Artist News July 7, 2015

Switchfoot has announced plans to open a non-profit music school in their hometown of Encinitas, California. Members of the band say the goal of the new school is to continue their passion of giving back to San Diego through music, surfing, and youth development programs. They say music lessons and much more will be coming soon for all kids in a pay as you can format. More information and a sneak preview of the studio will be coming throughout the week.

Seven years ago Matthew West underwent surgery that could have cost him his voice. Instead, that surgery put him on the path he is on today, and ultimately allowed him to tell the stories of countless others. In an article on The Blaze web site, West says the vocal cord surgery seven years ago meant that he couldn’t sing or speak for two months. He says that was a time of pretty intense soul-searching. In response, West says: I feel like that’s become my mission in life, using my voice as a singer and songwriter to tell the stories of other people’s lives and in doing so, hopefully empower people to realize that their life is a one in a million, unique story that can go out and change the world.

Colton Dixon says submitting your Through All Of It story is a simple 1, 2, 3 process.
Step 1: Film your Through All Of It Story & upload to YouTube
Step 2: Submit it at
Step 3: I watch!

The members of NeedToBreathe were recently featured on the golf Channel. As the band geared up for their latest tour, they talked with golf channel about their love for golf. Front man Bear said he started playing because he needed some competition in his life. But they say it’s also a connection to the community. NeedtoBreathe say their clubs are always with them. Watch the entire report by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith is encouraging blood donation. He shared a picture of a two year old girl named Emily who needs a blood transfusion every 6 to 8 weeks. Michael described her grin as a smile that could light up the night sky. He added: Choose Your Day to donate blood for patients in need, like Emily.

SanctusReal’s Matt Hammitt took pictures as his kids and their friends joined together for a frog hunt over the weekend.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall has an idea. He things the entire world should wear name tags.

Jenny Simmons was celebrating the 5th of July. Jenny said their communities fireworks had to be re-scheduled so she and her daughter Annie had a girls night out. She says they oohd and ahhhed the whole way through like giddy girls do.

Kutless member James Mead is an Easter Coaster who has now moved to the west
coast. And James has some advice for those who are are still on the Atlantic side of the country. He tweeted: I’ve got to say… East Coasters are suuuper impatient. Chill

Natalie Grant shared a picture on instagram as she enjoyed what she called a glass full of green goodness. Natalie shared: 11 months ago I started on a journey that has changed my life. Up to that point I was eating whatever was fast, convenient and easy. But Natalie says that, in reality, it just made her more anxious, tired and overweight. She says it wasn’t about food or trying to be a certain size or weight. It was about learning how to take care of her whole temple, or as she described it, the inner and outer me. Natalie wrapped up by encouraging those following her on social media to: JUST DECIDE to move yourself up on your priority list. It’s NOT selfish. It’s smart. And it will make you a BETTER person and follower of Jesus in every facet of your life.

Audio Adrenaline’s Brandon Bagby and Casting Crown’s Jaun Devevo were on stage together but it wasn’t for a special performance. Instead, they were training the next generation of guitarists. The two are both teaching acoustic guitar at camp electric this week.

Big Daddy Weave is promising a big announcement today. They say to tune in throughout the day for updates each hour.

CitizenWay is working on a new album this summer. Members of the band tweeted over the weekend: can’t wait to share our new songs with all of you!

Mercyme’s Bart Millard was celebrating Christmas in July this week. Bart was braving the heat of summer in the studio while recording vocals for the bands upcoming Christmas CD.

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Artist News July 1, 2015

Periscope may need to come with a warning label. Jamie Grace was on the social media site that lets artists broadcast live online and got stuck in an elevator. After a brief outage Jamie was back live on periscope reporting: I’m 100% alive and still singing.

Joel from for King and Country will never forget the date that he first met his wife, fellow artist Moria Peters. It was on the same day as his brother, Luke’s, wedding. Joel says he met and danced with Moriah five years ago this week.

Mercyme member Nathan Cochran will soon be the father of a teenager. He shared online: my oldest son William will be 13 in a few short days. Nathan said that, to celebrate, they were taking a trip, just the two of them.

Kevin Max tweeted this week: I’m obsessed with tepees just now. The former member of DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline shared a picture of a tepee with the caption: This will find its way into my backyard soon…. Fur lined, vinyl player, no tv…Lots of books.

