Artist News 12/22/2015

The Jamie Grace support group is back. She posted this week: hi, I’m Jamie Grace and I have never seen Star Wars. The support group was started earlier this year for all those who, like Jamie, have never seen many of the movies everyone talks about like Back to the Future, Star Wars, etc.

Jamie Grace is out with her own version of Star Wars. She tweeted: if you don’t want Star Wars to be spoiled then don’t watch my latest video. However, the Jamie Grace version of the story is affected slightly by the fact that Jamie has never seen any of the actual Star Wars movies. Watch her rendition by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is out with a 10 day “Christmas Worship Devotion” through the YouVersion Bible App. Check out Paul’s Christmas devotionals by clicking on the link at

Matthew West’s lyrics so good…they’re tattoo worthy! At least, that’s the opinion of one fan. She shared a picture of the phrase “Living Proof; Grace wins every time” permanently displayed on her arm.

Moriah Peters announced that she was leaving Tennessee behind for the holidays. She tweeted: Celebrating Christmas the only way I know how: sun rays, warm days and ice skating on the beach in Southern California.

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall says it’s crazy how much streaming has changed the music industry. According to Jon Micah, in 2015 862-thousand people listened to Kutless music online. If the amount of time everyone spent listening to Kutless music was extended out, one song at a time, their music would play for a staggering 58 years.

Mercyme’s Robby Shaffer is struggling through Physical Therapy. Robby shared a picture as he worked out on a stationary bike after knee surgery. Robby said: Amazing what the body can do even when you don’t think it should be able to.

Tenth Avenue North’s Ruben Juarez shared this week on twitter: What I’ve learned in 2015: the key to success is to eat breakfast, water your plants, and ride jet skis all day.

Flu going around your house? Then you might be able to relate to the Christmas wish of Mercymeguitarist Mike Scheuchzer. He tweeted his picture looking totally worn out along with the words: It’d be awesome if no one else would throw up tonight. Mike said two of their four kids had been up, keeping he and his wife up half of the night.

A reminder from Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey: It’s both troubling and relieving to know Jesus sees every secret motive. So glad He rescues us from ourselves.

A reminder from Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey: It’s both troubling and relieving to know Jesus sees every secret motive. So glad He rescues us from ourselves.

A little de ju vu for Aaron Shust over the weekend. He spent Sunday afternoon chilling in the house where he and his wife Sarah brought home their two oldest boys and spent six years of their life. Aaron says he still owns the house and it works out great when you happen to love your tenants.

A special deal from NeedToBreathe. Right now they are hoping to raise $250,000 for Palmetto Medical Initiative, an organization that exists to provide quality, affordable healthcare to people in need. They shared that, when you give, you can have a clinic room named after you or your family at the first NeedToBreathe PMI Health Clinic!

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Artist News 12/18/2015

Chris Tomlin is featured on the cover of the latest CCM Magazine. The free online edition of the magazine features Chris talking about why he prays for an awakening. It also shares Tobymac’s response to Paris attacks and much more. Access your free copy of CCM Magazine by clicking on the link at

Mercyme was recently featured on the Faithzette web site. As part of the interview group member Barry Graul talked about their new Christmas album, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and their vocation as Christian artists. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is winning at being a grown up right now. She tweeted: I have three crockpots and a fridge full of fresh veggies. She added that she is either being very grown up or is prepping for being a grandma.

Tobymac was hanging with a good friend this week. He shared a picture as he celebrated the holidays at Michael Tait’s Christmas party. Tobymac tweeted: Been homies a looong time! Tobymac and Michael Tait made up two thirds of DC Talk back in the 90s.

NeedToBreathe has a goal. This holiday season they are hoping to raise $250,000 for Palmetto Medical Initiative, an organization that exists to provide quality, affordable healthcare to people in need. As an added incentive, members of NeedToBreathe say all donors will receive an unreleased NeedToBreathe song called “On Your Side”.

Third Days Mac Powell may have been taking his life into his own hands when he tweeted Thursday afternoon: Just saw an early preview of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So sad that R2-D2 loses his life. Mac quickly added: Oops. My bad. Spoiler alert. However, he wrapped up his post by admitting that he hadn’t really seen the movie at that point and said: Just Kidding.

Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo was reminiscing this week. He tweeted: When I was a kid, the successfulness of a toy rested on if in the commercial how well the toy could knock over a wall of paper cups.

Doing tour business on the road isn’t always easy. Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald tweeted this week: That moment you type a three page email on your tiny cell phone. Thumb cramps are eminent. Doing business from the tour bus bunk this am.

Mercyme’s Robby Shaffer shared a picture as he relaxed at his home this week. But his feet weren’t propped up by choice. Robby is recovering from a recent knee surgery. He shared: I survived my knee surgery thanks to a great team of doctors and nurses. Also thanks to my beautiful wife Maggie for waiting on me nonstop. Already starting therapy. Should be like new in a few weeks. Or months.

Want to hear Kutless member James Mead talk about stuff. He recently shared a link to an interview with The Church Collective doing just that. Listen to the nearly 30 minute interview by clicking on the link at

Laura Story is getting in the Christmas Spirit. She recently sat down with Guidepost Magazine to talk about why she finally decided to make a Christmas album and how it’s renewed her love of the season. Read the interview by clicking on the link at

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Artist News 12/16/2015

A word of encouragement from Britt Nicole: The holidays are the perfect time to start anew.

Shane and Shane introduced a new t-shirt design this week. It featured a white t-shirt with a race track on the back, perfect for your kids to drive their cars on. The Shane’s added: Back massage shirt: pure genius or white elephant?

Sometimes you have to improvise when you are on the road. Jodi and Chris of Love and the Outcome posted this week: Having Christmas in a holiday inn with my parents, who drove 8 hrs to come see us on tour!

The members of Switchfoot were celebrating a milestone this week. They reached 100,000 fans on Instagram! To celebrate, they chose 100 fans from Instagram, FB, and Twitter to personally call.

Chris Tomlin has released the second set of devotionals. The 12 Days of Christmas Devotionals From Chris Tomlin are based on songs from his latest Christmas CD ADORE: Christmas Songs of Worship. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall and his family took advantage of a snow day this week. They built a snowman together and named him George. Jon shared: Hoping it will stick around long enough for us to have a white Christmas this year!

Chris and Jodi, of the band Love and the Outcome, together shared their last anniversary as a couple this week. No they’re not breaking up. Jodi is pregnant and she posted: Shared many special anniversaries together but this will be the last one with just the two of us

Sidewalk Prophets Ben McDonald is speaking out on the Pete Rose controversy. He posted this week: Wow! MLB allowed the steroid era but someone who truly loves the game can’t be involved. Forgiveness speaks louder!

Phil Wickham’s song “This Is Amazing Grace” reached a milestone this week. According to the RIAA organization, it received it’s Gold Certification. That means that more than a half million copies of the song have been sold. Meanwhile, Phil is already looking ahead to his next project. The media collective announced this week that his new project, Children of God, is expected to release in April 2016.

Danny Gokey admits that he is unconventional more often than not. In a recent article Danny shared about his time in the country music market. He also admitted that he has a tattoo of a heart with his first wife’s name inside on his arm. She passed away a short time into their marriage. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray had a humorous look at his height this week. He was taking pictures with JJ Heller and Josh Wilson in preparation for their upcoming tour but a pan back showed that both Josh and JJ had to send on something to make the pictures look right. Jason shared: My life since the eighth grade when I hit 6 foot 6.

What does Christmas look like to you. Moriah Peters posted: For me, Christmas means spending time with family
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Artist News 12/14/2015

A thought from Rush of Fools’ Kevin Huguley: Sometimes I wish trees could talk.

The Tennessean Newspaper recently shared the story about Tobymac’s rollercoaster ride to adoption. According to the article, God had a specific plan for Tobymac and his wife but it took some difficult times to help them reach that point. It involved infertility, losing the twin soon after they were born, and having three children by birth. Read the entire article by clicking in the link at

Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard recently shared what he called “one of the funniest compliments I’ve ever gotten!” A fan wrote: y’all are so unbelievably sweet, and I wonder if that’s God in you or the Canadian in you.

