trainer and dietician to go on tour with him to help him maintain a healthy regime to keep his body healthy and cancer free. Carman announced just last week that he is now cancer free after a tough battle that had him feeling like he was at the end of his road. He says doctors took a series of extensive tests and could find NO trace of Cancer. Carman says doctors have even cut his treatments short and he’s already started to plan for the tour. He added that he might even have a little of his hair back by the time the tour begins.

Josh Wilson experienced what he called one of the most honest things he’s ever seen over the weekend. Josh is on tour with Steven Curtis Chapman and tweeted that, at one of their concert stops, someone gave him $15 for an album of his they had illegally downloaded.

Paul Baloche was over seas this weekend making a concert swing through the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. While in India Paul was able to meet the 12 year old Compassion child that he and his wife sponsor. Paul says it’s an amazing experience to sponsor a child.

Artist News February 14, 2014

Another fun fact from Citizenway: Josh Calhoun has two little dogs, Haley Mae and Sam.

Mandisa has spent Valentines week writing a blog she has titled Single Appreciation Week. All week she’s focused on aspects of the single life, from thriving in the place God has placed you to gaining wisdom from others. Access the entire week of blogs by Mandisa by clicking on the link at

The members of 7eventh Time Down say they continue to be humbled by the stories regarding how Just Say Jesus is impacting their fans. They add that, if anyone in your life could use some encouragement from the message of the song, you can feel free to share the song with them. The lyric video for the song is available by clicking on the link at

Want to win tickets to a Tenth Avenue North show? A university in Palm Beach, Florida is running a contest on their Facebook page this weekend. Enter by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant is helping with plans for a Sex Trafficking Documentary titled In Plain Sight. In association with Abolition International, the In Plain Sight campaign is seeking to raise $40,000 to help stop sex trafficking in the United States through a three-part project. It includes a documentary, an 31 day devotional and study guide, and a music album. Find out more by watching the trailer for the documentary narrated by Natalie Grant. Click on the link at

Casting Crowns members were making the best of a bad situation as wintry weather hit Atlanta for a second time this week. Guitarist Josh Mix found what was referred to as a redneck ice scraper, using a plastic spatula to scrape the ice off his windshield. Bass player Chris Huffman said their power went out so he and his daughters watched a movie in the van while his wife and young son camped out in front of the fire place. Chris quipped: Maybe Atlanta should’ve made the Winter Olympics bid for this year.

In the midst of a power outage this week caused by wintry weather blasting the south, John Waller tweeted: I think the power should go out more often. He added that, when the power came back on, they just turned the lights off and continued with their evening.

Robbie Seay has been putting in some long hours. He tweeted this week that, In the last 26 hours, he’d made 3 trips to Starbucks and had gotten 0 hours of sleep. Robbie added: At some point, the caffeine will be pointless.

Jimmy Needham this week kicked of a fundraising campaign for his next CD. The Christian artist is hoping to raise $40,000 for a CD titled Gospel Rhyme. It’s Jimmy’s second kickstarter campaign. Three years ago fans doubled his goal, allowing him to record two records rather than just one. And this second project is already off to a good start. Just days into the campaign, Jimmy Needham has already raised more than $5,000. Find out more by clicking on the link at

The Winterjam tour stop in August, Georgia scheduled for last night had to be canceled. Tour officials say the snow and ice hitting the area this week forced them to call off event. However, they say the weekends other dates are still on schedule.

The second Passion conference of 2014 is taking place in Houston this weekend. And Chris Tomlin announced Thursday that it is officially SOLD OUT. However, the worship leader says that you’ll still be able to watch the conference for 18 to 25 year olds online. Access the free stream of this weekends Passion conference tonight and tomorrow by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets are back on the road. But their bus isn’t with them. They tweeted this weekend that “Bubba” is still in the shop as mechanics finish some final repairs. Instead, the band had to rent a bus for their concert swing this weekend. The bus repairs have already cost the group over $17,000. And they are asking for the help of their fans to cover the cost of that work. You can help the Sidewalk Prophets by clicking on the link at

The spring leg of The Glorious Unfolding Tour is kicking off this weekend. The tour that features Steven Curtis Chapman, Josh Wilson, and The Afters started last night in Louisiana. In will run through the middle of March.