Casting Crowns’ Juan DeVevo has found the perfect way to keep up with the kids and survive camp. He tweeted: Manhunt: the fun, late night game where I lead my team to hide in a place where I can nap

Sidewalk Prophets front man David Frey was moving this week. He shared online: Today was moving day. Tomorrow is still moving day. I hate moving. But Dave did find a silver lining. He added: but what awesome weather in Nashville. Thank you Lord.

A milestone today for Danny Gokey. He tweeted: Getting my braces off for the 3rd time in my life. Danny says: Moral of the story: Wear your retainers!!

The members of Hawk Nelson were honoring heroes last weekend. The band provided the music for the event Honoring Those Who Serve Our Community And Our Country south of Indianapolis. Following the Hawk Nelson concert the organizers of the event honored heroes from their community and then wrapped up the evening fireworks.

Matt Maher was celebrating our freedom. He was part of a concert last weekend with Third Day, Tobymac, Meredith Andrews, and more in Dallas titled celebrate freedom.

Blanca was helping members of Jacksonville community celebrate freedom recently. She was part of a Freedom fest event in that community last weekend.

Matthew West this week announced dates for the second leg of his Live Forever Tour with Francesca Battistelli. The 40-city tour will begin on September 24 in Wisconsin. Stops are scheduled from South Carolina and Georgia to California and Oregon before the tour wraps up in Michigan just before Thanksgiving.

Audio Adrenaline made their Opry debut last night. The band known as AudioA 3.0 made their first appearance on the famed stage on the final day of June.

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Artist News June 30, 2015

Nothing says summer like David Crowder riding a mechanical a bull. That was just one of the experiences at the Passion Summer camp last week. Check out photographic evidence by clicking on the link at

Darlene Zschech’s new web site it up and running. The new site is filled with videos, information and more. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Plumb is asking all of her social media followers to serve as accountability partners. She recently announced: I’m joining a group on Wednesdays for eight weeks starting July 15 called “Wellness Wednesday’s”. Plumb says the goal is to, as a group, learn how to set and achieve goals to be healthier in a completely natural and faithful way. That’s where you come in. Plumb says she plans to share all her experiences, progress, and set backs online as a way to encourage and share what she learns, hoping maybe it helps some of you as well. Every Wednesday for 8 weeks starting July 15 she says she will post a report.

Fan are inspired by more than just Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips on stage performance. One fan named Meagan tweeted: your inspiring quotes and healthy living quotes have helped me. I am now 80 lbs lighter. Thank you!

Jamie Grace was honored for her songs Beautiful Day and Do Life Big. She tweeted: apparently Beautiful Day and Do Life Big both went #1 on radio. Jamie said she was a little giddy when she was presented with plaques honoring the accomplishment.

Third Day’s Mac Powell is home with his two youngest children this week while his wife and older children are out of town. Mac tweeted: Mama and the big kids are gone, so….of course…..we’re eating cheeseburgers for breakfast. Mac added: With mama and the older kids gone this week we are going to have many adventures! Stay tuned!

Tenth Avenue North guitarist Ruben Juarez is not a big fan of Ruben jokes. He tweeted: making lame “Ruben” jokes about the sandwich or singer may get you a smile on the outside but on the inside I’m really doing this…his post was followed by an annoyed face, frowning face, and another annoyed face.

Matt Redman says he became a Christian through the ministry of Luis Palau 30 years ago. Now the UK worship leader is giving back. In 2 weeks Matt will join Luis for New York City Fest in Central Park.

TobyMac says he and his crew always have five food items on the tour bus. They are: Coffee, cereal, water, chips, and salsa.

for King and Country is well known for their energetic performances. But a recent picture emphasizes just how high flying their performance really is. The picture features a silhouette of Joel leaping high during one of their songs. Check it out by clicking on the link at christian

Colton Dixon was feeling a lot of discomfort after a recent concert. It seems that he feet had been attacked by chiggers. Colton shared a picture of his feet literally covered in red blotches.

Skillet front man Jon Foreman may have gotten more than he bargained for when he shook hands with fans after a recent show. One fan told Jon on twitter: I shook your hand last night at creation ….I have poison ivy. Sorry.