Life has come full circle for Tenth Avenue North member Jeff Owen He tweeted: I used to sing and dance and do costume changes in high school. Here I am at the age of 32 doing it again. Tenth Avenue North is in the midst of a Christmas tour during December

Third Day’s Mark Lee was impressed to see his high school in the news. He tweeted: Well this beats all. Never thought ole Saban would be paying my high school a visit. In a helicopter. The Alabama football coach was in town to check out a few prospects.

The members of Switchfoot will be making a big announcement soon but they aren’t giving any details on what it’s all about. They tweeted: Stay tuned next Thursday for a big announcement. Our lips are sealed until then!

Worship Leader Paul Baloche is out with 10 new Christmas worship devotionals to encourage your soul. Just in time for the holidays check them out by clicking on the link at

Congratulations to Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall. He shared a picture of his diploma over the weekend. Jon tweeted: Well, it took me long enough, but I finally wrapped up my degree. A big thanks to Grand Canyon University for making it possible. Jon now has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Laura Story pledging to make this Christmas not just another Christmas. According to CCM Magazine, Laura says: instead of going through the motions ask yourself what would it look like to celebrate the birth of Christ in a new and fresh way. Then share what you will be doing to make this Christmas not “Just Another Christmas” by using the hashtag #JustAnotherChristmas on social media.

Kutless member James Mead is looking forward to soon having four new guitars. James said the company Kiesel/Carvin Guitars is hand making the guitars specifically for him. He shared a picture of one of the guitars under construction.

The fans of Love and the Outcome are impressed with Jodi’s multitasking abilities. One fan tweeted: this chick is singing, playing keys, drumming, and growing a human being all at the same time and I’m tired just watching her. In reply Jodi said: Haha!! Maybe he’ll be our 3rd band member

Mercyme’s Bart Millard has his priorities in order. He tweeted: The show must go on, but not before helping my Sophie girl with her birthday tiara!

Danny Gokey is finding that family pictures are not as easy as they look. He shared a video as he and his wife tried to get both children to look at the camera at the same time; not an easy process!

Colton Dixon is counting the days. He tweeted over the weekend: 25 days until I get to marry the sweetest, coolest, funniest girl ever. I’m so proud of you Annie Coggeshall for tackling so much of this wedding! I love you and can’t wait til the big day

Paul Baloche is out with another video about his new Christmas album Christmas Worship Volume 2. This time he is talking about the story behind the album, telling about the prayer, writing, recording and producing that went into producing his second Christmas CD. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey released a Christmas CD this year and one of the most talked about songs on the new project is Danny’s rendition of Mary, Did You Know? Now you can see Danny perform the song live. Check out his video of the song by clicking on the link at
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Artist News July 17, 2015

Shawn Craig of Phillips, Craig and Dean says guardrails are no guarantee against a wreck, but they remind us where the danger is. He points out that there are guardrails in our life as well that can keep us away from blind spots. Read more about recognizing the guardrails in your own life by clicking on the link at

Rush of Fools member Kevin Huguley was scoring some major “cool dad” points this week. He went back to the beach after dark to find and dig up his daughters doll.

Michael W. Smith has been hard at work on the upcoming movie 90 minutes in Heaven, providing both the musical score and acting in the upcoming film. But Michael revealed this week that it isn’t the only movie his working on. He tweeted today: great to be part of the movie rounding third.

We’ve all had one of those mornings. Kutless member James Mead tweeted that he had just realized that he woke up two hours earlier then his alarm was set for. The frustrating part was that he had showered and shaved and gotten completely ready before he realized his mistake

The NeedToBreathe album art for their CD Rivers in the Wasteland was the inspiration for a new ukulele design. The creator, Holly Frances Art, shared a picture of her creation with the band this week.

Danny Gokey says his wife is always surprising him with the things she makes. He shared a picture of a fresh fruit platter Leyicet had just created. It looked like a baby in a bassonette.

Kari Jobe tweeted this week: Adding a member to the band in February 2016. But it may be awhile before the newest member can actually perform on stage. Kari also shared a sonigram, announcing that she and her husband Cody Carnes are expecting.