Artist News February 13, 2014

The baby watch is on. Author, artist and actor Rebecca St. James was due a few days back so her baby should be coming any day now. Check out the “baby watch” article by clicking on the link at

How do you work best? Jimmy Needham tweeted that he was at a coffee shop writing for his new record this week. Jimmy added: I’ve decided I think clearer with noise.

A bit of trivia about the band Citizen Way: Brothers Ben and Josh Calhoun toured in another band while Ben was in college and Josh was in high school.

Natalie Grant’s comments after leaving this years Grammys before the end of the show propelled her to the number one spot on Google. The controversy kicked up when Natalie posted on her Facebook page that she’d left the Grammys early. After many people speculated on her reasons for leaving Grant went back on facebook to further explain her first post. Following the second post, online discussions continued to grow, drawing close to 115,000 likes, more than 10,000 comments, and a remarkable 14 million-plus Facebook impressions. In fact, Her Grammy statement even surpassed President Obama’s State of the Union Address to rank as last Tuesday’s #1 Google Trending Search Topic. Read more by clicking on the link at

Although Matthew West has already written two full CDs based on stories sent in by his fans, he continues to ask for more stories. And Matthew recently wrote a blog talking about what he was looking for in those stories. The song writer says he wants only one thing…honesty. Matthew said we all have a story to tell. And he says everyone’s story matters because the one who made you has a plan to speak through your story in a powerful way. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

John Waller this week introduced Anna on his facebook page. She is the couples daughter from the Ukraine and also the star of John’s “Orphan” video. February 23rd mark the one year anniversary of the Waller’s adoption of three teens from the Ukraine. Meet Anna and watch the video by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is continuing to focus on Singleness Appreciation during Valentines week. Her latest post comes with the help of her friend Melinda Doolittle and is centered on never giving up. Read the blog by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys were the focus of a recent article in the Augusta Chronicle. The article prior to the groups appearance at this years Winterjam tour stop, focus’ on the groups transition after former lead singer Peter Furler stepped down and their remarkable resurgence after what could have been a group ending change. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Jars of Clay are offering their first live 20th anniversary acoustic show as a free download. The show featured some of the best material from the band’s debut album Frail, released 20 years ago. And you can access the free EP, recorded in January, by clicking on the link at

Plans for the God’s not Dead movie soundtrack were announced this week. In addition to the title track by the Newsboys, the CD will also include music by Jimmy Needham, Stellar Kart, Superchick, a second song by the Newsboys, and more. The God’s Not Dead Movie will hit theaters on March 21. And the sound track will be available on March 4.

A book based on Thrive, the latest CD from Casting Crowns, is now available. The book by Mark Hall titled Thrive-Digging Deep, Reaching out was released by Zondervan this week. It’s Mark’s fourth book and discusses the critical inner challenge that we are meant to do more than just survive life – we are called to thrive. Read more by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp’s I Still Believe Tour kicks off in 2014. The tour will feature a live unplugged version of Jeremy’s music. It will also include Jeremy’s wife Adie. Watch the promo video for the tour by clicking on the link at

The Houston edition of the Passion conferences will be streamed live. The gathering of 18 through 25 years olds will kick off this Friday night at 7:30PM CT. You can watch it online by clicking on the link at

Artist News February 12, 2014

Tai Anderson is asking for some help from the fans of Third Day. The guitarist for the band would like to watch his son wrestle in the state championships. So he’s asking if any Third Day fans with a private jet would like to fly him to Mississippi for their show on March 1 after the his son match.

Ben McDonald finally has the certificate he was awarded more than a year and a half ago. The Sidewalk Prophets guitarist received a Citation of Achievement from the music organization BMI in 2012 for his work with the groups song Live Like That. But he says it didn’t arrive until yesterday, a year and a half after it was mailed.