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Artist News June 29, 2015

Tenth Avenue North Front man Mike Donehey has released a blog sharing his thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling on marriage late last week. Titled “To Hear or Be Heard”, the blog shares Mike’s thoughts on the impact of the ruling nation wide and also his personal response. Read the blog by clicking on the link at

Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly is out with a two minute response to the Supreme Court Marriage Decision. Focus on the Family will also address the decision on their Monday broadcast. But in the mean time you can check out what Jim Daly has to say by clicking on the link at

Revive Our Hearts’ Nancy Leigh Demoss was in the midst of a live recording session when she learned of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize “same-sex marriage.” In response, Nancy took a break from her recording to share her thoughts on the decision and remind us that heaven still rules. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Many Christian leaders have signed a declaration on marriage in response to the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. The declaration says: As evangelical Christians, we dissent from the court’s ruling that redefines marriage. The state did not create the family, and should not try to recreate the family in its own image. It adds: The Bible clearly teaches the enduring truth that marriage consists of one man and one woman. Read the entire declaration by clicking on the link at

Newsboys member Duncan Phillips is an American transplant but that doesn’t diminish his pride in the American flag. The native Australian shared a picture of the flag this week along with the tweet: Love walking into a truck stop and seeing this proudly displayed on the dining room wall!

Show Hope, the adoption organization began by Steven Curtis Chapman, needs 1.1 million diapers. The organization that works with adoptive parents here in the USA also helps meet the needs of orphans with special needs in China. Officials say that requires 1.1 million diapers every year, at a cost of $300,000. Now they are asking for help in purchasing all of those diapers. Check out more on the Show Hope Diaper fund by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant is asking for prayer for her drummer. She shared over the weekend: We are in rehearsal and my drummer received a call that one of his dearest friend was killed in a car crash. Please pray for family of Jamilyn

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer is a new, unofficial spokesman for Gabby Burgers. Mike tweeted over the weekend: May have just had the best burger in my life… Ever…Thanks Gabbys burgers! It was incredible!

Casting Crowns’ Jaun Devevo says he was acting like some sort of caveman heathen over the weekend. He tweeted that he was actually having to take pictures with the front facing camera on his phone.

Ellie Holcomb was enjoying some time at home over the weekend. She shared a picture of her daughter enjoying some time in their wading pool along with the caption: Grateful for a season of slowing down, for Saturday’s at home, & for the constant love of Jesus through our struggles, our busy, and our slow.  Also, praise for baby pools helping us beat the heat.

TobyMac’s new CD This Is Not A Test will officially available on August 7. But right now you can pre-order either the vinyl or CD versions of the album. The new studio album from TobyMac features the song ‘Beyond Me.’

Family Force 5 has announced the release date for their upcoming remix album. Time Still Stands is scheduled for release on November 6.

Francesca Battistelli’s song Holy Spirit climbed to number one on five different music charts over the weekend. Word Records announced that the song, from Francesca’s 2014 album If We’re Honest, hit number 1 on five charts simultaneously just 13 weeks after it’s release. In response, Francesca shared: “I’m truly in awe of what God is doing through this song.” “The cry of my heart is for His presence to saturate my life, and it’s beautiful to share that prayer with so many others who want more of Him.

Worship leader Christy Nockels is out with another song on the Worship Together web site. The latest feature is her song My Anchor. At the site Christy is giving away lyric and chord charts and also has recorded a video talking about the new song. Access all three by clicking on the link at
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Artist News June 23, 2015

Tenth Avenue North guitarist Jeff Owen is asking for your help. His brother and sister in law are are trying to adopt a little girl from China and Jeff says you can help by buying a piece of puzzle. Find our more by clicking on the link at

Mary Beth Chapman she may have to break out her husbands Christmas Peanuts shirt a little early this year. She shared a picture of the Peanuts cast preparing for their new movie with Steven Curtis seated front and center. Mary Beth says the movie is coming out on November 6th and Steven is so excited.

Moriah Peters says he Dad has been diagnosed with cancer so this year, for Fathers Day, she baked him a sugar free carrot cake. Moriah also took to her social media accounts to say everyone to pray for healing.

A word of advice from Mat Kearney. He tweeted: don’t accidentally use your wife’s glycolic acid face wash and then sit on the beach all day. Mat added: can’t feel my ear lobes.

