Artist News October 20, 2014

TobyMac would like to see your carved harvest pumpkin. He’d like you to show a photo of your creation on his twitter or instagram pages.

Mandisa is making the most of the of her current place in life. She tweeted: I believe I’ll marry one day, but the best use of my single years is not searching for my mate; it’s becoming as complete in Jesus as I can.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard was enjoying a little time off. He was taking advantage of what he called Killer morning surf by doing a little surfing with his brothers in law over the weekend

Newsboys front man Michael Tait has announced that the band will part of another movie. The Newsboys saw a fantastic response to their part in the movie God’s Not Dead. And in a report in the Christian Post, Michael said the Newsboys will be partnering with the same organization for a new film titled Do You Believe. It’s scheduled for a Spring 2015 release and will feature a pastor who is re-examining his faith, a veteran suffering from post-traumatic syndrome and a gangbanger who is fighting against belief. The Newsboys song “We Believe” will be featured at the end of the upcoming film.

Tai Anderson was doing some sideline orthodontics over the weekend. The Third Day guitarist has helped coach a local youth football team for several years and tweeted that this weekend one of his jobs included reattaching some wires on their right guard’s braces. Tai said they didn’t cover that in his player safety training.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman had a special surprise thanks to their oldest daughter Emily Richards. The couple is in Hawaii celebrating their 30th anniversary and Mary Beth tweeted that they were reading through letters from family and friends celebrating their special anniversary. The letters were collected by Emily and Mary Beth says it was a great way to spend a rainy day in Hawaii.

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns says some interesting things wind up in the shopping cart when the guys go shopping. Attached was a picture of pudding, candy corn, hot sauce and barbecue sauce.

Big Daddy Weave’s Mike Weaver took a break from the bands Morning Offerings Tour to help at a local Chick fil A. He posted his picture on instagram working the drive thru at a local Chick fil A branch

Dennis Rainey was sporting a Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt over the weekend. He said he had to wear the shirt after his Arkansas Razorbacks were defeated by Georgia on Saturday

Colton Dixon was celebrating his birthday with some bowling over the weekend and was treated to a special music video. The video of his song More of You came on the screen in the middle of the game.

Rush of Fools member Kevin Huguley says he was cutting it a little close this weekend. Kevin serves as a worship leader at his local church when not on the road with the band. And he says the bus pulled up at the church and dropped him off less than 40 minutes before the first service began.

Paul Baloche is struggling to understand what all the controversy is about over requiring an ID to vote. He tweeted: In the past 24 hrs, I had to show photo ID to board the plane and rent a car and a hotel room.

Jeremy Camp has released another video journal from the Come Alive tour. The video features everything from a Jeremy Camp injury to Toby returning to the band as a new father. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

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Artist News October 16, 2014

The latest FREE issue of CCM Magazine is now available. The October 15 edition of the magazine features Chris Tomlin on the cover and also includes stories about Group One Crew, and many more. Access the free magazine by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey says there is nothing like coming home. Mike tweeted: Few moments of anticipation are better than the few minutes one waits before hugging their wife for the first time in a long time.

Mercyme’s Bart Millard has found a new soap. He tweeted a picture of Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap and said his wife isn’t a big fan but he loves it. In fact, Bart added: I swear I can take down a grizzly after using it!

For King and Country is actually the third name of the band made up of Joel and Luke, the brothers of Rebecca St. James. The Australian brothers began their career with the band name “Joel & Luke”. That was later changed to “Austoville”. It wasn’t until 2009 that they changed their name to “For King & Country”. It was the battle cry of English soldiers willing to lay down their lives for their king and their country. And Luke says now it has become our mission, to lay down our lives for our King and our country.

Meredith Andrews this week revealed her version of therapy. She said that, for her, it involves things like painting her parents’ old china hutch and watching The Belonging Company church live on the television.

Josh Wilson is inviting you to join him in a new social network. The platform is called tsu (sue). It looks a lot like facebook but it’s unique because it actually shares its revenues with its users. Access Josh’s site by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche recently talked with fellow worship leader Kathryn Scott about worship in a blog titled “Honest Answers for Worship Leaders”. As part of the discussion on the We Are Worship web site, both well known worship leaders talk honestly about leading worship and God’s working, in spite of our own struggles. They discuss getting out of the way and letting God work and also what the future of worship holds. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson bass player Daniel Biro says his knee surgery this week went great. It was Daniel’s second surgery, scheduled after doctors found that the tumor he had removed from below his knee about a year ago had returned. Daniel says he appreciates all the prayers and kind words and plans to return to Hawk Nelson after his recovery is complete.

Joni Tada was celebrating her 65th today be holding an hour long birthday celebration on the Joni and Friends twitter account. As part of the online party Joni shared several bits of trivia. She said:
-I haven’t traveled overseas in 4 yrs. If I’m declared cancer-free in 2015, my first stop will be the Dominican Republic on a Wheels team.
-#1 on my Bucket List: Hot air ballooning over Napa.
-People ask how I’ve stayed healthy. I drink 4 liters of water each day. I can’t exercise, so ‘flushing’ my system is next best thing
Joni also used the twitter birthday party to attempt to raise $650 dollars in one hour for the Wheels for the World program.

