Artist News August 8, 2013

Football season is just around the corner. And the members of the Sidewalk Prophets say their Football Pickem game has arrived. If you’d like to join the the Sidewalk Prophets fantasy football league just email with the subject line “PICK EM”.

Matthew West is thinking about taking violin lessons. He says he’s been inspired by his daughter’s efforts to learn the instrument and is thinking about taking them with her.

The trend of taking pictures of yourself and posting them on the Internet has received a lot of negative press recently. But Jamie Grace says she doesn’t get what the backlash is all about. She tweeted this week that your entire account is dedicated to your own thoughts and people want to follow it. So she doesn’t get all the negative posts about the so called “selfies” pictures.

Tai Anderson says he may need a second job. The Third Day guitarist tweeted this week that he’d just gotten school supplies for all six of his children. He says the resulting receipt was taller than his daughter.

Jason Roy recently celebrated his 12th anniversary. And the lead singer of Building 429 followed up the special day with a blog talking about those 12 years, the promises he made on his wedding day, and his take on those promises 12 years later. Check out the blog by clicking on the link at

How does Colton Dixon get through a theme park without getting recognized? At a recently concert in a theme park he came up with the perfect disguise. Check it out and see if you recognize this up can coming Christian artist. Click on the link at

The Deluxe Edition of the New Newsboys CD Restart is now available for pre-order. The members of the band say the deluxe edition includes extra songs. Check it out at the Newsboys store by clicking on the link at!

Audrey Assad is giving away a couple songs from her new CD Fortunate Fall. Download copies of the songs Good to Me and Come Thou Fount by clicking on the link at

Mandisa’s song Good Morning features Tobymac rapping in the background. But Tobymac won’t be able to join her at one of her upcoming concerts so this week she started looking for a replacement. She tweeted Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey and said she needs a white man with swag to do the rap. And it sounds like Mike is going to come through. Mandisa said she’ll do her best to videotape Mike Donehey’s rapping debut and post it for everyone to see.

Jeff Frankenstein may have a major problem with jet lag this week. The member of the Newsboys sent out a tweet as he boarded his fourth cross-country flight of the week past week. And he said the four cross country flights will be followed by a trip to Alaska just for good measure.