Casting Crowns Juan DeVevo is taking a little time off. He and his family took the camper to Pine Mountain to spend a couple of days on the trail.

Jason Gray tweeted a quote from Elizabeth Stone on Father’s day: Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. Attached was a picture of Jason with his three sons.

Kutless member James Mead tweeted this week: I’m feeling inspired by the Book of Isaiah lately! What Scriptures are encouraging you? Let’s share some together!

Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald shared a picture of their new kitten over the weekend and even let those who follow him on social media pick the cats name. After a poll Sunday evening fans chose the name Nova.

The Audio Adrenaline song Move is being used to promote another sporting event. Front man Adam Agee says the song was played during the U.S. Open. Move was also already used at the theme for MLB Network’s “MLB Now.”

Have a prayer request? Tobymac would like you to share it on his facebook page. Then Tobymac says to also pray for the request in the comment area right above yours.

Rebecca St James will be part of another movie next week. Just in time for Independence day, the movie Faith of our Fathers will be in Theaters on July 1. Rebecca says the movie is a story of fatherhood and a journey of brotherhood.

Comedian and Gaither Vocal Band member Mark Lowry is giving you the chance to own his ride. He announced this week that his RV, affectionately call The Holy Roller, is now for sale.

For the first time in about a month, Jamie Grace was able to sleep in her own bed. And it sounds like she was enjoying a little break from the road. She tweeted that, when she was tired of being lazy, she got up, went downstairs, and laid on the couch.

Aaron Shust is celebrating a milestone this week. His wife Sarah announced on Instagram that their son Michael can now speak. Michael has downs syndrome and has been officially stamped as non-verbal for the last 2 and a half years. Sarah says they had their first conversation on Monday.

Paul Baloche is gearing up to release his second Christmas project this fall. Paul said he was listening to the final mixes of Christmas Worship 2 early this week. He said he is excited to hear the mastered album recorded with several of his friends. However, the rest of us are going to have to wait a little longer to hear Paul’s latest Christmas project. It won’t officially be released until October 2nd.

Manny, from Group 1 Crew, was listening to one of the songs from his upcoming new record and said he is overflowing with emotion. The song is titled Hold Back The Rain. Manny described it as a cry out to God asking him to fight back the enemy of our souls because, He says: if it were left up to us alone, we’d give in every time. In that, I’m thinking of all the times he’s fought for me and it’s overwhelming! The fact that I’m still alive and breathing is a testament to the war being won in my life.

Amy Grant is part of a new animated movie called All Creatures Big and Small. Grant announced this week that her voice is part of the free movie. It’s scheduled for release later this month. Grant says the animated kids movie features the untold story of Noah’s ark. She says: one ark, 50,000 animals. What could go wrong?

Danny Gokey was recording vocals this week for his first Christmas record. But Danny says it was difficult to get in the Christmas spirit in 90 degree weather.

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Artist News June 16, 2015

You might want to read the fine print before purchasing items at upcoming Colton Dixon and David Crowder concerts. Recently David posted a picture of sale flyer at a nearby store. It featured an item that had been marked down by a whopping one-cent, from $149 to 148.99. That prompted Colton to tweet: we should start doing that for Merch items.

Jimmy Needham was looking for a good samaritan earlier this week. Jimmy tweeted: my wife and daughters are stranded with a broken down van in Prescott, Arkansas. Looking for someone in Little Rock, Arkansas to pick up par and drive part to them tonight so they can get back on road.

Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer this week received what he described as the best birthday gift ever. It was a bed spread emblazoned with the face of artist Dave Grohl.

The 11th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert will take place at Moonlight Beach in California on Saturday, July 11. According to New Release Tuesday, Switchfoot, NeedToBreathe, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors and Colony House will perform at the concert. This year, the surf contest/concert will be streamed online, allowing viewers around the world to tune in and catch the Bro-Am action live. The 2015 events will benefit the Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation, which the members of Switchfoot recently created to continue their mission of giving back to the local community through music, surfing, and youth development programs.

The latest CD from UK worship leader Matt Redman is now available. The live worship album Unbroken Praise was recorded in the UK several months ago. It officially releases across the USA today.