At a recent Unspoken concert stop in Vermont a local artist sketched a Mount Rushmore style drawing of the members of the band. Check out the sketched of Unspoken by clicking on the link at

Mandisa and the Sidewalk Prophets are traveling together on the Thrive tour and it sounds like their bus rides are anything but boring. They just released a video featuring Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey and Sky, a member of Mandisa’s crew, taking part in a Jelly bean challenge. The bands had found a box of jelly beans that looked exactly the same. But while some tasted like licorice, others were call skunk spray. Watch the video and find out who lost by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant says traveling with her daughters has some perks. She recently tweeted: It is such a gift when I get to take my kids to work with me. I’ve loved having them on set of It Takes A Church with me this week in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We visited Klackle Orchards, we made s’mores, we had dance parties and best of all we snuggled like crazy and made forever memories. Nothing is sweeter than family.

Jamie Grace says she will be giving away a one of a kind pink Jamie Grace Guitar at her show in Tennessee this weekend. She says the giveaway will only be available to people who attend the show. But Jamie adds that similar giveaways might also happen at other shows in the future.

Artist News October 15, 2014

When Natalie Grant tweets the Seattle Seahawks take notice. When Natalie started tweeting encouragement to her favorite team prior to their game this weekend, the Seahawks quickly responded through their own twitter account. They told Natalie: Thanks for always making us a part of your Sunday. To which Natalie replied: wouldn’t have it any other way!

Miss Nebraska 2013 is using the lyrics of the latest Mercyme song to encourage her followers. JaCee Pilkington recently tweeted: Greater is the One who is living inside of me, than he who is living in the world. Included were the hash tags Mercyme and Greater.

Tenth Avenue North is continuing to introduce their fans to the members of the group during what they are calling TENTHtober. The feature this week is key board player Brendon Shirly. You can join the band for a day in the life of Brendon. Click on the link at

Meredith Andrews had contemplated giving up sugar in October. But she says Apple Cider Donuts proved to be her undoing.

Mandisa is using her song Overcomer to advance Breast Cancer Awareness in October. Mandisa recently posted on Instagram a picture of the word overcomer transposed over a pink ribbon. At the side were the words: You Are An Overcomer.

Did you know that Danny Gokey has his own line of eyewear? The collection was launched by Match Eyewear in 2012. The company describes the frames as youthful and up-to-date but not rocker. They say the collection that started with 12 frames targets men ages 18 to 35. In addition to frames for standard glasses, the line has since been expanded to include sun glasses.

Building 429 guitarist Aaron Branch says he can hold back no longer. The Building 429 member broke his silence on twitter this week, sharing his opinion on current events. Aaron tweeted: It’s incredibly sad that we have political leaders in this country that refuse to protect Americans. He said: Political correctness has become the new moral compass in America and it is heartbreaking. It’s disheartening to study about other nations and cultures that have traveled down the same path we’re headed. Aaron wrapped up his twitter soap box post by encouraging readers to take several steps. First, Aaron tweeted: VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Be American, VOTE! Secondly, Aaron added: Parents, teach your kids history, the truth about what this country has stood for. The good and the bad. And thirdly, Aaron encouraged his followers to: Pray for our country and our leaders, and do not stop!

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is leaving Nashville. This week Jon shared on Instagram that, after eight years in Tennessee, he and his wife Jess will be moving to L.A. in December. In the mean time he says they are selling or giving away most of what they own so they can make the trip with just the bear essentials. Jon says he will continue to work with Hawk Nelson so some extra plane rides will be in his future.

Matthew West’s song Forgiveness was inspired by Renee and her willingness to forgive the drunk driver who killed her daughter. And now Matthew is coming to those who follow him on social media to ask them to, in return, help Renee. Her non-profit organization has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation but they can only receive the grant if they have matching funds in place. Matthew shared a link to Renee’s fund raising effort. Find out how you can help by clicking on the link at

The Dove Awards will be airing the the TBN station Juce TV Thursday evening. But in the mean time you can watch the pre-show and red carpet video recorded by Hear It First. Access both videos right now by clicking on the link at

7eventh Time Down this week announced plans for a Christmas tour with the band All Things New. Check the tour information and hear a taste of 7eventh Time Down’s Christmas music by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns is inviting you to join them for their Carnegie Hall Debut in January. The band will make their first appearance in the world renown venue on Saturday, January 24. The one-night-only event will feature a full symphony orchestra and a 200-voice choir. And the members of Casting Crowns say tickets will go on sale to the public this Friday. But Casting Crowns is giving their fans the chance to purchase tickets early. You can access tickets in advance of the Friday official opening by clicking on the link at

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Artist News October 14, 2014

Jonny Diaz is asking for prayer for his wife. She had surgery on her Achilles early this week after tearing it last week.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard says his first day back on a motorcycle went better than his last experience. He tweeted that the last time he was on a motorcycle he wound up in a bush. Over the weekend Jon was taking a motorcycle class and he says he passed with flying colors. Jon says the next step is the real world.