Laura Story is giving you a sneak peek of her new book “When God Doesn’t Fix It”. The book takes an honest look at Laura’s life after her husband, Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Right now you can download a free chapter here! Click on the link at

Passion Worship Leader Brett Younker asked the followers of the organization if they would rather he shared live video clips through the social media sites SnapChat or Periscope. However, Passion Pastor Louie Giglio suggested he might also want to consider something a little more old school. He asked: how about a land line?

Casting Crowns Mark Hall was sharing what he called “a little Daddy Whine Time this week”. He shared on Instagram that he was helping his daughter Reagan paint her closet. But Mark clearly didn’t see the need, pointing out that no one ever would even see the closet. However, Regan put him in his place. She reminded him that, by videoing the project, everyone was actually “seeing it”.

Congratulations to Unspoken member Jon Lowry. He shared online this week: we’re officially homeowners! Jon added: It helps to have a guitarist in the band who’s also a real estate agent. Thanks Mike!

Lauren Daigle was reminded again this week of how vital adventure is for the soul’s survival. She shared a picture as she was on a roller coaster in the Smokey Mountains and encouraged her social media followers: DO SOMETHING ADVENTUROUS TODAY!!! Lauren even provided some suggestions. She said: Love on a stranger with encouraging words. Dress up for dinner at home. Eat some foreign food. Explore a new neighborhood. Book those long overdue plane tickets. Whatever it is, get out of your routine. Get out of your comfort zone and EXPERIENCE.

Jamie Grace was excited to be out of her leg cast this week. She injured her leg several weeks ago at a concert but was celebrating that she was finally able to replace the cast with a brace.

Some trivia from TobyMac: it takes 24 crew members to pull off a TobyMac show.

Matt Maher has a challenge for video game designers. He was watching Star Wars this week and tweeted: Dear video game world – we’re all still waiting for the holographic chess board from the falcon.

Duck Dynasty actress Sadie Robertson is collaborating with Roma Boots to design a collection of rain boots with her “Live Original” flair. The collection will launch in October but right now is now available for pre-order. he Sadie Robertson collection introduces a new look that will boast vibrant floral designs and every purchase will also impact the life of a needy child. Roma Boots is a ‘buy one, give one’ company that donates a pair of boots to a child in need for each pair sold.

Jon Foreman next EP is available today. The Switchfoot front man is releasing a series of four EPs during the year, each with six songs to represent every hour of one entire day. Today’s release is titled The Wonderlands: Shadows and Jon says it represents the hours from 5:00 to 10:00pm. He shared on twitter: I wanted these tunes to embody these evening hours-when the light of the sun begins to fade, and shadows lengthen.

Danny Gokey had a special guest in the studio this week. He was working on his upcoming Christmas CD and was recording the song Mary Did You Know when the songs author, Mark Lowry, stopped in for a visit.

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Artist News July 13, 2015

Phillips, Craig and Dean member Shawn Craig is out with a new blog. He says God’s ways don’t always FEEL right. In fact, sometimes they are downright weird. But Shawn says the question is, “Will you trust Him?” Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Kari Jobe says not to worry if you think you see a ghost today. She tweeted: it’s just me and my white legs. Don’t be alarmed.

A word of advice from Jenny Simmons: don’t leave black bean soup in your microwave. She tweeted: I forgot the black bean soup with extra onion and it lived in the microwave for 3 summer days. THE SMELL OF DEATH visited us.

Worship leader Christy Nockels will be co-hosting a special online event for worship leaders. The Worship Circle Summit is a three hour online gathering of worship leaders. Christy describes it as a chance to meet other leaders, get inspired, feel less crazy about what you do and be assured you are NOT alone. She adds that Chris Time will make a special appearance to share his story and answer your questions. Find our more by clicking on the link at

Big Daddy Weave has released a couple of new items. The first is a new song. My Story is the first song from Big Daddy Weave’s new album Beautiful Offerings. The full CD won’t be available until September 18 but the song My Story is available right now online. At the same time, Big Daddy Weave also released a full-length concert film simply titled Live in Concert. A digital version of the concert DVD is also available at online outlets.