Kevin Max is part of a new song out just in time for Valentines Day. The lead singer for Audio Adrenaline is featured on the jazz song “My Funny Valentine” by David Ian. Check out the audio of the song by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace was showing off the shoes she was giving by Whoopi Goldberg. Jamie says she wore them in the photo shoot for her new record Ready to Fly. Check out a picture of Jamie with Whoopi’s shoes by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns is giving away a miniature guitar. Lead singer Mark Hall says just throw up your Thrive Five and you could win the small guitar signed by the members of the band. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North had a special announcement earlier this week. They announced the release of a deluxe edition of their latest CD The Struggle. But it will only be available for 30 days. The deluxe edition includes new songs and demos of other songs. Watch the announcement video by clicking on the link at

The web site We Are Worship say Easter isn’t about JellyBellys and chocolate eggs. It’s about our King. So they are giving away 21 free Easter songs between now and Easter Sunday. The first seven are available right now and will be available over the next three weeks. Sign up at We Are Worship to access the free downloads. Click on the link at

Aaron Shust is leaving the country as he continues work on his upcoming Christmas CD. Over the next few days he will be recording with an orchestra in the Czech Republic. Aaron says to stay tuned for pictures and videos of the European recording session.

Bart Millard is officially finished with his work on Mercyme’s upcoming new CD. Bart tweeted earlier this week that he was on his way to re-introduce himself to his wife and kids. The new CD from Mercyme is titled Welcome to the New and will be available in April.

The music web site New Release Tuesday recently sat down with Matthew West to talk about his brand new song Do Something. And Matthew says the third release from his latest CD is a call to action. It’s a call to go out, change the world and make it a better place. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Although the latest release from Francesca Battistelli won’t be available until April, the new project can be pre-ordered right now. And Francesca says that, when you sign up to receive her latest CD, If We’re Honest, you’ll have instant access to downloads of the first two releases from the project – “When the Crazy Kicks In” and “Write Your Story”. Pre-order the CD by clicking on the link at ttp://

Natalie Grant is back on the road but it isn’t for another concert. Natalie is in Baltimore working on another episode of the reality show she’s hosting titled “It Takes a Church”.

Tiffany Lee says those who attend her concerts probably think that she weeps uncontrollably each night. The artist who performs under the name Plumb says she deals with dry eyes, causing them to water constantly. But she says her doctor has prescribed some medicine that will hopefully take care of that problem.

Worship leader Paul Baloche is on his way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He’ll make a swing several countries this weekend including India, Singapore, and Malaysia before returning to the United States.

Jars Of Clay is abandoning plans to play in Atlanta this week. Due to the snow and ice forecast for the area, they’ve already postponed their concert in the community until April 6. Instead, the members of Jars of Clay are encouraging everyone to stay safe and off the roads.

Artist News February 11, 2014

Francesca Battistelli was recently the recipient of love in action. She tweeted: We had cranky, tired kids at lunch today and someone anonymously paid for our lunch because they thought we could use a break.

What is your favorite time of the day? Mark Schultzsaid his is having dinner with his wife and son at the dinner table. He said it’s also hard to beat good music with a fire in the fireplace.

Kutless guitarist James Mead was answering questions recently:
-How long have you been a Christian? I got saved when I was 17. I’m 31 now…but I don’t like math.
-What is your favorite city that you’ve been to?” London, England.
-What is your favorite sport at the Winter Olympics? HOCKEY And downhill Alpine Skiing.
-Favorite hockey team?” The @NHLBlackhawks!!
-Favorite board game?!” Chess.

Show Hope is hoping to raise $10,000 to save four babies in China. The organization founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman says four babies under their care in China currently have a congenital heart defect. Officials say the $10,000 would cover the cost of the life-saving heart surgery.

Think you have what it takes to be a Christian artist. Record producer Andrew Patton is giving you a shot. He tweeted over the weekend that he’d accept video demos that are 60 seconds or less. Load them on youtube and then send the link to Andrew added that you only get one shot so make it count.

Mandisa is dedicating this week that celebrates love to her single sisters and brothers. The Christian artist released a blog on Monday titled Single Appreciation Week-Day 1. In the blog she talks about the difficulties of being single, especially during Valentines week, and the things God has taught her. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Leading up to Valentines day Britt Nicole is announcing another giveaway. Her Where The Love Is Giveaway features everything from heart-shaped sunglasses to a gold heart necklace. Enter the drawing by clicking on the link at

Rebecca St. James is thanking everyone for their incredible show of support. The Christian artist, author and actor is pregnant with the couples first child and she says all of the love and prayers have been greatly appreciated.