Mandisa say Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey is a big Disney fan. Mandisa is traveling in the Sidewalk Prophets bus while they both join Casting Crowns on the Thrive tour. And Mandisa tweeted that Dave was on the bus watching Beauty and the Beast.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard says his son wasn’t exactly being supportive this past weekend. Bart was scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the Tennessee Titans football game and says his son Sam kept you tubing bad performances. But it ended up not mattering. After the performance Bart tweeted: I started so high, forgetting the words was the least of my concerns

Trivia during this weekend’s Dove Awards on TBN:
-Mercyme’s “I Can Only Imagine” is the first single in the Christian genre to receive RIAA Double-Platinum Certification, selling more than 2-million copies.
-The Newsboys were founded in 1985 in Mooloolaba, Australia? They were originally called The News.
-Bart Millard’s dreams of being a football player ended after an ankle injury. As a result, he took choir as an elective.
-Kari Jobe attended Oral Roberts University and Dallas Baptist University. Her degree is in pastoral studies & psychology.
-In May, 2013 Kari Jobe competed in season 2 of GSN’s American Bible Challenge, along with Sheila Walsh and author Lisa Harper.
-Meredith Andrews planned to work at an orphanage until she felt God calling her into music ministry while attending Liberty University
-Ellie Holcomb used a kickstarter campaign to fund her 1st solo record. The initial goal was $40,000. She raised over $100,000.
-Ellie Holcomb’s father is noted music producer Brown Bannister
-Before she pursued music, Natalie Grant enrolled at Northwest College studying to be a schoolteacher.
-In 2005 Natalie Grant founded The Home Foundation, an international organization with the aim of eradicating sex trafficking.
-The western shirts worn by Mercyme at the Dove Awards are actually called “The Porter Wagoners”

Natalie Grant made sure to fit football into her filming schedule on Sunday. She finished her first round of filming in time to catch the last ten minutes of the Titans game. Then Natalie fit in some additional filming before watching the second half of the Seattle Seahawks game. Natalie now lives in Nashville but grew up in Seattle so cheers for the teams from both towns.

Chris August was experimenting with a new form of workout during a recent concert stop. He tweeted that there was a pump organ in his dressing room and it was giving his calves a real workout.

How do you spend your downtime? For Building 429’s Aaron Branch, a day at home means some backyard bow hunting. Aaron tweeted a picture of he and several friends sitting out on the driveway with their bows at the ready.

Chris and Jodi from Love and the Outcome were sporting personalized jackets during the Dove Awards last week. And over the weekend some of their twitter friends awarded them the best “Back of Jacket” award.

From Casting Crown’s Jaun Devevo: It’s funny how such a small thing like accidentally using frozen onions can ruin a smoothie

Worship leader Chris Tomlin says worship is so much more than a song. The singer and song writer who is well known for his worship music tweeted a link to a video shared by Cure International focused on worshiping by reaching out to those less fortunate. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

The nominations for the 2014 American Music Awards have been announced and voting is now open. Starting immediately you can choose between the Newsboys, Casting Crowns, and Hillsong United in the Contemporary Inspirational category. Winners will be announced during a November 23rd live broadcast on ABC. Check your vote by clicking on the link at

Didn’t catch the Dove Awards Sunday evening on TBN? They will be aired again on the Juce TV Network this Thursday, October 16. And mobile streams will also be available by accessing the Juce Channel on the TBN App.

Mandisa says her Dove Awards performance had a few technical difficulties. She says she decided to take a trip to her dressing room prior to her performance and says she was just hooking up her inner ear monitors when she heard her intro music playing on stage. Mandisa says she screamed, hopped over the backstage crew, and ran through the curtain, just in time to breathlessly belt out “starin’ at a stop sign…”. And she did it all bear foot. Mandisa describes her time on stage at the Dove Awards as a wild, shoeless performance before accepting her first career Dove Award and making a frantic acceptance speech with a Dove Award in one hand and her purple heels in the other.

Don’t miss out on Joni Tada’s 65th Birthday Twitter Party. Joni will be chatting with you live on the Joni and Friends Twitter account. She’ll be sharing her favorite birthday memories, answering your questions, and asking a few Joni and Friends trivia questions.

Third Day’s Mac Powell says all the signs of the end times are here: Ebola, ISIS, blood red moon, and Mississippi State at #1.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman are celebrating 30 years of holy wedlock. Check out pictures of now verses then by clicking on the link at

New music out this week:
– Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A Mountain
– Rhett Walker Band – Here’s To the Ones
– Sanctus Real – The Dream
– Aaron Shust – Unto Us (Christmas)

Francesca Battistelli says one of the perils of touring life is that sometimes things get left behind. She reported on twitter that she had left her favorite sweater in Wisconsin. Francesca said was hoping someone found it and would get it back to her.

Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey was in front of a crowd over the weekend but he wasn’t the center of attention. He was singing at the wedding of a long time friend. In fact, Mike says they have been friends since he was two years old.

The members of 7eventh Time Down are challenge Family Force 5 to a Rock Stance-off. Attached to the challenge was a picture of 7eventh Time Down Guitarist Eric VanZant in his best rock guitar pose.

Big Daddy Weave is inviting you to join them on a once in a life time tour event. The band will be providing worship music for a trip to the Holy Land March 5 through 15, 2015. Find out more by clicking on the link at

The Afters recently made their first ever visit to Newfoundland and they say it is a visit that they will always remember. The members of the band sent out a twitter this week thanking everyone for an incredible time.

World Vision is celebrating Jason Gray’s 500 Acts of Love Tour. They say 120 new sponsors signed up to bring hope to children in Guatemala during the tour.

Tiffany Lee had a unique experience at a recent concert stop. The artist who goes by the name Plumb says a fan asked her to sign a cassette version of her very first album. She says she doesn’t run into many cassettes any more but she thought it was “pretty retro fabulous”. Plumb is on the Stories of Hope tour with the Rhett Walker Band and David Dunn.

Jenny Simmons will be kicking off her first concerts debuting her new music and readings from her new book this weekend. The first series of concerts will take place in Minnesota.