The band Skillet is just one of 10 bands mentioned in a Billboard article that features rock bands that sell more albums then you might think. The article pointed out that the music-listening public is often very misinformed about the current state of rock music. It identified Skillet as one of the biggest bands in Christian rock, selling 345,000 copies of the 2013 and and 1.3 million copies of the album that came out in 2009.

Mandisa received a special greeting during a stop in Dallas. The Southwest Airlines gate agents called her out and blasted her song Good Morning over the intercom.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapmen were asking for prayers for Steven’s mom over the weekend. They said her house flooded, sharing a number of pictures of Steven that had been soaked in the flood. Mary Beth said wet photos are better than none.

The Sidewalk Prophets are asking their fans to step up and help out the father of their stage manager. Members of the band say they just got word that Jeff was in a bike accident and broke his hip. To make matters worse, the couple had just moved to Nashville and their insurance expired earlier than expected, leaving them with no coverage. A go fund me site has been set up to help raise the $10,000 needed to cover expenses and the Sidewalk Prophets ask that you help out where you can.

The Rhett Walker Band was part of a NASCAR event in Kentucky over the weekend. They performed at the Quakerstate 400 held at the Kentucky Speedway.

Casting Crowns Melodee DeVevo was suffering through an arthritis flare up in her wrist. Melodee sings and plays several instruments for the band, including the violin. She tweeted: Hoping I can hold the bow the whole concert. If you see me crying, let’s just say it’s the Spirit.

Jamie Grace and Colton Dixon were at Middle Tennessee State University over the weekend but both were especially excited to meet another participant in the event. Tim Tebow was the featured guest at the event titled God’s Purpose for American and both Colton and Jamie were tweeted about the chance to meet Tim. Colton said: Really cool to finally meet Tim Tebow. Big inspiration for me while I was on idol. Thanks for who you are and Who you stand for brother.

Touring can result in some interesting schedules and getting ready in some interesting places. Audio Adrenaline member Brandon Bagby recently posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: How Jack Campbell, a fellow member of the band, shaves at the last minute. The picture showed Jack shaving with the help of a side mirror on the bands van.

Matthew West found an interesting way to celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day over the weekend. He picked seven girls out of the crowd based on the awesome posters they made for his concert. Matthew says he invited them backstage to enjoy cookies after the concert in celebration of National Sugar Cookie Day.

Jamie Grace was getting the VIP treatment on a flight over the weekend but her guitar wasn’t so fortunate. Due to a leg injury, Jamie was in a wheelchair. She shared that she was the first person on the flight and was allowed to sit in first class. But Delta flight attendants wouldn’t let her carry her guitar on board. Jamie tweeted: Y’all please pray it shows up.

The ultimate compliment for Danny Gokey. A fan tweeted: Not only did I meet Danny Gokey but I also gave my life to Christ during his set. What an amazing weekend.

Matt Redman was in Central Park this weekend with the man who led him to Christ. Matt played for Luis Palau’s New York Fest and shared a picture on Instagram as he stood with Luis in front of a packed house.

for King and Country was back on stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Music City over the weekend.

Group 1 Crew front man Manwell Reyes was in San Diego for a special event over the weekend but it wasn’t a Group 1 Crew concert. He tweeted that he was at the first show of his wife’s tour. Manwell is married to Comedian Anjelah Johnson. She was at the house of Blues for the opening of her Gold Plated Dreams Tour

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Artist News July 8, 2015

NeedtoBreathe were part of a new series of concerts this week. They played for Southwest Airlines Live at 35 concert series, performing their song Brother at 35,000 feet during a Southwest Airlines flight. Members of the band say it gives new meaning to in flight entertainment. Southwest airline has already held several other live at 35 events this year, including concerts and even a fashion show.

Citizenways Josh Calhoun has a new addiction. He shared that he starting using earlier this week and now he says he can’t stop.

Jenny Simmons says she is an off tempo cicada. She and her husband were in bed when Jenny woke Ryan to complain that, while two of the cicadas out side the couples window were in perfect tempo, one sounded like he was, in her words, “hopped up on snow cones and smores and singing a circus tune.” Ryans response: I am married to that cicada. After a horrified silence Jenny admitted: “I am an off tempo cicada.” She said: This is nearly thirteen years of marriage. Yep. Feels about right.