The latest We Love Christian Music Award was announced over the weekend. And the winner of the Album of the Year was Skillet for their CD Rise. Watch John’s acceptance speech by clicking on the link at

Jimmy Needham had hoped to kick off his campaign for a new CD early this week. But he tweeted Monday evening: Bad news, set backs are preventing us from launching my new campaign today. Jimmy is hoping to make another album this summer and will be inviting his fans to join him in helping produce the new project. Jimmy said he’ll be providing more details soon.

Andrew Peterson is reaching the end of an era. The Christian artist has developed a large following for his series of novels titled the Wingfeather Saga. In 2013 Andrew tweeted that he was working on the final book in the series. A kickstarter project raised not only enough money to fund the final book but also several other projects. This week Andrew tweeted: Let it be known that I have just written the last chapter of the Wing feather Saga. He added: I shall now go eat tacos and cry.

Darlene Zschech has finished her first round of chemo. The worship leader from Australia announced she had breast cancer just before Christmas of 2013. She said this week that her first round of chemo was coming to an end but she still has five to go. Read the entire article in Charisma News by clicking on the link at

The members of Mikeschair say the next couple of months will be really exciting for the band. They’ll be joining Aaron Shust & Jonny Diaz for the Morning Rises tour in March. And then, on April 1st Mikeschair will release their brand new full length album All or Nothing.

Casting Crowns recently partnered with St. Vincent de Paul for a food drive in South Bend, Indiana. The mission of St. Vincent is to help alleviate poverty and restore hope by providing food, clothing, and financial assistance to the poor. And with Casting Crowns’ help they were able to collect enough food to feed 800 families for 2 months.

Artist News February 10, 2014

A tidbit of information from Mandisa for those of you who are still living at home. She recently tweeted: boy & girls, hot water heaters are very expensive. Being a grown-up is overrated.

Two songs from Skillet have reached major milestones. The groups song Hero was recently certified as platinum. That means more than 1-million copies of the song have been sold. It’s only the second song by the group to receiving the platinum certification. Meanwhile, RIAA officials also announced that Skillet’s song Whispers in the Dark was certified as Gold, confirming that it has sold more than a half-million times.

The Sidewalk Prophets now wading through all the guitar resume’s they received. They were conducting auditions for a new lead guitarist late last week after receiving close to 100 submissions. The Sidewalk Prophets are looking to replace Shaun Tomzsak. He stepped down at the end of 2013.

Long time Christian artist Carman is reporting some good news. On his facebook page Carman reported that Doctors did multiple tests during his last visit to the hospital and found no trace of cancer. Carman says his last dose of chemo in January was especially brutal but he’s recovery much faster than expected. In fact, Carman is already starting to talk about a new tour once his recovery is complete.

Selah member Todd Smith recently shared some information about China. He said the average prison term for being a Christian in China is 3 years. But Todd added that Chinese believers view prison as their “seminary time.”

This weekend Mikeschair announced the official release date for their brand new album, “All Or Nothing”. The latest project from the group is scheduled to be available nationwide on April 1, 2014.

Jimmy Needham says it’s time for another CD. He tweeted over the weekend that he’ll be making a new album this summer. But Jimmy added that he can’t do it alone. He said he’ll soon be inviting his fans to join him in helping him produce the new project. Jimmy said he’ll be providing more details soon.

HM Magazine recently sat down with Kutless member Nick Departee to talk about the groups latest album titled Glory. The interview covered everything from the writing process to the impact the band has had over the years. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Moody Bible held their Founder’s Week this past week. And Aaron Shust was there. Aaron provided music several nights during the five day event.

Brandon Heath was one of the worship leaders at this years National Prayer Breakfast. He tweeted after the event last week that it was an honor to sing at the gathering. Brandon added: There are some amazing people out there leading our world who love Jesus.

Food for the Hungry will be sponsoring numerous concerts this spring as they help spread the word about their efforts in third world countries. Artists like Third Day, Skillet, Tobymac, Mandisa, Brandon Heath, Audio Adrenaline and more will be participating in concerts across the country. Nearly 70 concerts are being planed by Food for the Hungry between now and mid May. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Jars of Clay kicked off their ‘Jars 20 Acoustic StageIt’ series in January. The band is celebrating their 20th year together with a series of concerts looking back at the past two decades. And right now they’re also giving away a free show sampler from their first show. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Love and the Outcome made the most of the Winterjam tour stop in Greenville, South Carolina. Following their show in front of a sell out crowd inside the arena the husband and wife duo headed outside to play a second set for those that had been turned away.