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Artist News May 2, 2014

A new month means a new set of verses for Mandisa’s word warriors. Mandisa recently congratulated her fellow Word Warriors on making it to the 5th month of memorizing scripture together. She also announced that the May verses are Philippians 3:13-14.

Matt Redman is joining his wife Beth on their monthly podcast for women. The topic this week is on being rooted. Access the free podcast on iTunes by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon is one of ten artists left in the competition to name the favorite American Idol contestant of all time. Colton was part of season 11 on the show. You can vote and watch videos of the performances by clicking on the link at

Building 429 lead singer Jason Roy is out with a new blog post. Jason is front and center each night as Building 429 performs at venues about the country. But this weeks post, titled Be the Telescope, not the Star, is all about living your live so people see Christ, not you. Learn how God used a major basketball accident to bring Jason to that point. Read the blog by clicking on the link at

A question from Jimmy Needham: Does eating organic Cocoa Krispies make me healthy or not? An even better question from Jimmy: Why am I 28 and still eating Cocoa Krispies?

Paul Baloche normally focuses on encouragement and worship in his twitter posts. But the long time worship leader recently took a different aproach as he expressed his frustration over the coverage of national news. Paul tweeted: Hey CNN. You are juvenile & hysterical. The number 1 story all night was a private phone conversation of an inconsequential racist. What do you think? Do you like the current direction of news sources or do you, like Paul Baloche, want to see a change.

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer is hoping that the fourth time is the last time. The guitarist for the band recently found that the basement in his new home in Tennessee had flooded for the fourth time, prompting him to tweet: 9 year old boys think flooded basements are more fun than 38yr old boys do.

Christian artist Todd Agnew is working with the organization Walk to Cure Arthritis in their effort to raise 300-thousand-dollars. Todd says his son was diagnosed with a form of pediatric arthritis last fall and he has had to quickly learn a lot about the disease. The money raised through the fund raising effort will go toward finding a cure. Find out more about Todd’s fund raiser by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North, the Newsboys, Colton Dixon, and Plumb are all featured on the Overflow 15 day Devotional: Winterjam Edition. The devotional also includes free music downloads from Tenth Avenue North, Plumb and several other artists. Check out the Devotional and the free music downloads by clicking on the link at

The latest Hawk Nelson song is titled ‘A Million Miles Away’. And lead singer Jon Steingard describes it as the funnest song on the record to play live. He says the band loves jamming that one out. But Jon adds that ‘A Million Miles Away’ is more than just a fun pop song. He says it’s all about the freedom we find in salvation. It’s all about accepting that it’s in the past, and watching all that old stuff fade into the distance.”

Laura Story recently sat down to talk about her latest release O Love of God. She says even though thousands of songs have been written about the subject, she was hoping to look at it in kind of a new and fresh way about how you experience God’s love – through nature, through creation, and most of all through knowing that Jesus died for us. Laura says her goal was really just that listeners would feel the joy that comes from a people whose hearts have been redeemed, a people that truly know that love of God and spend every day of their lives celebrating.”

Kerrie Roberts says new music is coming this month. Her song Prayer for a Warrior is one of several songs on the Praise and Arrows album. The compilation project is filled with songs inspired by the Lion of War Series of novels based on the life of King David. The CD also includes music by Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart, Audio Adrenaline, and more and will be available soon.

NatalieGrant, Toby Mac and Michael W. Smith were recently featured on the cover of Bleep Magazine. Representatives from the publication say they talked with the three about new music, life on the road, and making a joyful noise. Read their thoughts by clicking on the link at

Did you know that Third Day has their own recording studio? The studio, called the quarry, was built in 2009. And last week the band started work on their third record in the facility.

SanctusReal is back in the studio. The members of the band were together working on a new CD this week.

This generation has had a nostalgic return to the classic hymns that many sang in church as children. And according to a Breathecast report, artists are also finding a way to give hymns new life by infusing the classic melodies with a new folk or alternative sound. Check out a few staple hymns that are part of this rebirth by clicking on the link at

7eventh Time Down is on tour right now with the Newboys and the members of 7eventh Time Down say Austin, their drummer, is really hoping for a ride on Duncan Phillips moving drum riser. In fact, he’s recording his efforts to sneak a ride on the groups socialcam. You can watch Austin’s Drum Riser adventures at the groups facebook page. Access the page by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray was recently playing just down the road from the town he grew up in. And the concert promoters were going all out to make Jason’s return home special. They even supplied his favorite childhood treat! The bars officially called “Scotcharoos!” but Jason says that, if you’re from where he grew up, then they’re simply called “Special K bars.” We’ll have to see if we can get a recipe.

Meredith Andrews will be making a television appearance next week. On May 13th, she will be a part of TBN’s Praise the Lord program.

Jonny Diaz says he’s regularly contacted about coming to play concerts at local churches around the country. And he says he loves to do that. But to help the process along, Jonny has compiled a list of facts to look through before you make the call. Check out the list by clicking on the link at

Citizen Way was covering a lot of ground this week. They tweeted that their travels began in Elgin, Illinois at the beginning of the week and covered nearly three thousand miles before winding up in Clovis, New Mexico Thursday evening.

Plumb announced plans for a new tour this fall. She will be joined by the Rhett Walker Band and Jonathan Thulin for the Stories of Hope Tour. Tour dates will be coming soon.