A bit of trivia about the band NeedToBreathe; the members of the band told Golf Digest that they always make sure there’s a spot on the tour bus for their golf clubs.

Hawk Nelson’s song Just Getting Started was featured this week on a commercial for ESPN’s Espy Awards.

Colton Dixon was living dangerously this week. The Christian artist well known for his big hair style tweeted that he was at the barbers for his summer hair cut. But Colton asked everyone to keep it quite since his record label didn’t know yet. A rep from the label replied: didn’t you read the rules!? If you have a bobble head…you can never change your hair.

The for King and Country song Fix My Eyes is featured in the trailer for the new movie Faith of Our Fathers. But Joel and Luke aren’t the only members of their family helping to make the movie a success. Their older sister Rebecca St. James is a member of the cast.

Mark Schultz says his three year old son Ryan was at his first swimming lesson this week. But Mark says Ryan wasn’t very excited. Ryan told Mark: “If they put me in the pool I will fight them.”

Guitarist Anthony Armstrong of the band RED was in local Nashville headlines this week. According to new release Today, Anthony pulled a man from a burning car and saved his life late Sunday night. According to the news story, Anthony and another driver both pulled over at the site of the burning vehicle while on the way back from vacation following the Fourth of July weekend. They found the driver asleep in the front seat with a blanket over his head. After waking him up, the duo had to untangle him from his seatbelt and drag him to safety.

A suggestion from Rhett Walker: With all the chaos going on in the world… Let’s rise up and fight for what matters most…Making Pluto a planet again!

Tuesday was a family day for several Christian artists. Jeremy Camp shared a picture as he and his son played pirates and farmers. Building 429’s Aaron Branch replied that he thought pirates and farmers sounded pretty good. He told Jeremy: I was actually Queen Elsa earlier. Meanwhile, Building 429 front man Jason Roy was taking crazy family photos in a local photo booth.

Kutless member James Mead was trying his hand at selfies this week but it didn’t turn out well. He shared a very serious picture and said: I look like this. I didn’t want to smile. But, don’t worry….I’m way stoked on life. I’ve had a really awesome day.

The Afters will release a new song later this summer. Members of the band announced that their song Live On Forever will be available on August 7th. They shared online: We hope you will all join us on this new journey!

Jamie Grace is planning something big. She tweeted this week: three artists… five people… three states… three recording studios…. one song… one mission. Stay tuned. I can’t wait:)

Big Daddy Weave this week announced details about the next album. The new project will be titled Beautiful Offerings and band members say it will be available September 18. They are currently at work in the studio putting on the final touches. Big Daddy Weave members say the new album speaks to where the Lord has brought them. Front man Mike Weaver explains, “Being redeemed by what He’s done, we step into the identity that Jesus purchased for us. The bridge from that moment to now is the journey that we’ve been on to the new Beautiful Offerings album. In learning how to agree with what He says about us, the Lord shows us more of who we are in Him. The words ‘in Christ we can do all things’ introduce a brand new season of life. This album is about our learning how to move ahead in the knowledge that He has redeemed us to be Beautiful Offerings.

Natalie Grant this week shared some brand new lyrics from a song from her next album. She posted: It’s amazing how timely it seems to me. I love how God works when he inspires creativity. Given all that’s happening in the world, these seem right on time. The lyrics are:
It’s time to get our hands dirty
Be love, there’s a whole lot of hurting
Calling all hearts
Calling all hands
Calling all feet to take a stand
Why sit around and wait for a miracle to come,
When we can BE ONE.
SanctusReal front man Matt Hammitt recently recorded a podcast on iTunes talking about his decision to leave the group at the end of the year. But Matt says many SanctusReal followers weren’t able to download the podcast on their Windows devices. In response, Matt has re-released the leadme lifecast on soundcloud. You can access the broadcast and find out more about Matt’s decision by clicking on the link at
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Artist News July 7, 2015

Switchfoot has announced plans to open a non-profit music school in their hometown of Encinitas, California. Members of the band say the goal of the new school is to continue their passion of giving back to San Diego through music, surfing, and youth development programs. They say music lessons and much more will be coming soon for all kids in a pay as you can format. More information and a sneak preview of the studio will be coming throughout the week.