In celebration of the new album from Hillsong United, the web site Today’s Christian Music is giving you the chance to win a trip for two to the home of the Empire State Building, New York City. One winner and their guest will win round trip airfare, hotel accommodations for two nights, ground transportation to and from the airport and hotel and two Main Deck and Top Deck Express passes to the Empire State Building. The giveaway runs through early July in celebration of Hillsong United’s new album Empires. You can register daily by clicking on the link at

How do you determine God’s will for your life? This may be the most important question confronting you as a Christian, for therein lies the key to obedience. You can hardly obey God if you are hazy about His leadership in your daily experience. But how can His divine purposes be known absolutely? Find out more from Dr. James Dobson by downloading his free PDF titled Interpreting God’s Will. Click on the link at

Moriah Peters says an air plane has become her new home. She and her band have been jet setting for the past four days, traveling from Minnesota to Florida to North Carolina.

Third Day’s Mac Powell needs your help. He tweeted: I need help getting the word out about my country shows this week. Mac will be in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma playing some solo shows.

Jamie Grace had an ulterior motive for a recent concert in Houston. She tweeted: why did we play in Texas this weekend? Cause Grandma only turns 70 once. We head to Houston after a lovely evening celebrating with our Grandma, Papa Lee and countless cousins, aunts, uncles and new friends.

The members of for King and Country would like to facetime with you. They will be playing five songs on Fox and Friends this Friday and if you help them spread the word you will be entered in a drawing to facetime with the Aussie band. Simply retweeted the announcement about their appearance to be entered in the drawing.

Passion Conferences this week announced the lineup that will be joining Louie Giglio for Passion 2016 and it looks like the entire team is planning to be there. Featured will be Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and more. The weekend event will take place simultaneously at three locations in Atlanta and Houston.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s debut at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC is one he won’t soon forget. The longtime Christian artist played in front of a full house, selling out the Kennedy Center during his first visit to the well known concert hall.

Brandon Heath and Matt Maher put their mark on a music icon this week. The two artists were playing with Third Day at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and signed the legendary tunnel under the venue.

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Artist News June 15, 2015

Third Day now has their own home decor line. The band is partnering with Glory Haus, Inc. to feature products inspired by their lyrics. Band members say they hope to provide their fans with a new way to engage with their songs by displaying them on products in their homes. View the entire Third Day line by clicking on the link at

How was your Sunday? A reminder from Casting Crowns: Sunday’s are a time of rejuvenation and revitalization through worship and fellowshipping with God’s Church. Sunday’s are a day spent with loved ones reflecting on all that God has done for you that week and prepare for all that he will continue to do in the coming week.

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee was trying his hand at valet parking. He recently was out in the 100 degree heat working as a valet for the 90th birthday party for one of his wife’s grandparents. Adam said it was the first 90th bday party he had ever been to.

Brandon Heath is doing a little hiking this summer. He tweeted over the weekend: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail today. Tomorrow, the Rockies. So far this summer is looking real good.

Britt Nicole was recently getting a pedicure with her daughter and tweeted: Not the most relaxing pedicure but def the most fun and memorable!

Colton Dixon was doing a little spring cleaning. He tweeted: Feels so good to clean up your apps on your phone.

Matt Redman says his wife helps him keep in touch with his home church even when he is out of town. Matt tweeted: Love that I have the kind of wife who takes extensive talk notes and emails me them when I’m away from our home church.

Natalie Grant was taking on a challenge. She tweeted that she was about to tackle the toughest trail at the Temescal Canyon with her husband and daughters.

for King and Country is taking over Fox and Friends. The Aussie band will be playing five songs on the show this coming Friday, June 19, from 6:00 to 9:00am ET

The members of Group 1 Crew are looking forward to a little down time in Europe. Band members tweeted that they were headed to Milan, Italy for some chill time before their show in Switzerland.

Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman played three solo shows in two days but he says it was just a warm up. Jon tweeted that he was gearing up for 25 shows in 25 hours.

The Afters Josh Havens was recently part of a different type of group. Josh is part of his churches Art Group. Over the weekend they were featured as the first group of Americans to ever participate in a 235 year old Art Festival in Genzano, Italy!

Steven and Mary Beth Chapman were checking out the sites around Washington D.C. over the weekend. The Chapmans are in town for Stevens’ debut performance at the Kennedy Center. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Mary Beth also spoke about the work of Show Hope at the National Press Club.