NEEDTOBREATHE will make another television apearance this weekend. The band will continue to promote their new CD Rivers in the Wasteland with an appearance on CBS This Morning on Saturday

Mark Hall recently recorded a tongue in cheek video titled Straight Talk about Parenting. The youth pastor and front man for Casting Crowns put together what seemed to be a serious video on parenting until you see what is going on in the background. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Artist News May 1, 2014

Aaron Shust led a spur of the moment time of worship during a stop at Billy Graham’s The Cove in North Carolina. Aaron was taking a tour of the The Chatlos Memorial Chapel and was asked by the tour guides to play several songs on George Beverly Shea’s piano located in the facility.

Mike Grayson of the group Mikeschair recently sat down with ONE ONE 7 TV host Jennifer Vickery. The interview was recorded on the campus of Belmont University, the bands alma mater, prior to their concert that evening. Mike discussed everything from the bands latest song to the meaning behind the band name. Watch the entire video by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli was on Google play this week talking about her favorite thing. Check out the video as Francesca shares about her favorite album. Click on the link at

The inigural GMA honors ceremony was held last night. The night honored Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductees Brown Bannister, The Gaither Vocal Band, Rich Mullins, and Take 6. Also honored during the evening were worship leader Don Moen and the organizations Show Hope and World Vision. The evening included a performance of El Shaddai by Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith singing Awesome God, David Crowder performing the song Because he Lives, and a presentation by the three former members of DC Talk-Tobymac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max. Read more by clicking on the link at

A thought from Christian artist Jimmy Needham: The battle for the hearts of people will be won or lost in the cultural centers, and there is no spot more central to culture than the arts. If you make art, make it count.

Casting Crowns will be hosting a 5k and 10k run to benefit Silas Huffman. Silas is the young son of Chris Huffman, bass player for the band. The Super Hero Sprint event will be held in Georgia on July 25. Find out more about the event by clicking on the link at

Jenny Simmons sat down recently to talk further about her kickstarter effort and especially her goal to give away both her book and her new EP. Jenny has raised more than 40-thousand dollars to edit and print her new book and also create a music EP. She says her goal at this point in life is not to get more radio plays or sales. Instead, she says she wants to give away as many of her books and EPs as she possibly can. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Laura Story recently wrote an article for In Touch Magazine titled What Am I Doing Here?. In the article Laura says that: As a Christian seeking purpose, I’ve found there’s no better place to look than the life of Jesus Christ Himself. She says that: For Jesus, the purposful life was the surrendered life-one surrendered to His Father’s purposes. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Ben McDonald is just weeks away from climbing Mt. Rainier. The Sidewalk Prophets guitarist says the climb is just three weeks away. It will take place in mid May.

Some of this generation’s most acclaimed worship leaders – Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels and Kristian Stanfill – led over 35,000 college students in worship at the 2014 Passion conferences held in Atlanta and Houston earlier this year. And the live worship album recorded at the events, Passion: Take It All, is now available. The album features a 12-track standard edition and a 14-track + video content deluxe edition that includes a full talk from Louie Giglio. Immediatly after it’s release on Tuesday, the album climbed to Number 1 on the iTunes Christian Albums Chart and also reached the Top 5 on the Overall Albums Chart.

NEEDTOBREATHE was the featured guest on this week’s Relevant Magazine podcast. Check out the podcast and download your copy by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts recently sat down with the Music site All Access, answering 10 random questions. Kerrie shared everything from what a typical day at home looks like to the challenges of touring. She also talked about her upcoming plans and shared her testimony. Check out the Q and A with Kerrie Roberts by clicking on the link at

The Crowder CD Neon Steeple is officially available for pre-order on iTunes. And as an added bonus, everyone who pre-orders the CD will have instant access to two songs – I Am and My Beloved. The entire CD is scheduled for release on May 27. Access the pre-order form by clicking on the link at

The worship web site We Are Worship is giving away copies of another Paul Baloche song. The song Look Upon the Lord, by Paul Baloche and featuring Keri Jobe, is available right now. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Big Daddy Weave has announced a delay in their trip to the Holy Land. The trip had origonally been scheduled for November. But Band members recently announced that it will now instead take place March 5 through 15. They say more information on the Holy Land trip with inspiration cruises will be available soon.

Mandisa says great season is coming to an end. She and Brandon Heath have been touring together off and on since 2012. But Mandisa says the last 3 BranDisa Tour stops will be this weekend in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Mandisa says they hope to go out with a bang.

Meredith Andrews was leading worship in a place that is special to her heart this week. She was at the Awana Headquarters and tweeted: These people are heroes in my book…reaching millions of kids with the Word of God all over the world.

The Bible Son of God Tour took place earlier in the spring. But those that weren’t able to see the tour in person will be able to watch it online later this year. The online broadcast will premiere on June 3. It will feature a live recording of the Nashville tour stop and include music by Francesca Battistelli, the Sidewalk Prophets, Natalie Grant, and Chris August. Find out more about the online presentation by clicking on the link at

Artist News April 30, 2014

The son of Casting Crowns bass player Chris Huffman turned one year old this week. Silas’ birthday is especially special because he almost didn’t make it. At four months of age he went to the hospital with breathing problems. It was the start of 100 days in the hospital that ended with Silas undergoing a heart transplant. To find out more watch the news report by Fox 5 Atlanta. It’s available by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is a well known worship leader and has written or had a part in many songs that are regularly played in churches on Sunday morning. But Paul says he is not the source of the songs he writes for the local church. Paul recently described his role in providing new worship music. He tweeted: “I’m just the delivery guy, the FedEx courier if you will.”