Seven years ago Matthew West underwent surgery that could have cost him his voice. Instead, that surgery put him on the path he is on today, and ultimately allowed him to tell the stories of countless others. In an article on The Blaze web site, West says the vocal cord surgery seven years ago meant that he couldn’t sing or speak for two months. He says that was a time of pretty intense soul-searching. In response, West says: I feel like that’s become my mission in life, using my voice as a singer and songwriter to tell the stories of other people’s lives and in doing so, hopefully empower people to realize that their life is a one in a million, unique story that can go out and change the world.

Colton Dixon says submitting your Through All Of It story is a simple 1, 2, 3 process.
Step 1: Film your Through All Of It Story & upload to YouTube
Step 2: Submit it at
Step 3: I watch!

The members of NeedToBreathe were recently featured on the golf Channel. As the band geared up for their latest tour, they talked with golf channel about their love for golf. Front man Bear said he started playing because he needed some competition in his life. But they say it’s also a connection to the community. NeedtoBreathe say their clubs are always with them. Watch the entire report by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith is encouraging blood donation. He shared a picture of a two year old girl named Emily who needs a blood transfusion every 6 to 8 weeks. Michael described her grin as a smile that could light up the night sky. He added: Choose Your Day to donate blood for patients in need, like Emily.

SanctusReal’s Matt Hammitt took pictures as his kids and their friends joined together for a frog hunt over the weekend.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall has an idea. He things the entire world should wear name tags.

Jenny Simmons was celebrating the 5th of July. Jenny said their communities fireworks had to be re-scheduled so she and her daughter Annie had a girls night out. She says they oohd and ahhhed the whole way through like giddy girls do.

Kutless member James Mead is an Easter Coaster who has now moved to the west
coast. And James has some advice for those who are are still on the Atlantic side of the country. He tweeted: I’ve got to say… East Coasters are suuuper impatient. Chill

Natalie Grant shared a picture on instagram as she enjoyed what she called a glass full of green goodness. Natalie shared: 11 months ago I started on a journey that has changed my life. Up to that point I was eating whatever was fast, convenient and easy. But Natalie says that, in reality, it just made her more anxious, tired and overweight. She says it wasn’t about food or trying to be a certain size or weight. It was about learning how to take care of her whole temple, or as she described it, the inner and outer me. Natalie wrapped up by encouraging those following her on social media to: JUST DECIDE to move yourself up on your priority list. It’s NOT selfish. It’s smart. And it will make you a BETTER person and follower of Jesus in every facet of your life.

Audio Adrenaline’s Brandon Bagby and Casting Crown’s Jaun Devevo were on stage together but it wasn’t for a special performance. Instead, they were training the next generation of guitarists. The two are both teaching acoustic guitar at camp electric this week.

Big Daddy Weave is promising a big announcement today. They say to tune in throughout the day for updates each hour.

CitizenWay is working on a new album this summer. Members of the band tweeted over the weekend: can’t wait to share our new songs with all of you!

Mercyme’s Bart Millard was celebrating Christmas in July this week. Bart was braving the heat of summer in the studio while recording vocals for the bands upcoming Christmas CD.

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Artist News July 1, 2015

Periscope may need to come with a warning label. Jamie Grace was on the social media site that lets artists broadcast live online and got stuck in an elevator. After a brief outage Jamie was back live on periscope reporting: I’m 100% alive and still singing.

Joel from for King and Country will never forget the date that he first met his wife, fellow artist Moria Peters. It was on the same day as his brother, Luke’s, wedding. Joel says he met and danced with Moriah five years ago this week.

Mercyme member Nathan Cochran will soon be the father of a teenager. He shared online: my oldest son William will be 13 in a few short days. Nathan said that, to celebrate, they were taking a trip, just the two of them.

Kevin Max tweeted this week: I’m obsessed with tepees just now. The former member of DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline shared a picture of a tepee with the caption: This will find its way into my backyard soon…. Fur lined, vinyl player, no tv…Lots of books.