Mercyme’s Bart Millard had the chance to meet his hero over the weekend. Mercyme was playing for the Houstan Astros and Bart got to spend some time with Nolan Ryan. But Bart wasn’t the only one getting autographs. Nolan also made sure to get an autographed ball from Bart.

The Sidewalk Prophets were the featured entertainment prior to a Louisville Bats baseball game over the weekend. The team is a Triple-A Affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

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Artist News June 5, 2015

The music of for King and Country is having a special impact in one persons life. Joel this week introduced the bands followers to Terri. She was participating in a 5k road race just two days after having chemo on her shoulder. Terri told Joel that the for King and Country song Shoulders is her song.

A reminder from Kutless member James Mead: You are never alone. The God of the Universe is your good and holy Father! He is with you ALWAYS! Never fear. Never be afraid.

Jamie Grace will be joining her older sister Morgan on tour this summer. This week she shared a little more about the differences between the two siblings. Jamie tweeted: “I’m more likely to be in a hot pink dress and cowboy boots.” “Morgan has this cool rootsy organic sound.”

Mandisa is feeling her age. She tweeted this week: You know you’re getting older when your hair stylist asks if you wanna start using color! But Jamie Grace had the perfect response. She replied to Mandisa’s tweet: that’s all that wisdom creepin out!

Natalie Grant will soon be offering clothing for children. For some time the Christian artist has been offering clothing and jewelry through her NG by Natalie Grant trade mark. This week she shared on Instagram that NG Kids will be available effective today.

A reminder from Love and The Outcome: Today is a gift. Let’s receive it with open hands!

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is also a youth pastor and the kids in his youth group this summer are giving back. Mark announced this week that they will be serving in their community every Thursday throughout the summer. Mark shared a picture of what he called his super squad as they volunteered at an elementary school yesterday.

SanctusReal front man Matt Hammitt says it’s a different world. Matt shared this week that SanctusReal was a band for five years before the internet was popular. He added that, when they got their start, social media didn’t even exist.

Matthew West has produced three CDs based on the more than 40,000 stories sent to him by his fans but he is showing no signs of slowing down. Matthew’s third CD has been out for just one month but this week Matthew was already back in his cabin reading more stories. He tweeted: In this cabin, I’ve read about the good the bad and the ugly. The victories and the failures. The joy and the pain.

Meredith Andrews was giving her young daughter Frankie her first make up training session this week. Meredith shared a picture as she and Frankie sat on the floor in front of a full length mirror. But it looks like Frankie is still working on the concept. She was more interested in chewing on the mascara container then learning where it is actually suppose to go.

Paul Baloche celebrated a birthday this week and says he got the best birthday present possible. It was a visit from his grandson and time with his family at a park near their new home in New York City.

The 2nd annual GMA Honors Ceremony is set to air on JUCE TV this weekend. The show is hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist, Scott Hamilton and includes performances by Point of Grace, The Martins, Chris August, and more. It will air on Friday at 9pm CT and Saturday at 2pm CT.

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee has been helping with a golf camp this week. The Christian artist has been providing music for the FCA golf camp taking place in Arizona. He shared a picture as they wrapped up the event with smores on the final night.

Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night in America is still a couple of months away but Chris says he is already praying for the three nights of worship scheduled to take place across the country. Events are scheduled in New York, Colorado and California in August and Chris says he is asking God to transform hearts and lives.

Jon Foreman this week shared a picture of the best wave he surfed during a concert stop in Germany. The members of Switchfoot were in Europe for concerts in several countries. They took advantage of a little down time to surf a high speed river flowing through the country.

The Newsboys are gearing up for their fall tour. They announced this week that they will be joined by Hawk Nelson. Band members say more than 40 dates are on the schedule.

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Artist News June 4, 2015

From David of Hawk Nelson: Summer is right around the corner! What are some things you guys suggest or plan on doing this summer!? I went river rafting the other day and it was AWESOME!

Aaron Shust this week shared a picture of his church. He shared on Instragram that the church has been an important part of his families life for nearly 100 year. It’s the church where his grandmother came to faith, where his parents married, and where Aaron was dedicated and sang his first solo at the age of 3. Aaron say the church is approaching 100 years of gathering in attempt to love our Great God and each other.