Kevin Max was recently on the set of a new Christian movie being filmed in Hawaii. The movie Lion of War tells the story of King David and his mighty men and is based on a series of books by the same name. And Kevin’s song Cave of a Million Songs is one of several songs on the movie’s soundtrack. Also featured on the sound track are Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson, and Kevin’s band Audio Adrenaline.

Hillsong United is celebrating their very first number one song. The song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) has reached the number one spot on several charts over the past few weeks.

An update from Phil Wickham after his vocal chord surgery earlier this week. He tweeted that the surgery went well. The polyp was bigger than originally thought but it is out and the recovery is beginning. Phil says he has a few weeks of no talking ahead of him but hopefully by the end of May doctors will be able to tell him how successful the surgery was.

After a very busy month Jenny Simmons took some time off to go with her family to Disneyland. But her team at home was still working on her kickstarter project. The latest goal for the effort is 50-thousand dollars. That would allow Jenny to print physical copies of her upcoming EP and also make 500 extra CD’s to be given away for free to women in shelters, prisons and recovery programs. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Kutless member Nick Departee is branching out. The groups guitarist says he has started his own online used gear store! To keep up to date on the gear Nick is selling just follow his new store’s twitter page: @ESMusicSupply

Some advice for aspiring artists from Jonny Diaz: Signing a record deal and getting a song on the radio is not where it starts. God has you where you are right now for a reason!

Did you know you can write your own music reviews? The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday is giving you the chance. Just click on the link at, find an album you want to review, log in with your NRTeam account, and let the world know what you think.

The ticket outlet iTickets is giving away a free download of the latest song from the group Unspoken. The song Start a Fire is off the groups self-titled, debut album. The album features a number of their past songs as well as six new tracks. Download one of them, the song Start a Fire, by clicking on the link at

Christian artist J.J. Heller has released a new lullaby CD. The CD I Dream of You came out this week.

Brandon Heath is working on a song and needs input from his twitter followers. He asks that you share on twitter a “burning question” that’s been on your mind. Brandon says is can be anything at all. Brandon’s twitter account is @brandonheath

The latest CD from Passion is now available. Passion: Take It All released this week. It features 12 new tracks by worship leaders Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, and Kristian Stanfill, all recorded live at Passion 2014. And a video of one of the songs on the new project, Crowder’s song Come As You Are, is now available online. Check out the video premier of the song by clicking on the link at

The web site Free CCM is giving away a song from Shane and Shane. The free download of their song The One You’ll Find is available by clicking on the link at

The latest CD from The Museum is not available in stores. But you can listen to the entire project, titled “What We Stand For,” all week long online. Check out the entire album preview by clicking on the link at

A question from the husband and wife duo that make up the band Love and the Outcome: Does being in the same room as the treadmill count as a workout?

Mercyme is inviting you to join them in kicking off the new year with a cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise will take place January 11–18 of next year and will give fans the rare chance to enjoy time with members of the band and their families. Also on the cruise will be Tenth Avenue North and speakers John Lynch and Matt Chandler. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Mac Powell will be taking part in a little different type of show this week. On Friday the lead singer of Third Day will be playing at a free country show, opening for Country artist Sawyer Brown.

NEEDTOBREATHE‘s Wasteland tour kicks off on Thursday in Springfield, Missouri. The tour is named after the bands latest CD, just out this month.

Artist News April 29, 2014

NEEDTOBREATHE recently released their new CD Rivers In the Wasteland. And as a follow up to the new project The Sound Opinion has released an article on the band, covering their entire existence from their humble beginnings in 2006 to their latest CD. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

A bit of trivia about Audio Adrenaline lead singer Kevin Max: He is also featured in the Newsboys songs God’s Not Dead and I Am Second

Music from The Afters seems to have a lot of promotional value. Their song Moments Like This was used by NBC for their We Create Moments promo campaign during the Olympics and the song was also selected as the Philadelphia Flyers playoff song. Now another song from The Afters, This Life, is featured in a new Grey’s Anatomy promo.

Joining together to create a new band seems to be working out well for the husband and wife duo that make up Love and the Outcome. Jodi King and Chris Rademaker were both members of separate groups before deciding to form their own band in 2012. And Chris tweeted this week: I thought my first band was really good but rocking out with my wife is perfect

We Believe is the latest release from the Newsboys. And drummer Duncan Phillips recently sat down to talk with New Release Tuesday about the groups latest song. Duncan says the song, which also appears on the Billy Graham tribute album, was one of the later songs recorded for their CD Restart. He said there are a lot of flavors on the record and We Believe ties it all together, stating: all that aside, this is who we are. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

The latest release from Natalie Grant is titled “Closer to Your Heart”. And Natalie says she loves the song because the themes of her album are heavy and sad. But this song is the antithesis of that. Natalie says she was in a storm. But this song reminds her of the hope she has in Christ, the thing that promises her that the sun will shine again. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

The Christian music web site Hear It First Dot Com is giving you the chance to win a Mercyme Music Prize Pack. Included is a t-shirt, autographed copy of the bands latest CD Welcome to the New and a complete Mercyme library made up of all nine of their past CDs. Register online by clicking on the link at

The latest album from Passion is available nationwide for the first time today. But the album Passion: Take It All was officially debuted this past Sunday during a release party at the Passion City Church in Atlanta. The latest compilations project features live music from Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, David Crowder, and others. The songs on the project were recorded live during Passion conferences in Atlanta and Houston early in 2014.