Casting Crowns’ Juan DeVevo has found the perfect way to keep up with the kids and survive camp. He tweeted: Manhunt: the fun, late night game where I lead my team to hide in a place where I can nap

Sidewalk Prophets front man David Frey was moving this week. He shared online: Today was moving day. Tomorrow is still moving day. I hate moving. But Dave did find a silver lining. He added: but what awesome weather in Nashville. Thank you Lord.

A milestone today for Danny Gokey. He tweeted: Getting my braces off for the 3rd time in my life. Danny says: Moral of the story: Wear your retainers!!

The members of Hawk Nelson were honoring heroes last weekend. The band provided the music for the event Honoring Those Who Serve Our Community And Our Country south of Indianapolis. Following the Hawk Nelson concert the organizers of the event honored heroes from their community and then wrapped up the evening fireworks.

Matt Maher was celebrating our freedom. He was part of a concert last weekend with Third Day, Tobymac, Meredith Andrews, and more in Dallas titled celebrate freedom.

Blanca was helping members of Jacksonville community celebrate freedom recently. She was part of a Freedom fest event in that community last weekend.

Matthew West this week announced dates for the second leg of his Live Forever Tour with Francesca Battistelli. The 40-city tour will begin on September 24 in Wisconsin. Stops are scheduled from South Carolina and Georgia to California and Oregon before the tour wraps up in Michigan just before Thanksgiving.

Audio Adrenaline made their Opry debut last night. The band known as AudioA 3.0 made their first appearance on the famed stage on the final day of June.

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Artist News June 30, 2015

Nothing says summer like David Crowder riding a mechanical a bull. That was just one of the experiences at the Passion Summer camp last week. Check out photographic evidence by clicking on the link at

Darlene Zschech’s new web site it up and running. The new site is filled with videos, information and more. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Plumb is asking all of her social media followers to serve as accountability partners. She recently announced: I’m joining a group on Wednesdays for eight weeks starting July 15 called “Wellness Wednesday’s”. Plumb says the goal is to, as a group, learn how to set and achieve goals to be healthier in a completely natural and faithful way. That’s where you come in. Plumb says she plans to share all her experiences, progress, and set backs online as a way to encourage and share what she learns, hoping maybe it helps some of you as well. Every Wednesday for 8 weeks starting July 15 she says she will post a report.

Fan are inspired by more than just Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips on stage performance. One fan named Meagan tweeted: your inspiring quotes and healthy living quotes have helped me. I am now 80 lbs lighter. Thank you!

Jamie Grace was honored for her songs Beautiful Day and Do Life Big. She tweeted: apparently Beautiful Day and Do Life Big both went #1 on radio. Jamie said she was a little giddy when she was presented with plaques honoring the accomplishment.

Third Day’s Mac Powell is home with his two youngest children this week while his wife and older children are out of town. Mac tweeted: Mama and the big kids are gone, so….of course…..we’re eating cheeseburgers for breakfast. Mac added: With mama and the older kids gone this week we are going to have many adventures! Stay tuned!

Tenth Avenue North guitarist Ruben Juarez is not a big fan of Ruben jokes. He tweeted: making lame “Ruben” jokes about the sandwich or singer may get you a smile on the outside but on the inside I’m really doing this…his post was followed by an annoyed face, frowning face, and another annoyed face.

Matt Redman says he became a Christian through the ministry of Luis Palau 30 years ago. Now the UK worship leader is giving back. In 2 weeks Matt will join Luis for New York City Fest in Central Park.

TobyMac says he and his crew always have five food items on the tour bus. They are: Coffee, cereal, water, chips, and salsa.

for King and Country is well known for their energetic performances. But a recent picture emphasizes just how high flying their performance really is. The picture features a silhouette of Joel leaping high during one of their songs. Check it out by clicking on the link at christian

Colton Dixon was feeling a lot of discomfort after a recent concert. It seems that he feet had been attacked by chiggers. Colton shared a picture of his feet literally covered in red blotches.

Skillet front man Jon Foreman may have gotten more than he bargained for when he shook hands with fans after a recent show. One fan told Jon on twitter: I shook your hand last night at creation ….I have poison ivy. Sorry.

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