Josh Wilson was able to cross another items off his bucket list over the weekend. Josh played his debut concert at the Grand Ole Opry. You can listen to his performance by clicking on the link at

The Winterjam tour broke another record over the weekend. The ten bands were in the Georgia Dome playing in front of their largest crowd ever. But in addition to a lot of great music, the 30,000 people attending the event also were treated to a tight rope exhibition by Nik Wallenda.

Steven Curtis Chapman made his debut at New York’s Carnegie Hall over the weekend. Backed by an orchestra and a choir more than 300 people strong, Chapman said it was a very special night. But he added: “It’s not a dream come true, because this Kentucky boy never dared to dream that big”

Artist News February 7, 2014

Matt Redman’s wife Beth has released another podcast on iTunes. Beth will be speaking during Matt’s upcoming tour of the UK with fellow Passion member Christy Nockels. Find out more about Beth and her thoughts on being Rooted by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets were up early getting ready for their guitar auditions. The band is looking for a replacement for Shaun Tomzcak. He left the group at the end of 2013 to spend more time with his family.

Did you know that you can have a major impact in the success of your favorite bands? Jars of Clay member Dan Hasseltine says: more people buy music based on a friend referral than any other marketing method. If you like a song/band/record, talk about it. Music lives or dies by the voices that speak up! If you are moved by music, blog about it, talk about it, let people know!

From Chris Tomlin: We are the people. Now is the time. We can END IT. Chris is asking everyone to join the Passion movement and other Freedom Fighters from around the world on February 27 as they SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY. He says to Draw a RED X on your hand. Tell your world that slavery still exists and YOU WON’T STAND FOR IT. Read more by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman has some talented kids! His sons and daughter-in-law are making a name for themselves with some impressive new music of their own! The three were recently featured in an article talking about their individual work as musicians and the joint projects they’ve also been involved in. Check out details by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace’s new CD is being referred to as a coming of age record for the young Christian artist. The new CD is called Ready to Fly. It came out in late January. And response has been good, more than doubling the performance of her debut record, Hold Me. Read more about the latest project from Jamie by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard was in the studio this week recording with new artist Lauren Daigle. After the recording session Jon tweeted: what a talented girl! Everybody look out for her – she’ll have new music out soon!

Bart Millard is putting in some long nights as he works on Mercyme’s next studio project. The front man for the group said he had just 10 hours of sleep between Sunday and Thursday due to wrapping up the album. Bart said the lack of sleep was partly because there’s so much work left and partly because he’s so excited about the upcoming CD that he can’t sleep. Bart said: This is the most significant, important, special, creative album I’ve EVER been a part of. I am more passionate about the message throughout this project than anything I’ve ever said or done in my life. The CD is titled Welcome to the New. It’s scheduled for release in April.

Francesca Battistelli will be making her national morning television debut next week. She’ll appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on February 13. Francesca is scheduled to perform her new single Write Your Story and also plans to unveil a portion of When The Crazy Kicks In from her upcoming third studio album. It’s called If We’re Honest and is due out on April 22. Read more by clicking on the link at

Another mega tour is gearing up for this spring. Skillet will be joined by Third Day, Mandisa, Brandon Heath, Peter Furler and We As Human.

The final numbers are in from this weeks Creation debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. Officials say a minimum of 3 million viewers watched the event in Kentucky. They add that at least 10,000 groups watched the live stream in a public venue. And about 750,000 computers logged on as well. Facebook reported the debate was the No. 1 trending topic for many hours before the event began. The debate and a post debate follow up held the following night are both available by clicking by clicking on the link at

Artist News February 6, 2014

Mandisa is stepping out of her comfort zone. This week she traveled to an engagement in California. But this time it wasn’t for a concert. Instead, Mandisa was in town to speak with the 1,500 students and staff at a private Christian school. Mandisa says she doesn’t mind speaking from the stage between songs but the thought of standing up on a stage without the comfort of music makes her want to run and hide. But Mandisa says God has been leading her in that direction so she’s moving forward in spite of her fears. She added “Your prayers will help!”