The Robbie Seay band will be releasing a new EP next week. But right now you can download one track from the EP thanks to the Verses Project. The song is based on Psalm 139, verses 1-3 and is designed to help those partnering with The Verses project to start the process of memorizing the entire chapter. Find out more about the memorization effort and download the free song by clicking on the link at

Meredith Andrews was testing her ability to adapt over the weekend. The worship leader played at both a women’s event and an National Rifle Association prayer breakfast during to separate stops.

Matthew West says he would like to do an international tour. Matthew says he would call it My Own Little World Tour.

TobyMac, Lecrae and Skillet were rehearsing over the weekend for their brief run of concerts together in early May. The 10 day series of shows will also include Tedashii, Capital Kings, and We As Human.

Josh Wilson had a tough time getting into his hometown of Lubbock, Texas this week. Josh says his plane had to circle five times before getting clearance to land due to blowing dust.

The last month has been intense for Jenny Simmons. She says the past 27 days included visits to 5 states covering 3 time zones, 3 concerts, 6 classes taught, 1 funeral, 2 birthdays, 1 surgery and 1 major fundraiser. But Jenny is already back on the road again. She and her daughter are going to Disney World this week after Jenny’s parents gave her daughter the trip for her 5th birthday.

Mandisa and Brandon Heath wrapped up the latest leg of their Brandisa tour over the weekend. And Mandisa says Brandon again confirmed that he is a great guy. She said that, during the final weekend, Brandon privately sang a song for a Tour attendee when her favorite song was not in his set.

Jason Roy says he is very proud of his daughter Haven. She has been traveling with Jason during the current Building 429 concert swing in support of her new ministry called Havens Hope. Haven is hand making and selling bracelets at the shows to raise money for orphans in Guatemala after the Roy family visited the country on a missions trip last Summer. And Jason says she nearly sold out during the bands weekend stop in McCook, Nebraska.

Artist News April 28, 2014

A word of advice from Audio Adrenaline lead singer Kevin Max: The future of music is all about taking risks- as a songwriter & singer, I do not like to stay confined or comfortable.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday recently was joined by Francesca Battistelli for a new music hangout. The 30 minute broadcast was to talk about Francesca’s new CD If We’re Honest. You can watch the 30 minute question and answer time and learn all about her new album, hear her sing her first release “Write Your Story” and learn what color crayon she would be. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Jenny Simmons keeps adding goals for her kick starter project and she keeps exceeding them. Her first goal was 20-thousand dollars. That was raised to 25-thousand and then 40-thousand. The new goal, with more than two weeks still remaining in the fund raising effort is 50-thousand dollars. And if the goal is reached Jenny says she will print her new book, create a brand new 5-song EP, and hold a private online concert for those who back her kick starter project. Find out more by clicking on the link at

A bit of trivia about Mercyme drummer Robby Shaffer: The tattoo on his arm is in Hebrew. It is the names of his wife and two kids.

Mike Grayson is dealing with paint swatches. The lead singer of Mikeschair recently reported: Just bought a house and now my life is being overtaken by these things. Attached was a table covered with paint swatches.

From Third Day’s Mark Lee: Just discovered that you can order extra caramel on your sundae at McDonalds. Best 50¢ I’ve spent in recent memory.

Joel and Luke, the two brothers that make up the group for King and Country, recently took their brother Josh on a bachelor trip. The trip took place just before Josh was married over the weekend. And his brothers say they are so proud of the caring, loyal, honorable man he is!

The words from the apostle Paul in Romans 8:1 are the heartbeat for Jimmy Needham’s song “Forgiven and Loved,”. In a short video for John Piper’s Desiring God web site, Jimmy says the song was written in the aftermath of a decade-long battle with pornography. Year after year, shame ruled Jimmy’s life until he experienced, at life-changing depth, a simple, glorious truth: Jesus is better. Watch the short video as Jimmy talks about his battle against addiction and the truth that saved his life. Click on the link at

Meredith Andrews and her husband Jacob recently celebrated the seventh anniversary of their first date. And in response Meredith tweeted: Seven years ago today, a certain boy took me on our first date. Now here we are. Best Decision. Attached was a picture of Jacob, Meredith, and their two children.

Phil Wickham recently recorded a video blog updating his supporter on his upcoming surgery. In the video Phil said he is experiencing a “peace that passes all understanding” in big ways. Phil will undergo surgery on his vocal chords at 12 noon Pacific Time today. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts recently sat down to talk with an organization named The Ugly Ducklings, a group formed to emphesize self-identity and inner beauty. Kerrie talked about her new song Come Back to Life, the issue of suicide prevention, and the obstacles Kerrie herself has faced and overcome in her career. Watch the interview and then share your story for a chance to win a prize pack from Kerrie Roberts. Click on the link at

Chris August is back in the studio. He tweeted that he was working on the new project over the weekend. But it may be some time before new music is actually available. Chris said he is taking his time on creating his new CD.

Chris Tomlin was in the studio working on a new CD. He tweeted: Thankful for these songs and all those helping make them come to life.

Aaron Shust’s Record company Centricity has received the new Christmas project from Aaron Shust. Company officials tweeted late last week: Forget Christmas in July, we are listening to new Christmas music from Aaron Shust today in the office!

Exclusive vinyl editions of Hillsong United’s The White Album are available. You can find them for the first time in the Hillsong United web store.