The latest edition of CCM Magazine is now available. The free online magazine features Matt Redman on the cover. It also includes stories about Dan Bremness and Jimmy Needham. Access the magazine by clicking on the link at

Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp was on Family Life Today this week. Jeremy joined Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine to talk about his early years in the Camp household and his parents’ radical conversion to Christianity. Jeremy also shared about his own faith journey and the changes he made in his life in order to walk more closely with Christ. You can access the programs online and find out more about Jeremy Camp by clicking on the link at

Dan Bremness says he got to see one of his heroes this past weekend. He was able to spend some time with his dad, a pastor who retired at the age of 61 to become full time missionary.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says he has found the inspiration for his next bathroom. As you might guess, it has a distinct drum theme. Check out the picture by clicking on the link at

Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey is one day into his juicing fast and he says the craving have already hit. No, he’s not craving steak or potatoes. Dave says he really wants some coffee. He adds: Prayers for mental strength are more than welcome.

Has this ever happened to you? Casting Crowns Juan DeVevo tweeted: That awkward moment you write a fictional tweet for your own amusement and your friends think you burned your house down

A reminder from Moriah Peters: Makeup, like art, is creative and careful but when it comes off, I’m reminded that it’s not what makes me beautiful.

Jenny Simmons says she has developed a routine while back in Dallas. After giving her husband Ryan a ride to his office Jenny heads to Whole Foods for oatmeal with blueberries, pecans, and brown sugar. She grabs a cup of coffee and then heads to the same table outside to continue writing her second book. Jenny says: stability matters, at least in little doses.

Building 429 guitarist Jesse Garcia has just completed his first consulting job. Jesse tweeted: Honored that someone would be interested in knowing my approach, method, and philosophy to tone.

Sanctus Real front man Matt Hammitt says his kids were having a lot of fun with the leaf blower this week. He shared a picture of his three kids letting the leaf blower blow in their face. Check out the short video by clicking on the link at
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Artist News June 2, 2015

A Fan Awards show was held over the weekend and the Australian band for King and Country came away the big winners. They took the top award as Artist of the Year and also were named group of the year and received the award for the Best Live Show of 2014. Chris Tomlin was named Male Artist of the Year, Francesca Battistelli came away with the award for Female Artist of the Year. The Newsboys song We Believe was named Song of the Year. And Lauren Daigle’s How Can It Be was selected by fans as Worship Song of the Year. Rounding out the artist awards was Big Daddy Weave. They were selected as the first Christian artist to appear on a 7up can.

Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean is already a pastor and a well known Christian artist. But now he also has his own wedding chapel. Randy said he recently conducted his first wedding in the chapel, located behind his home, marking it’s official opening. Randy added: Who’s Next.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall says it’s ironic that he spoke at a senior bachelorette service and he doesn’t even know how to spell it?

A reminder from Britt Nicole: Working out is for fun and health, it’s not about getting a “beach-worthy” body! God already thinks we are beautiful and worthy of His love!

A bit of trivia from CCM Magazine about Colton Dixon. He revealed this week that it only takes 15 minutes to do his hair.

Some trivia about Steven Curtis Chapman. He said the first thing he noticed about his wife Mary Beth was the little precious moments buttons on her jacket.

Chelsea Cameron, wife of actor Kirk Cameron, recently answered the question: what’s the weirdest gift you’ve been given? Her answer: Kirk got me a heated toilet seat.

Christy Nockels wants to help make your lunch hour a little bit brighter. She will be holding an online acoustic worship time, sharing worship songs from her new live CD and some of the stories behind the songs. It will take place at noon Central time. Click on the link at

Audio Adrenaline has released the final episode of their life on tour with Newsboys. The video features the tour stop at a rattle snake roundup. While the members of the band are brave on stage, they clearly aren’t nearly as comfortable around the snakes. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United has released another lyric video from their new album Empires. The latest video features their song Here Now. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson is out with a live performance of their song Drops in the Ocean. Watch the video recording of their performance. Click on the link at

The Rhett Walker Band this week started something new. They are starting a feature called Music Monday. This week they kicked things off with a live performance of their song Downtown Tonight. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

In our darkest moments we call upon the light of the world. That is the theme of the latest Dan Bremnes song Where the Light Is. Hear the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

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