Natalie Grant is a big Seahawks fan. So in honor of the Seahawks win she said it was appropriate to post the video of her song (We Win) In the End. She did add “I still love all my Denver peeps”. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Grace Unplugged has been nominated for the Best Family Drama of 2013 by the Dove Foundation. The movie that included a performance by Jamie Grace is one of four movies in the running. And Jamie is asking you to go vote for the film at the Dove Awards web site. Click on the link at

Casting Crown’s Mark Hall recently posted a picture of his son playing guitar. He added the caption: Reason number 240,054 that we don’t have a gaming system in the house.

Jonny Diaz announced this week that his brother is retiring. Matt Diaz has played professional baseball since 1999 and Jonny tweeted: Proud of all he’s done, and what he’ll do off the diamond!

For King and Country is working to help women believe there’s a God who says they are Priceless! The band has several items in their store including T-shirts and necklace’s to help promote that message. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald says it’s finally official. He announced this week that he will officially be climbing Mt. Rainier in May. Quite a change from a young man who weighted more than 300 pounds just a few years ago.

The Afters will be heading back to Europe this year. Front man Josh Havens tweeted: Excited to be touring Europe again in June! England, Norway and Denmark plus others to be added soon!

Artist News February 5, 2014

This past weekend New Release Tuesday announced the winner of EP of the Year in the We Love Christian Music Awards. The winner of the award was Thousand Foot Krutch. Watch the award video by clicking on the link at

This past weekend New Release Tuesday announced the winner of Video of the Year in the We Love Christian Music Awards. The winner of the award was Audio Adrenaline. Watch the award video by clicking on the link at

Mark Hall recently sat down to discuss Casting Crowns new CD Thrive and All You’ve Ever Wanted, the first release from the new project. He says the album is all about encouraging listeners that we can do more than just survive; we were made to thrive. Mark says the CD is based on Psalm 1:1-3. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Kutless member James Mead is dealing with identity theft. The guitarist for Kutless says he just found out that someone has been impersonating him on twitter, using his bio, picture, and even his exact username.

The second release from the husband and wife duo Love and the Outcome is titled “King of My Heart”. And Jodi says the song is the basis for her decision to pursue a career in music. In a recent interview she said: My goal is to glorify God with what He’s made me to do. Every night when I sing and put my arms in the air, I’m praying and singing these words back to Him. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Third Day is giving their fans the chance to bid on two tickets and meet and greet passes for the Third Day show of their choice. The auction is raising money for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization that provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. Find out more about the auction by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust was getting in some family time this week. He tweeted that he was hanging out with his youngest son, Michael, at Children’s hospital while doctors checked his hearing. Michael was born with major health issues, requiring that he have open heart surgery soon after he was born.

Natalie Grant is back in New York City. Last week she was there to help with the Super Bowl’s gospel night. This week Natalie is in town to start filming It Takes A Church, the show she will be hosting for GSN.

The Countdown is on. Passion’s second conference for College age young people will be held next weekend in Houston. And Chris Tomlin is joining other Passion leaders in asking for your prayers leading up to the two day event.

Kari Jobe’s Majestic Tour will kick off at the end of this month. And leading up to the event Kari is giving away a pair of tickets, meet and greet passes, and access to the question and answer time at each venue. Winners will be announced this Friday. To register click on the link at

Passion members Matt Redman and Christy Nockels will be sharing a night of worship and celebration in the UK this month. The Big Church Night In tour will be held at the end of this month and will also include a message from Matt’s wife Beth Redman, an author of several books.

The Winter Jam Tour will be in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome for the first time this weekend. And concert sponsors have announced another first at the event. They say famed high wire artist Nik Wallenda is slated to walk untethered across a high wire suspended in the Georgia Dome during the February 8 event.

Tobymac’s Hits Deep Tour will start the spring leg of the tour next week. Tobymac will again be joined by Brandon Heath and Mandisa during this leg of the tour. But Matthew West and Matt Maher will also be joining the concert series when it kicks off on February 13.