Paul Baloche was in good company over the weekend. He was on stage with fellow worship icons Martin Smith and Graham Kendrick.

Mandisa is reporting a fantastic response to Food for the Hungry over the weekend. Food for the Hungry is the sponsor of the Brandisa tour with Mandisa and Brandon Heath. And Mandisa says that, during their stop in Bradenton, Florida, one man alone sponsored 100 kids.

Kutless member Nick Departee says he may have met the biggest Kutless fan ever. The band met Gary during a stop in Wayne, Nebraska. And Nick tweeted: He definitely knows more Kutless songs than I do. He was so stoked on life that we couldn’t help but smile and enjoy our time with this awesome dude. Thanks for an amazing day Gary.

Touring tips from Love and the Outcome: 1. Be a nice human 2. Be able to pack everything you need for tour tour in a very small vehicle.

Rush of Fools member Kevin Huguley had a unique experience over the weekend. Kevin tried out a mechanical bull while live on the program Good Day Alabama.

Jason Roy’s daughter Haven is helping to raise funds for children in Guatemala. The lead singer of Building 429 says his daughter Haven is selling wrist bands benefitting Guatemala during the bands We Won’t Be Shaken Tour.

Jeremy Camp is inviting you to join him for a cruise to Alaska. The Christian artist recently announced the “Jeremy Camp and friends Cruise”. It will take place June 27 to July 4, 2014. Also on the cruise will be Francesca Battistelli and Jeremy’s wife Adie Camp. Find out more by clicking on the link at

It was a rough weekend for Hawk Nelson Guitarist Micah Kuiper. Someone snuck backstage before their concert Friday night and stole one of his guitars.

Artist News April 18, 2014

Kutless member James Mead is back in school at Grand Canyon University. And the groups guitarist says he is currently taking a world religion class. James tweeted that the class is making him SO GLAD that he is a Christian, saved by grace, through our Savior, Jesus Christ!

The band Disciple is hoping to fund their next CD through a kickstarter project. Their goal is to raise $45,000 to produce the new album and, with 30 days still remaining, nearly $35,000 has already come in. Find out more about the kick starter project by clicking on the link at

TobyMac is asking for your help in spreading the word about his upcoming tour with Skillet and Lecrae. And in return he is giving you the chance to win items including a hat, t-shirt, CD and an autographed poster. All you have to do is send out a picture about the tour on your favorite social media source. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Kelly Needham is out with her first blog for Revive Our Hearts. The wife of Christian artist Jimmy Needham this week released a blog titled The Best Marriage I Never Wanted. In the article Kelly talks about the early years of her marriage and the work God did in her own life through the new relationship. Read the blog by clicking on the link at

The band Cloverton is looking for a new drummer. Band members this week shared an open letter from Kirby announcing his plans to step away from the group. He says he’s making a major change in direction. He is currently training as a chef and will be working in that field starting this fall in his home town of Manhattan Kansas. But the rest of the guys in Cloverton say they are committed to continuing as a band. They plan to find a new drummer and continue touring.

Luke from for King and Country this week released a post thanking everyone for their prayers. Last summer Luke was sidelined with some severe health issues. And earlier this week he told followers that he was going back in for a doctors visit. In the update Luke reported that he is on some new medication and is praying that the change will help him get back to 100%.

Jamie Grace this week was showing off a picture colored by the child she sponsors in Sri Lanka. In the post Jamie said child sponsorship is one of the most amazing things. She added: I love getting letters from her and her family…they often thank me for being in their lives but honestly I’m the one who is humbled to be a part of theirs.

Openings are still available for the first ever Third Day Faith and Family Camp. The camp will take place May 30 through June 1. It will be held at Lake Lanier Islands Resort in Georgia and will include multiple concerts by the members of Third Day and their friends. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Jenny Simmons started her first ever kick starter project earlier this week. The Christian artist is hoping to raise $20,000 to edit and print her new book The Road To Becoming. And just two days into the fundraising effort she is already nearly one-quarter of the way there. But Jenny says the question people are asking most is what the book is about. So she has released an blurb from the project. Read it by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard was recently asked by Time Magazine to write an article on Grace. And the result is a piece that Bart is calling Dear Religion, I Quit You! That thought is also the theme of Mercyme’s new CD Welcome to the New. Read the Time Magazine article by clicking on the link at

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday is hoping to raise One million pennies in one million seconds for Steven Curtis Chapman’s orphan organization Show Hope. Find out more and join in the effort by clicking on the link at

An update from Phil Wickham on his prescribed silence. Phil was back in the doctors office this week after two weeks of no talking or singing. And at that time he had hoped to have more information on the lenght of his time away. However, late this week Phil said the doctors are still figuring it out and there are no specific answers at this point. Phil added that he “wanted to say thanks so much to all of you for the prayers concerning my vocal issues.”

NEEDTOBREATHE is partnering with Martin Guitars to give away 1 Signed LXM Little Martin guitar. To enter, simply tweet OR post on Instagram your favorite lyric from “Rivers In the Wasteland”. All entries must contain the hashtag #NTBWasteland as well as a link to the iTunes page. One winner will be chosen and notified next week! Get the details by clicking on the link at

Meredith Andrews will have a busy Easter weekend. Meredith is a worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago and recently tweeted that they will be holding seven services throughout the holiday weekend. Meredith added that, if you are in Chicago this weekend, you are invited to join them as they remember the cross.